20 Aug 2020
Updated on April 5th, 2023

A Beginners Guide To E-Learning Education App Development


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E-Learning Education App Development

Education is the sole of our future development, and that is why this particular domain is stepping towards the digital revolution. Schools, colleges, and many other educational institutes are trying to deliver better learning to their students with the help of eLearning education apps.

The spread of COVID-19 is adversely affecting the education of many children worldwide. But with an increase in online learning, attempts are being made to minimize the impact. The development in technologies like artificial intelligence, AR, VR, chatbots, etc is helping the institutes to create a close-knit web of distance learning.

To help you explore this domain, we have covered all the necessary ingredients required in the creation of an online education app. Take a look and discover all the hidden and critical aspects.

Types of E-learning Apps

E-learning Apps

If you want to create one for yourself, decide the type you want to go for. Here are a few, to help you gain a better understanding.

  1. Examination app

This type is used for conducting tests and exams online. With these, the schools can check the student’s knowledge of a particular subject. These apps conduct the tests and share the results b thoroughly analyzing them.

  1. Specific subject app

These are created to increase learning in a particular subject, like Mathematics, Science, English, etc.

  1. Language learning

These applications help the students to learn multiple languages. They are one of the most popular apps of all time.

  1. Course based

Applications that are course-based are dedicatedly designed for them. They contain a variety of content in the form of audio, video, text, in order to keep the learner’s attention hooked.

  1. Memorization apps

These use modern and scientific techniques to boost the learning of the students. For example visual representation.

Advantages Of E-Learning Education App

E-Learning Education App

Here are a few advantages of having an eLearning application, because of these advantages, this domain is drawing a lot of attention.

  • Online education
  • Flexible setup
  • Better retention
  • Scalable
  • A personalized form of learning
  • Mass adoption
  • Easy and multiple access to the course curriculum
  • Access to fresh content and better quizzes
  • Delivers a consistent form of learning
  • Cost-effective
  • Saves time
  • No additional resources like location, staff, classroom setups, etc.

Basic Features Of E-learning Application

E-learning Application

All the inculcated features compliment an app’s success. If that is your aim, then take a look at the list of basic features that must be inculcated.

Student Panel Features:

  • Easy Signup
  • Selecting and paying for a subscription
  • View and select various available courses
  • Selecting a subject
  • Smart search with the various filter option
  • Looking for tutors
  • Users can post questions and can easily connect with a specific teacher by video or text chat
  • Course certificates on the course completion
  • Testing knowledge through quizzes, puzzles, and online exams
  • Posting queries

Teacher Panel Features:

  • Easy registration
  • Managing the account settings
  • Profile enhancement
  • Receiving notifications, ratings, and reviews
  • Viewing and answering the queries
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Earn credits and points on replying to the questions asked by the students
  • Push Notifications

Admin Panel Features:

  • User management
  • Session management
  • Profile management
  • Location management
  • Communication management
  • Subscription package management
  • Content management
  • Statistics and reports
  • Managing content and filters
  • Managing chats

Parent Panel Features:

  • Tracking course progress
  • Tracking the child’s performance
  • Easy registration
  • Simple communication with teachers
  • Notifications from admin and teachers
  • Tracking student’s attendance
  • Access to the leader board

Advanced Features Of E-learning Application

Now let us take a look at some of the advanced features that will help your app to stand out.

  • Assessments, puzzles, and quizzes
  • Discussion forums
  • Online audio and video streaming
  • Adding in-app purchases
  • Sharing content
  • Leaderboards for healthy competition
  • Multilingual
  • Reporting and data analysis
  • Online community

How To Monetize An E-learning App?

E-learning App

This is an extremely crucial step that you must look into. Here are some effective ways to monetize an eLearning application.

  1. Freemium version

In this, the users don’t need to pay for using the app, and that is why it’s one of the most popular versions. With this, the users are allowed to access basic funtionalities & features. But to get hold of the advanced version, they need to pay a certain amount.

  1. Paid version

In this, the user needs to pay for the application first, and only then they are able to access it.

  1. In-app purchases

In this, the user has a lot of features for free, but for additional services, the user needs to purchase those in-app services.

  1. White labeling

An extension of affiliate marketing that helps you to earn big profits.

  1. Data monetization

Through this, the data of the students is accessed to achieve the desired goals.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An E-learning App

E-learning App

Cost is the major concern that would pop into an entrepreneur’s mind before initiating the first step of the complete plan. But it is impossible for any credible company to provide the exact cost without even discussing the plan. But there are always factors that can shape the overall cost. Take a look at them.

  • Features- The features that you want to add in your eLearning education app play a huge role in deciding the cost of the project.
  • Technology- The tech you want to work with also adds up to the amount. There are a lot of technologies that one can use to enhance the app’s quality, but their integration requires great expertise.
  • Team- The team that you have selected will charge you for the services they are delivering, and their complete cost depends on the quality that you are looking for.
  • Platform- Choosing the platform for the development also adds up to the cost. For example, iOS, Android, PWA, etc.
  • Time- If you want your team to speed up the creation of your education application, then they need to spend extra resources.

How To Choose The Right Team For Development?


A team of developers can either make or break your project. This is the simplest way to understand the importance of the right team in mobile app development. But selecting one for your own project is not at all an easy task. As the popularity of on-demand apps has increased, the companies delivering the same services have also increased. When there are so many options available, it is hard to find the perfect fit.

But fret not, as now we would be listing simple techniques which would help you to choose your team. Take a good look!

  1. Online search

Google is the best search engine to initiate the process. Enter the right keyword, and with a few nanoseconds, you would have the list of popular mobile app development companies. Visit their website, and check out their goals, experience, and progress. Make a list of the companies that you like.

  1. Business listing websites

The second step is to get on the popular business listing websites. Search for the companies that you liked and check their profile and ranking. Initiate the process further if you find their profile impressive.

  1. Testimonials & reviews

Visit the company’s social media to check testimonials and reviews from their clients. If you want to leave no stone unturned, then feel free to connect with the company’s previous clients and note down their response. This will guide you to make the right decision.

  1. Check their portfolio

This step will help you to check their work, and you can finally take a step closer to making the final decision.

  1. Begin the discussion

The last step is to take the final decision. So connect with the team that you want to work with and discuss your project. If you are satisfied with their approach then, go ahead!


This is all a beginner must know about the creation of an E-learning education app development. The process is definitely not as easy as the future of the upcoming generation is dependent on it. Hence, it must be crafted with utmost perfection to avoid any possibility of a glitch. If you are from a nontechnical field, then reach out to our professionals, to get a clearer perspective. An innovative team can help you to think out of the box, and present an exceptional app to the audience.

Techugo, a leading mobile app development company has been creating successful applications for wide-ranging domains. If you want to get hold of extraordinary progress, then reach out to our brood today. Developing an online education app is not easy, as it demands expertise in multiple areas. Choose a team that can match your vision, because a bootless one will not help you to achieve your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with us now! But don’t forget to drop your views in the comment section present below.

Stay tuned to Techugo Blogs for more updates!



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