28 Aug 2020



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On deciding to build an app solution for your business needs, you welcome another set of worries and concerns along with. Every business wants to grab the bigger part of the revenue generation, and this can only be possible when you have the right tool to trigger the development cycle. 

Many mobile apps in the market either are fast or provide incredible user-experience and getting both factors imbibed within one solution is a hard task to achieve.

Well, not anymore because React Native has brought a solution that helps in building a solution with exceptional performance, and expedites the development as well.

Yes, you heard me all correct! React Native is one of the most prominent names in the cross-platform development world, that delivers the native user experiences and expedited the development journey.

Today, due to its exceptional features, big brands in the market, such as Tesla, AirBnB, Instagram, and Bloomberg have embraced this framework in their business model. There are many other brands as well, which offer the high-end applications using React Native framework.

In this post, we have compiled a few reasons, that are encouraging different brands to pick React Native as their development model and why 2021 would witness React Native as a go-to tool. Let’s grab a look at this post to unleash the magic further.

2021 will be the React Native era!

Indeed, today React Native in app development field has created a stir, and is widely accepted by the developers and this has made it a talk of the town. The very nature of this framework, which lets the developers build complex and larger apps in a seamless, cost-effective, lightweight yet faster way, has won the hearts and makes it a go-to framework for developers to build reasonable apps across the globe. Thus it would be the wisest decision to embrace it in 2021 fully and scale your business higher.

Budget-friendly solution

For every new startup venture or any business size the time and money spent on the app development, are two major concerns. Sometimes these concerns even provoke certain app concepts to die much before they see the light of development. However, these two major hurdles are well addressed by React Native, making it a top-pick for 2021. With this framework, developers get the option to transfer the code between various mobile platforms. It promotes the single-code reusability, that minimizes the development time. Further, it also results in reducing the development cost as well, which brings a huge relief to the app owners and they can spend the same budget on other required places.

Incredible UI and access to Native API

React Native brings the opportunity to the developers to help in making the app UI look exactly like a JavaScript and less of a framework. The pattern used within simplifies the process and ensures to make UI work smoothly, letting the app function smoothly without any hurdles involved.

Seamless third-party integrations

The integration of native modules through the framework is a piece of cake with React Native, as it synchronizes and integrates itself, and works seamlessly with device features such as GPS and camera to name a few. This enables the developers to eliminate any type of extra integration work and saves their time and effort in building a smarter app solution faster.

Wider community 

Do you know what is the most troublesome condition for the developers, when it comes to picking a new technology? 

Yes, that is getting the required assistance from the fellow developers’ community. But with React Native, this challenge does not exist anymore, as you find information, help, and tutorials to make your project faster. The strong community support is another reason developer will pick this technology framework more in 2021.

Easy to maintain

Mobile app development is not just limited to the deployment, but there is much more to handle beyond it as well. The maintenance factor can be a demanding aspect in other frameworks, but not with the React Native. Here developers don’t need to spend time maintaining, but they only need to pick the flexible approach to keep the app maintenance work and get a cost-effective app solution.

In-demand cross-device user experience

Variety is the spice of life, and the smartphone industry has taken this saying very seriously, where every day you see a new mobile model entering into the world. On the other hand, mobile apps need to be compatible with different devices, which is a hard task for developers. This is where React Native invades the space and utilizes flexible and fully-optimized layout engines, that make the built solution to be compatible on all devices, regardless of their screen size. 

Final thoughts

For a multi-dimensional mobile app solution, this is a much-required aspect to get your mobile app developed with the React Native framework. And considering the number of benefits this framework brings along, it is much evident that 2021 will see a difference, more number of start-ups, and established names in the businesses shall embrace this app framework.

Techugo team believes in picking the most reliable and quick approach to build a healthy app solution, henceforth we integrate the most trending technologies.

Give us a call to receive a no-obligation quote for your React Native app solution today!

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