28 Sep 2019

5 Essential Elements For A Comprehensive Brand Identity


Ankit Singh

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“Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable to your customers.”

On reading this simple statement what first came to your mind?

Maybe the last Audi you saw on road only spoke of Quality & Excellence or Gucci brought the instant recognition of Milan fashion week, this is what happens with most of us, when we relate to a particular product with the identity it has already carved in our mind.

Brand identity might sound a simple word to many out there, but this simple factor helps you get identified among the larger brood of people around you.

In the same manner, the very existence of the business also gets hugely impacted by brand identity.

Do you wonder how does it even help businesses???

Well, there are thousands of products and services which exist in the market but what makes them different from each other? Have you ever thought about that?

The answer to this question is the Branding Identity.

The branding identity helps the customers to distinguish a specific product or set of services from other existing options in the market. On launching a new product or service there has to be something that can provide a separate identity to your product, helping customers to identify your product.

Branding is not at all about only labeling the product!

Then what is Branding?

Brand Identity is the message which you send to your consumer about the product, services or business, and that helps them to connect with product recognition.

For a successful strategy behind creating a bring identity, you need to understand that Branding is a process, not an event, wherein you need to constantly evolve to create a unique identity and image in your audiences’ minds.

However this process implements various approaches and marketers use advertising, campaigns with consistent themes, etc. but everything always remains on the top of the toe, and face the constant transformation.

This largely happens due to pre-existing brands in the market, and hence your brand needs to offer something Different & Better than its competitors.

What All It Takes To Create The Brand Identity?

TBH, creating a brand is not an easy task as it needs a lot of planning and time. A brand should be built in such a manner that your brand recognition can create awareness among the people. Also, there must be enough reasons for the targeted audience to get influenced and pick your services.

Henceforth the numbers of essentials which must be picked along with are:

Study Your Targeted Crowd 

I know it is not the unique fact I am suggesting here, but this is where a major number of marketers fail to make an impact.

It is not sufficient for you to know your audience, but you need to read, study and think like them. It is time-consuming, but worthy too.

Before moving towards the branding you should identify the types of customers you want to approach. Your branding strategy will rely on the customers you want to attract. This will give you clarity in your mind about what should be there in your branding approach.

For instance for kids fashion, adding cartoons, animation, mascot, and the light color theme would eventually bring the result, however, for Millenials fashion, lively graphics, emoticons, brand ambassador are some of the best options.

Logo & Color Schemes

This is the most important part of every kind of branding. Designers must be very careful while designing the logo of a brand.

The more sophisticated it is to understand, the less appealing it will be.

I know that sounds scary, but this is the fact. While designing a logo, emphasis should be laid on the color scheme that matches the business, and at the same time is simple and appealing.

The special care is given to the font size, color and style can make the things go in your favor. If the graphics of the logo are indicating the type of business for which it will be used, then nothing can be better than this.

Remember your logo must be succinct thought of your complete business and it must speak the idea behind your business clearly.

Visuals Are Flag-Bearers

It would be wrong if I don’t mention about visuals here!

Visuals always create a strong impact on the users and help the people to remember for a longer time. Including visuals in a smarter way, just work as a cherry on the cake and let you grab the attention of the audience for much longer time.

Tag Line Creates Addiction

A tag line speaks in abundance about your business and brand, you cannot skip it. Whether it is Tinder- adulating can wait or Nike- just do it, every user remembers the tagline that simply explains the business in an engaging and crisp manner.

Pay attention to it, as it holds the potential to help you to bring more customers to your services.

Remove Legal Hassle

Eventually when you start the journey of branding then you would be surprised to know that there are similar products like you in the market, and there are very fair chances as well, which would show that something similar to your branding strategy is pre-existing in the market.

OOPS, that’s alarming!

Then what can be done???

I recommend you to proceed ahead with deep competitor analysis and on deciding a particular strategy get it approved on the legal terms as well.

I agree it would consume time, but believe me for the longer tun, taking this step will help you only, since branding is not the thing that needs to be planned for a short term, getting a brand created for your business is a long term investment and has to be handled carefully.

Also, it would create a shield around your brand for any copyright infringement.

Is there a way to get start with branding?

Yes, there is! And it all starts with investing your time and effort in research a right technology partner for you, who understands your business and recommend the best marketing plan in the form of app development or any other form of marketing.


Get Hooked To App Technology

You might find it strange, but the integration of technology like app development in your branding plan really boosts the chances of better and wider user-engagement.

With an app portal, you allow your audience to get connected with your brand hassle-free and let them reach to you despite any time & zone barrier.

So if you are planning to give a strong passage for your business to scale ahead with, then don’t forget to reach our team of exceptional marketers, developers & designers.

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