10 Aug 2023

A Cost Analysis on Creating a Language Learning App That Competes with Babbel!


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Language Learning App

Adding a skill by learning a new language is a great idea, isn’t it? While many students opt for a  language course during school, others might sign-up for extra classes by paying for the same. What next? It takes time, money, and energy to commute to show up at the class each day and learn. 

While it can be exciting to learn a foreign language, it might be exhausting at the same time. Many continue to build their foundation of a new language, while there are chances of many people giving up! 

Now that the popularity of learning new languages is growing, mobile applications like Babbel offer dynamic and personalized experiences that have helped students learn efficiently. 

According to a report, the language learning market is likely to surpass $80 billion by 2028; thus, it is creating a commendable opportunity for entrepreneurs to take their shot!

No wonder, building a language learning app like Babbel takes great expertise, planning, and whatnot. Which is why, this blog will take you through everything you need to know before beginning to develop a language learning app. 

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What Makes Babbel A Huge Success? 


Undoubtedly, Babbel is one of the best language learning apps that offers practical, conversational activities and more for people to use in a real-like environment. The app was introduced in 2007 as one of the initial e-learning apps and has roped millions of users.

But what inspired people to sign up for this platform? Babbel must have offered something of unique value that inclined people towards acquiring the services!

Well, here’s the secret sauce:

1. Personalized Learning Patterns

The platform is fabricated to cater to individuals’ learning requirements by monitoring their interests, proficiency level, and learning objectives. Not only this, but the app enables users to customize their learning patterns by opting for specific courses, lessons, and topics. 

2. Engaging Content

Who wants to go through boring lessons while expecting to learn something exciting? This is precisely what Babbel eliminates as it introduces engaging lessons to learners to adopt new skills easily. As mentioned earlier, the platform emphasizes conversational activities by keeping real-life situations in front of them. 

3. Intelligent Algorithms

Babbel is incorporated with intelligent algorithms that keeps track of the learner’s progress and presents the learning material accordingly. These algorithms work towards providing a customized learning experience by providing the most relevant content. 

4. Offline Availability

Who doesn’t want a flexible lifestyle, especially in today’s fast-paced environment? While mobile apps require a stable internet connection to work effectively, Babbel enables users to download their lessons to make learning convenient. Additionally, downloading lessons also helps them consume content on the go with ease. 

5. Speech Recognition

Just like any modern mobile, Babbel too has emphasized working with speech recognition technology that allows app users to work on their pronunciation skills. Notably, app users can compare their speech with native speakers and try working on their accents.

Mastering Languages: Essential Features Every Language Learning App Needs, Inspired by Babbel

Are you willing to develop a language learning app like Babbel? Then, it is significant to understand the features to leverage that’ll help bring success to the business. While a number of must-have features are listed below, you may get in touch with Techugo- a top-notch education app development company to learn more on the subject. 

1. Progress Tracking

App features like progress tracking enable users to keep track of their learning journey, set objectives for themselves, and check their achievements. Doing so will provide them the motivation to work harder to attain the targets. 

2. AI-Powered Chatbot

AI-powered chatbots have now become an exceptional integration for app users to acquire quick solutions to their queries or problems. While it is one of the features that enabled Babbel to acquire the limelight, you must incorporate the same to meet the standards of the dynamic world. 

3. Adaptive Learning

One of the most prominent features of language learning apps like Babbel is adaptive learning, where the application modifies the content or the difficulty level based on its user’s achieved goals. Therefore, it leads to personalized learning and ensures efficient learning paths. 

4. Virtual Immersion

As mentioned earlier, it is vital for a business to build strategies that’ll help the brand stand out in the market. And undoubtedly, Virtual and Augmented Reality are the two terrific technologies that can become the reason behind your successful language learning app. 

5. Incorporate Gamification

Language learning or studying, in general, can be quite boring if it is not infused with fun elements. Do you remember your teachers planning activities to ensure you take your lessons while having fun? 

Similarly, mobile apps need to include gamification elements, like rewards, challenges, etc., that’ll encourage participation. 

6. Multilingual Interface

It is essential for any language learning app to provide multilingual interface support to make it easier for users to access content in their preferred language. This will motivate more users to sign up for the app while multiplying user accessibility. 

7. Social Features

The incorporation of social features within your language learning app is likely to stir up more engagement. How? The feature allows app users to connect with friends and share updates with them or compare scores. While the app will offer user-friendly experiences, it is likely to retain a loyal customer base. 

