1 Jun 2020

A Complete Guide For Entrepreneurs To Build An App In 2020


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COVID-19 has changed the way we have lived or accessed services a few months ago. And in this context, businesses have also experienced a massive digital shift to brave this crisis with flying colors. In this digital revolution, here comes the mobile app in the picture, which can draw the attention of the users towards the business and its offered services.

For an entrepreneur to bring business and its services on the app platform is a blessing, helping them to reach a wider audience and stay afloat during and after pandemic as well.

However, as we all know that the first impression is the last impression, so if the homepage of the app is impressive than half of the goal to attract the users is fulfilled.

If you want to get the impressive app then the best option is to contact a renowned mobile application development company to get the work done. It is not less than a challenge for the developers to come up with some distinguished design patterns for every project that can please the users.

Sometimes the efforts to make a home page better end up creating something worst. Certain aspects are there which can ruin the whole efforts of the developers so it is advisable to keep these aspects in view while designing the landing page. Keep scrolling this post further to unleash the secrets further…

App design; keep it simple

What kind of impression your app is creating on the users, matters a lot. We all know that it hardly takes more than 10 seconds to create an impression. So those initial 10 seconds will be the deciding factor whether a visitor will stay or uninstall your app. So it should not be full of complexities because this makes it really hard to understand and no one likes to put stress on their brain to grab something. Only good design is not enough, include a touch of latest and trendy design patterns to keep the

Restrict many images for advertising

Some apps carry too many images on the introductory page, to engage and monetize the app, nut this kind of thought is incorrect and illogical. If so many pictures are used it will end up with a messy design. So an appropriate number of images should be there so that the ultimate purpose of the app’s specific page is justified attractively.

Include limited information on one page

Imparting the adequate information is right, but imparting it on just one page is not the correct approach. Nowadays users do not want to waste too much time reading the stuff, so if they will see too much information to read; this might discourage them to proceed further. So primarily, only the summary of the app has to be presented on the home page to attract them. Else if the visitor skips the reading part then it will be difficult to make him aware of the app features and usage further.

Keep content sane and professional

Certain apps use humorous content to please the visitors which is good to some extent, as long as they sound relevant to the app’s genre.  But it should not be in excess because it can divert the audience from the main aim of the aim, and your app in return will lose its charm and will not be taken seriously. This kind of situation is not good from the growth perspective of the apps. Hence it must be used in a controlled way.

Ensure app images are purposeful

Images or pictures used on the app home page are for a purpose. If they are not justifying their presence then they are of no use. They have to be expressive and define the nature of the apps. These kinds of features are quite sufficient to imbue the concept of your app in the mind of the users. So the selection of the images must be correct and accurate as per the requirement of the app. With this approach, you can make your landing page clearer to the users.

App’s slow responsiveness

Last but not the least; slow response or slow loading of any app is not at all liked by the users. This creates a feeling of frustration amongst the users. So this is one of the major factors due to which users tend to lose their interest, and uninstall your app. Hence to enhance the quality of the app, the responsiveness and loading time have to be increased. This will work as an add-on factor to keep the users bound if they are enjoying the quick loading of the home page.

Food for thought

Now, when you have decided to create a mobile app, which is not just impressive but useful as well, that would spell-bind your users. Then you must get your app solution designed and developed by the team of professionals who are well versed with every aspect that can hamper the home page.

This kind of concept clarity comes with the experience and exposure and if you are looking forward to hiring an experienced company then it is none other than Techugo. We are a team of skilled experts in mobile app development and have rich-experience of crafting captivating app solutions for Fortune 200 to promising startups across the globe.

Reach us today to get a no-obligation quote for your business and help it flourish exponentially.

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