14 Feb 2020

5 factors that can kill your IoT app forever!

The title is self-explanatory and scary as well!

I know, the above-mentioned title is quite controversial and disturbing as well. However, when you think of getting a mobile app that too which is filled with the latest and trending technology, none other than IoT- Internet of things, then certainly there are few aspects, which cannot be given a miss.

IoT app development- what can annoy your journey?

You must not forget that every business is different from others, and holds a different set of needs. But above all, what you must not deny; that there is a flood of emotions and the expectation from your users, and unless you would give a thought to this, everything created is vain and futile.

Giving thought to your users’ expectations, only trigger and help you add something different and unique to your mobile app, which can ultimately win the hearts of the users.

At the same time, there are few aspects which cannot be given a miss, because an over-do or under-do of few things can kill your app concept entirely, leaving you exhausted with one consequence that is the app rejection.

UFFF… it hurts…did I hit the wrong chord???

I am sure that I have, but what can I do, because this is what happens with a maximum number of mobile apps, which make an entry and bid adieu in a while on the respective stores.

In order to not make your app, face the same fate, I am here to discuss further with you all, some of the factors which you must take into consideration to make it WORK not bug your app project.

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 Few features that only trigger the success of IoT app

  • Never overdo the features, if you are planning to integrate many features then beware, it would not entice your users at any given cost, rather it would confuse them, so limit the number of features.
  • Not getting it developed on react native, is the biggest mistake you can let happen to your app project, because the apps which are not built on React Native platform, can never be the successful attempt from any angle.
  • Skipping the testing, considering your app to be a perfect fit, is another blunder, you let happen to your app, you need to understand that if your app is not giving the seamless experience to the users, then no matter, what it is serving, but it would never be liked by the users.
  • Don’t make the design complex, keep it as simple as possible, if your users are unable to understand what your app is all about, the main aim behind the development of your app is gone forever.
  • Keep the onboarding process as simple as possible, for the users to access your mobile app with ease, don’t let the number of unnecessary details to be a part of the app onboarding process.


Every app has the potential to bring a pool of benefits to your business, but only when you are ready to take the app development as a challenge to meet the users’ demands, then only you can help your app to achieve its deserving recognition.

On the other hand, these aspects would certainly affect the success rate of your mobile app, but apart from these factors, one factor which is equally responsible is the selection of a wrong app development company that does not have the required experience and the exposure to handle your app.

Hence you must pick a leading app development company in Canada, to help your mobile app get developed and designed by the hands of the experts in the industry.



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