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8 Apr 2021

5 Trending Technologies Every Startup Must Consider!

The tech world has a lot to offer, and if you have the right key to unlock its true potential, then you, too, can taste the fruit of success. Today in this blog, we would be discussing the process of selecting the right key and jumping on the bandwagon of growth. So let us begin.

Evergreen Technologies Businesses Can Explore

As we step closer to complete digitalization, we are coming across multiple technologies that we can utilize to start fresh. They have the potential to bridge the gap and the rest of the differences present between the user and the process. If you want your business to touch the heights of success, you need to explore the right technologies.

Here is the list of techs you can consider for your next digital project. Grab a quick look-       

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The term AI was first introduced in 1955 by John McCarthy. It is nothing but the ability given to a machine to respond, think, and react just like a human. Back then, not many were able to map its actual capacity. But right now, we have several use cases of AI technology in a variety of fields. From education and e-commerce to finance and entertainment, there is no domain left that is backing out from embracing this rising tech. Even the environmentalists are considering it to bring in actual change in global warming.

So if you want to deliver your customers with exceptional service or product, we recommend that you consider Artificial Intelligence. Of course, a lot depends on how one integrates the tech into the process. Therefore we recommend you to first connect with the experts and come up with the best possible way.       

2. Blockchain


Now many of you must have heard about blockchain through cryptocurrencies. While it is understandable, but it is not advisable to link blockchain just with cryptocurrencies, as it is far more capable than that.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that stores transactional records in multiple databases that are also known as chains. This system makes it impossible for malicious entities to compromise the setting. That is why industries like healthcare, banking, hospitality, etc consider it for their app development process. Not many have been able to unleash its true potential, but even so, it has turned out to be highly rewarding. So if you are looking for a breakthrough, then blockchain technology might provide you with an answer.

3. Chatbots


Chatbot technology is basically a program that is created to simulate human-like conversation in the form of audio, text, or email. Its main motive is to give a feel to the user base that they are actually having a conversation with an actual human being. It is popular in multiple industries, but we can see its surprising use in the healthcare industry. This technology is being used by doctors to treat patients with mental health issues. The chatbot app becomes a constant companion and helps them in their recovery. Apart from the hospital industry, the e-commerce industry is also utilizing its power to help boost sales on their platforms. You, too, can learn more about its use and integrate it with your business.

4. Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Both of these techs have proved their potential time and again. VR takes the viewers into virtual reality, and AR adds computer-generated images or videos in the natural environment. Both of these techs are being utilized by the defense forces of multiple countries. They help train the soldiers for actual combat and save as many casualties as possible.

For students pursuing medical, both of these techs are useful. These technologies can be used to train students for surgery.

They are also known for their use in the entertainment industry. Have you heard of the app called Pokemon Go? Yes, it is one of the most popular gaming applications.

Traveling agencies are considering the use of AR and VR to elevate the experiences of their user base. You, too, can incorporate the tech and present the world with one of the most exemplary applications. 

5. Internet of Things

Internet Of Things            

IoT technology presents us with a network of things or physical objects integrated with software, sensors, and other technologies that help them to connect, exchange data with other connected devices over the Internet. This technology allows interconnected devices all over the world to communicate with each other in a better manner.  For businesses, it works by generating a considerable amount of data that can be used to fetch the desired results. The generated information is used to analyze the trend and work in the right direction. IoT app development helps many meet their desired goals, and you can take a page from their book.

In A Nutshell

It is hard to predict what will or what will not trend in 2021 or beyond. But when you work around the clock in the world of technologies, you can get an idea. These five technologies will continue winning hearts for many years, so it is safe for you to explore them thoroughly.

If you are new to the tech world, then feel free to reach out to the professionals, but until then, stay tuned to this space for more information.          

Happy reading!



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