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6 Nov 2017

3 Steps To Make A Great App

Often times I have been asked the secret ingredient which makes an mobile app successful, and every time I am left with one reply ‘I Am Thinking’. Although I do sound to some people SMART and they believe that I hide the secret elements which make an app successful, but on an honest note, there is no hidden agenda of mine to be secretive about app success.

I know many of my readers are not going to address this opening line with a curve line on their faces, for which I don’t blame them…so instead of playing the Sherlock Homes game with my followers anymore, I have decided to think and pen down the secrets to pour down openly in any app to make it successful.

Many mobile apps come and go without making enough noise for their existence, it usually happens due to some points which are long-forgotten by the app developers in the wake of app development process, since they get too much involved with the app, so they forget entirely the basics needed to make a GREAT app. After a much thought and from my personal experiences I have jotted down few points for you…please read ahead…

Cramming Too Many features

To confess, even I had been in the list of those sinners who silently crammed oodles of features within a mobile app, considering it to be a helping hand in making the app successful, but sooner I was made realized by one of the senior team members that where I was wrong, but sadly we all don’t have that mentor, who can guide and tell us. L

Well, to explain it further here, do not let your mobile app get infused TOO many features, because your users are new to your app platform, and are not much comfortable with your app functionalities, so give them some time to learn the actual usage of your mobile app and how is it going to benefit them. On the contrary, if you would thrust your mobile app with the excess of features, it would only make the users confuse and they would end up looking bewildered and lost, and in this blind race, the real essence of your app would be lost.


Ignoring The App Performance

Whenever I develop a mobile app, I always think from the perspective of the users, that how users would react to this app. when I personally don’t let the slow, bugs or crashes in any app I use, then how can I expect my users to enjoy and appreciate app, with sufficient bugs, crashes, and slow performance.

A great app only speaks of convenience and comfort which are a part of their inbuilt features, so your app should also follow the same guideline and just let the users access anything on the mobile app with a tap, if your user has to tap twice or thrice, believe this app would lose its charm soon despite having a great concept.


Unable To Connect

Every app is expected to deliver the visual appeal. If your app is only speaking of dull colors, theme, and design, then who would love to use it. Your designing and development team must have that OOMPH factor ready set their vision and creativity in the app design and small details of the mobile app, believe me, there is no way that your app would lose its charm. Also ensure that the color theme/design and the details are complimenting the app genre, for instance for a mobile app dedicated Yoga cannot have the color theme of the Music app, so play smart.

With such integration, you connect with your users and they identify your brand and can relate to your service in every possible way.

And the Third and the last secret:  GIVE ATTENTION TO EVERY DETAIL IN YOUR APP.

These are the aspects I consider carefully while developing any mobile app, and believe me the end-result has always been synonymical to my client’s and their end-users’ expectations.

This is the wisdom box I have earned while working with Techugo- a top mobile app development company, where we try our level best to develop a meaningful app solution for our clients.

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