Factors That Shape the Financial Picture of App Development, Babbel Influence

Babbel's Influence

While every elearning app development company quotes differently for app development, there are a number of factors that can help estimate the overall cost. 

What are these key factors? Don’t forget to take note: 

1. Choice of the Platform

One of the primary factors that shake the app development cost to build an app like Babbel is the platform compatibility and choice of devices. It is significant to determine the platforms for which you will launch the app, including iOS, Android, etc.

Notably, every platform has requirements that must be followed; thus, it leads to varied costs.

Additionally, if you’re willing to develop an app for multiple platforms, you may opt for native app development or cross-platform, whatever suits your business the best.

2. UI/UX Design

Another important factor affecting the overall app development cost is UI/UX design, which has a tremendous role in keeping the app users engaged. 

For instance, if you’re taking tips from Babbel’s UI/UX design, you would know that the platform has kept it appealing and user-friendly. To follow this approach, you must wisely pick the color scheme, typography, and more for your mobile app. 

Additionally, you must partner with a skilled team of developers and designers that will efficiently work on wireframes, mockups, and more. 

Indeed, a well-developed language-learning app will take a good chunk of investment; however, it will help your business skyrocket! 

3. Multilingual Support

While diving deep into language learning app development, you must know everything about multilingual support. For all those unfamiliar, it is the ability of a product or service to support more than one language. Notably, this can be done by following two approaches: by allowing app users to select their preferred language or translating the content into other languages. 

No wonder, it is a crucial feature and will heavily impact the mobile app development cost.

4. Incorporation with External Services

The integration of a language learning app with external services can enhance the overall experience of the platform for its customers. One of the best examples is the amalgamation of multiple payment gateways that enable users to choose a suitable mode of payment. Additionally, the integration with social media enables them to share their progress and other exciting achievements. 

5. Backend Development

One of the critical factors to keep in mind while developing a language learning app is the backend development. Indeed, an app structure like Babbel’s would require a robust backend that could handle user data, content delivery, and more. 

Not to mention it also requires the implementation of databases and APIs to ensure effortless communication. 

6. Testing and Maintenance

You’re well familiar with the fact that every mobile app development comes with several stages, and one of the most important steps includes app testing and QA. Language learning apps can have complex functionality, which is why it is significant to ensure that the app is thoroughly tested to keep any issues or bugs from arising.

Maintenance and updates are equally vital to ensure frictionless performance and consumer satisfaction.

The Leading Monetization Strategies To Be Adopted By Businesses Like Babble’s 

Monetization Strategies

Techugo- the finest mobile app development company in USA suggests closely working with the below-mentioned monetization strategies for a business developing an app like Babble’s. 

Are you interested in unveiling more? Here we go:

1. In-App Purchases

The in-app purchases model allows users to pick additional language courses or study materials to help them easily grasp the new speech. The model also enables customization of learning experience and tailored content per one’s requirement. 

2. Freemium Model

This app model provides access to basic functionality for free that may attract a wider potential audience. Additionally, the app comes with a set of premium features and advanced courses that helps them upgrade their learning resources. 

3. Enterprise Subscriptions

The enterprise subscription model set up partnerships with universities, language institutions, and more for the integration of language programs within their mobile app.

4. Advertisements

Do you want to target your advertisements at the potential set of audience? Then, the integrated advertisements monetization model will suit your business the best! You can collaborate with the right brands and institutions to display relevant ads to the users. Thus, it will pave the way for an additional revenue stream for your business. 


1. What are the best technologies to integrate with language learning app development?

– Language learning app development can be amalgamated with numerous technologies, including cloud services, native and flutter, APIs, analytics tools, and more.

2. How long does it take to develop a language learning mobile app?

– The development time of a language learning app varies from company to company and the complexity of the project. However, a basic app may take up to a few months; while a feature-rich app may take up to a year.

3. How do i ensure data security and customer privacy?

– To ensure that customer data is safe, you may integrate authentication methods, encrypted data, and data protection regulations like CCPA.

4. How do i choose the best and most reliable app development company for my language learning app?

– To opt for the best development team, check their relevant experience in the industry. You may review their portfolio and even check for testimonials from their previous clientele.

In a Nutshell!

Now that you’re considering working on a language learning app like Babbel, it is significant to partner with a flawless app development team that provides support during the development stage and offers you post-maintenance. Thus, Techugo is a perfect fit for your business that aims at providing its best services to help your business climb the success ladder!

Our team of skilled developers and designers will provide you with an experience catered to your needs and will collectively move towards achieving the same objective. 

So, what do you think? 

Are you ready to begin your journey with us?

If yes, schedule your first consultation today!

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