9 Aug 2019
Updated on December 26th, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Must Convert Your News App To PWA


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Over the time, Media has evolved so far. From newspapers and televisions, it is excelling itself over the web successfully. And! more importantly, it has flourished so well and has got successful in engaging audience worldwide.

Despite all of these, if you are running a newspaper or media company, you know well how challenging is engaging audience online? You have to target every platform, trending among the people and offer them best quality content.

And! most importantly you need to maintain a huge & heavy application with bulks of contents including videos and pictures and more. The management of  humongous of data is a way more challenging than anything else.

The huge data triggers various issues such as slow websites, application crash, and many more. Such problems can make your audience irritated and always leads loss of users, as they switch to other platforms.

Are you facing the same problem?

Converting News App Into PWA Is Solution

Businesses in this industry are adopting different types of application to eradicate these issues. All of this, because the application development market is booming exponentially, and inspiring businesses with more innovative ideas to offer their customers ease and high-quality user experience.

However, for industries like media, it is hard to decide what technological advancements should be adopted to provide their audience with better news encounters to keep them engaged.

To eradicate application performance issues, converting your news application into a progressive web app can be a profitable bet. This is the best way to give your audience an intuitive and sense quenching encounter of news. This is the latest establishment in the field of application development that is getting too much popular among businesses.

Don’t you know what is PWA? 

Basically, a progressive web application is the new application vertical that enables the creation of mobile-friendly web application and offers native mobile app like user experience. These websites consists webpages, though the looks and features are similar to a native mobile app. In short, these applications inherit different mobile app functionalities such as push notification, work offline and device hardware access.

This new concept enables you to create a news mobile application that can run on smartphone, but your users don’t need to install it.

Reasons To Adopt PWA News App Development

Progressive web app comes with numerous advantages and can solve various problems for news industry. Here are some benefits that you can incur by securing a progressive web app.

 1. No Need To Search: These apps can be discovered online easily and there is no need to go on app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

 2. Less Data Consumption: As they run on browser, they don’t need a huge amount of data. These applications are designed in a different way and render content in a much lighter form. Despite being a web application, they offer feel and look of a native application.

 3. Work Offline: These applications can work offline, it means users can check the news even if there is no availability of internet. It removes internet access limitation and provides all-time news access. PWA apps are designed to operate in weak signal, and users can access them through several devices including tablets, desktops, and mobiles.

4. Automatic Updating Policy: The most important is that users don’t need to install regular updates, these applications get auto-updated itself. As these apps run over the web, they stay automatically updated and users don’t need to do it themselves.

5. Easy Maintenance: For news websites, regular maintenance is essential as every day huge bulk of data gets uploaded on news sites. Native application requires huge cost for maintenance therefore if you are picking news application development, you should opt for progressive web app creation. It is easy to maintain these applications and there is no need to publish a new version every time. It consolidates users’ trust and makes them feel safe with the application.

Undoubtedly, now you would have understood why it is essential to convert your news app into a progressive web app. Though, if you are worried about development cost, then don’t. As the development requires a moderate cost consumption. Altogether, you can take help of cost-effective and qualitative assistance from a reliable mobile app development company like us -Techugo. For PWA news app development, get in touch with us.

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