12 Jun 2019
Updated on July 20th, 2019

5 Secrets Of iOS 13 That Apple Didn’t Reveal


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During Apple’s annual developers’ conference; WWDC 2019, the company made various announcements related to iOS 13. But all these announcements are leading to some new features that are going to be inculcated in the rumoured iPhone 11. For example, a keyboard that users can swipe to type on, dark mode, new photo and maps features, customizable Memoji avatars, and so on.

You’d better believe that Apple isn’t sharing all its secrets yet!

I am sure that the Cupertino based tech giant, still has a lot more features stored in its pandora box. There are more features, that the mega-brand is going to announce this fall, when iOS 13 officially lands on phones. Apple being apple, holds back some announcements, in order to maintain the suspense, about its next device. But iOS app development companies often find hidden secrets in iOS developer beta, that could hint at future iPhone’s features.

Below mentioned are some features of iPhone 11, that Apple didn’t reveal in iOS 13. Even though I am mostly spit-balling here, but you never know, it could happen!

  1. A power-sharing tool in the Control Center

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phones, is beyond comparison because of a new feature called Wireless Power Share. Users can turn it on, and place it on a device that is compatible with wireless charging. This feature allows Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phone to top up over other phones, including iPhones. It is a perfect tool to charge small accessories, without the need of using a cable.

There is a fair chance that Apple would want to add this feature, especially since it has removed its AirPower charging dock. Apple could use this feature to add one more feather in its hat.

We’d encounter a power-sharing tool inculcated in the iPhone’s Control Center. In addition to this it may include its own separate app to manage power. The company could push the software update before selling the iPhone. It is also possible that if this rumor pans out, the code is already inculcated.

Added information on Night Time routines and Dark mode


Dark mode is a latest tool that simply makes white screen black and black text white. This tool helps to reduce eye strain. The company explained how this system-wide feature works with all of the Apple’s core applications. But there is a decent chance, that we do not know all about it.

The company’s emphasis on healthcare, wellness and digital-detox could mean that there are some more unknown added layers to it. There could be a particular app or setting, that Apple wants to declare specifically for iPhone 11. The update could arrive to every other iPhone as soon as it is ready.

  1. New camera features could make heads turn

Nobody can deny the amplifying trend for smartphone cameras with impressive quality. Oppo, Huawei, and Samsung are leading ahead when the comparison is drawn on the basis of camera quality. All these leading brands include, at least three rear lenses that make zoom shots possible.

Apple has never cared about showing up late to the party. All it cares about is throwing a party that is better than others. All the rumors point to a three camera array at the back of the next iPhone. The company would flip the switch on new iOS 13 software to support the same.

I’d expect to see an on-screen controls pop between different zoom levels. The company could also introduce new camera filters, in order to ameliorate the effect.

  1. Face ID camera attributes could go beyond speed

The tech giant made announcements related to iPhone X family’s safe and secure face unlock software. Apple claimed that the Face ID will work 30% faster than it does right now. But if I trust my instincts, than I think this is not all Apple has in store for Face Unlock. Any sort of update to Face ID, could make it more secure for the users.

Apple could open up software tool kits for the front camera to the third party developers. This will only happen if the software supporting the selfie camera create fresh opportunities for AR applications. Users could see the results in various applications and tools to inculcate AR in innovative ways. Those API’s would finally be a part of iOS 13 package.

  1. Future of SIRI

Siri is Apple’s digital assistant, with a new improved voice, so that it sounds less robotic. The company used AI to make it sound smoother and less clipped. Siri picks up some skills to connect to devices, like Carplay and HomePod. But the company never mentioned many changes to Siri on the iPhone.

Meanwhile, Google is flourishing by eating Siri’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Google digital assistant has different new voices, including one of John Legend’s. Google assistant can also make reservations on behalf of users. It is possible that the company might include some more features in its digital assistant, and raise the bar for Google.

WWDC gave application developers a lot to chew on, but there is a lot more to go around. For more updates on Apple’s annual developers’ conference, stay tuned.

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