27 Oct 2020

A Guide To Make Your Own Hyperlocal Delivery Mobile App

Hyperlocal Delivery Mobile App

The hyperlocal delivery app is an incredible extension of the Gig-Economy, connecting people with local businesses more quickly.

New age commerce called ‘hyperlocal’ is in the town!

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, there has been a constant surge in the online deliveries of groceries and other items. Here, instead of visiting local shops & supermarkets and touching the items, people prefer to order online and get their required services delivered at home.

In this online shopping mode, hyperlocal has taken the on-demand economy to the next level. Now you must be wondering what exactly is Hyperlocal delivery app. So stay tuned to this post to unbox the Pandora Box.

What is the Hyperlocal delivery model?

Hyperlocal delivery model

As the name suggests, the term ‘hyperlocal’ refers to ‘a small area’ or ‘a very specific demography.’ In this mode, the service providers take the product request and deliver the same to the customer in the same geographical area. The main befit of this model is to facilitate the swift delivery of goods within a shorter time duration.

Excited to build a hyperlocal solution?

Keep reading this post, to understand the steps involved to build a scalable app solution. Let’s dive in.

Steps to build a hyperlocal delivery network

As we know that a hyperlocal delivery model is defined as an online business model, where customers’ on-demand requirements are met through local offline shops through a digital platform. To start building this delivery app, there are few essential steps to be considered, such as:

Select your niche

In our daily necessities, there are several products and items that are required, you need to pick the products you want to deliver, which can be dietary food, daily grocery, or packaged food. The varieties are many, you only need to identify the demand and resources available around you to pick from.

Choose the target audience

Hmm, there is an audience for every product, and this is where you need to focus on. You can target busy professionals looking for gourmet food or hungry office-goers/ students who live away from their families, and love to order late at night to serve their hunger pangs.

Build a partnership

After selecting the niche and audience type, the next big thing on your plate is to build a partnership. You can make the partnership on the basis of a home delivery partner/ agency and local merchants. This can be a direct partnership where your partners work as an aggregator of local grocery stores. Once you have ample delivery orders, then you can collaborate with local stores, to earn a commission, here local stores’ delivery executive will carry out the doorstep delivery for customers and will remove the clutter of delays.

Create a revenue model

When you partner with local stores, they pay you a commission every time you pick their stuff. But in this type of model, you need to restrict yourself to a particular merchant within a specific locality. In another revenue model, you can charge a convenience fee over the delivery charges from the customer. This can be done extra bigger size, ay special recommendation or packaging.

Get a hyperlocal mobile app

Once you are sorted with the above-mentioned steps, now the next big thing comes is to get a hyperlocal mobile app, with different portals like drivers, merchants, and customers.

Features required for a Hyperlocal app

Features required for a Hyperlocal app

Let’s take a look at the core features that should be there in an on-demand hyperlocal delivery app.

  • Sign-up/ Login-This is the most basic feature which is common in every app panel. You can make the login process as easy as possible, and give them an option to register through social media credentials as well.
  • GPS-Location- It is the main feature of this type of app that connects customers with nearby service providers.
  • Store/Service Provider/Seller Selection- In this feature, customers get the option to select the store or seller first and view the products/services offered specifically.
  • Filter based on location- This feature lets the customers get the products and services available around their precise GPS location.
  • Fast Shipping Method- With this feature, customers can get their products delivered fastly, and they chose different modes of transportation/logistics, along with the date and time selection. To avail of this service, customers need to pay an extra surcharge.
  • Delivery slot selection-This is quite similar to Amazon, where customers get the option to pick the delivery slot as per their convenience.
  • Delivery tip- This is an engaging feature that has gained attention during the pandemic, wherein customers can some percent of the order amount to the delivery boy. It is an encouraging feature helping the delivery person to earn some extra money.

Seller dashboard panel

  • New Seller- It allows new sellers to register themselves and create a seller account to start offering products and services to customers.
  • Product Management- Here seller gets the option to add new products/services, upload pictures, edit a product description.
  • View Orders- This feature enables sellers to view complete order information and manage it. And further, assign it to the delivery agent to fulfill the order.
  • Analytics – With this feature, sellers can view the latest orders, total revenues in the form of graphs and charts.

Customer panel

  • Live Chat System -This feature lets customers get a live chat communication system, and get a solution to their queries.
  • Push Notifications- It helps customers to get the information about any updates related to their order.
  • Order History- Customers get the information to view last order, transaction history, refunds, and other details through the app portal.
  • Order tracking- This feature allows customers to get real-time information and GPS location about the delivery agent and track the package
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • In this feature, customers get the option to pay through different payment methods, they can pay through eWallet, debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pat, or COD, to simplify the payment process.
  • Reviews & Ratings- With this feature, customers can leave feedback and reviews.

How does a hyper-local marketplace work?

hyper-local marketplace work

Well, it is very easy to understand the mechanism of the hyper-local marketplace, it works along with the infrastructure and elements already existing in the current local markets. And the two broad categories it works upon are:

  • Hyperlocal services –  It consists of the service sector, offering services, such as laundry, medical, plumbing, logistics, among many others.
  • Hyperlocal delivery – It includes delivery of food essentials, groceries, electronic gadgets, home appliances, and other necessities.

Are you ready to wave the flag at your users?

The constant demand has made hyperlocal one of the hottest buzzwords in the on-demand delivery industry! The pandemic impact has let customers, retailers, entrepreneurs, and the economy to embrace this delivery model with open arms. 

In a nutshell

Amid the COVID-19, the hyper-local delivery model has gained a remarkable stand, letting communities and local administration to balance the unnecessary chaos that lies between social distancing and economic activities.

So what are you waiting for?

Explore how Techugo can help you build an on-demand hyperlocal delivery app!

Drop us a line below to get started!


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