26 Sep 2023
Updated on September 28th, 2023

A Journey from Start-up to CMMI level-3: Unveil How Techugo Replaces Bottlenecks with Success-Driven Path!


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With the vision to turn the dreams of entrepreneurs into realities, Techugo has started this exciting venture. 

From big enterprises to small companies and everything in between, Techugo, a top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia, has been catering to all needs with its cutting-edge solutions, tech resources, experience, and expertise that are giving a new definition to blazing mobile experiences.

Indeed, the path was full of challenges, but our tech experts made it to various success stories and winning moments for the clients. We teamed up with almost 750+ businesses, and from there, our proudest moments and great recognition came in front. 

Today, we are renowned as a CMMI Level 3 company and a proud partner of big brands like Airtel, Byju’s, Lifology, JoshCam, Truefan, etc. 

You may be wondering what made us achieve and create something huge and exceptional like these in just 8+ years. Unveil our secret ingredients, bringing businesses closer to their potential. 

About Techugo!

We are a top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia that started the journey in 2015 and continued to thrive and flourish while delivering impeccable solutions for various clients worldwide. 

Not just we have an office in Saudi Arabia & UAE, but in other off-shore centers and countries like India, USA, and Canada. The robust team of 200+ developers, designers, testers, project managers, and marketers strategize and deploy digitally-focused solutions that only work positively and give a newly-edged makeover to the client’s business.

If you also want to get a makeover to fit in the technical infrastructure and build your own super-dynamic app, get into the adventurous ride with tech integration like AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, etc., and excite your users with the fanciest or most creative app possible. 

Our Ability to Code and Create is Scattered to

Leveraging the potential of high-graded technologies, we have been bringing dynamic applications to various industries. Such as: 

From e-learning to on-demand, we have been known worldwide due to our extensive range of services to numerous industries

  • E-learning 

Bridging the gap between a student, teacher, and four-walled classroom, we craft powerful, scalable, and stunning mobile apps that disrupt the conventional education system and allow students of every age to learn and grow from any part of the world. Provide a better learning opportunity to students and elevate their level of participation in the class with a terrific solution built by our eLearning app development company

  • Food 

As the food delivery market is expected to grow to $165 billion by 2029, various entrepreneurs want to invest in it, and we, as a trustworthy mobile app development company in UAE have been helping them with the creation of some next-gen food delivery apps that fit their business model and turn the multifaceted process into seamless and hassle-free. 

  • Travel & Tourism

Eliminating the time-consuming process of booking tickets, finding hotels, and travel guides, travelers can seamlessly roam around a city, even if it is strange and different from their culture, with the help of a digital solution. And the credit for creating those solutions goes to some top-notch travel app development companies like Techugo that help entrepreneurs present their apps innovatively in front of customers and thus generate more profit.   

  • Healthcare

Undoubtedly, healthcare apps are catalyzing the healthcare industry favorably. Whether telemedicine, EHR software, robotic surgery, medication reminders, doctor on-demand, or any other healthcare app we have been using, they replace old-fashioned medical activities and enhance the quality of care, health treatment, and medical appointments. 

Want to build your own healthcare solution?

Connect with our healthcare app development company

  • Entertainment

Since the entertainment industry is inclined more toward OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, we utilize state-of-the-art code standards to deliver a unique blend of entertainment and intuitive apps that let viewers watch their favorite movies, dramas, or animated series without fault. “Binge-watch and enjoy” is the new favorite thing of millionaires and Gen Z, and our developers have been adding more layers to this trend while delivering some exciting solutions. 

  • Fintech

We help financial institutions jump the success bandwagon and bring high-graded solutions while amalgamating technologies like Blockchain and third-party tools like Paypal, Stripe, and Braintree. For bringing a tremendous shift to how people operate their finances, go no further than Techugo because here, you will have every other tech, resource, and expertise you need to streamline a reliable solution. 

  • e-Commerce

Switching from traditional stores to digital platforms is not as complicated as it seemed, with some terrific eCommerce apps that connect drivers, admin, store owners, and customers in one platform and let them make the most of the dynamicity such digital solutions offer. 

And guess what?

We will consult you on your eCommerce app idea and help you choose the right platform, functionalities, design, and structure for developing your next-gen product. So, get in touch with our eCommerce app development company without any further delay. 

  • Drone

From food delivery to healthcare and agriculture, every other industry wants to leverage drone applications to automate delivering food, sprinkling water on the crops, and rapidly transporting organs with higher delicacy. Yes, that’s not it, but various other magnificent uses of drones will blow your mind. 

Want to get one developed?

It’s time to connect with a dynamic drone app development company like Techugo and utilize the potential of a buffet of technologies for your dreamed drone app. 

  • On-Demand

Being in the app development industry for 8+ years, we have seen various businesses become on-demand service providers while adopting high-graded technologies with the help of an on-demand app development company like Techugo, thus bracing themselves with a vast consumer base. Whether it be beauty, salon, ride-sharing, grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, doctor booking, car wash, pet care, laundry, parking, gifts & flowers, etc., we can help you derive a significant on-demand solution and pave a pathway to success. 

Tap into the Gamechanger Mode with Our High-Graded Technologies 

We unleash digital transformation for various enterprises by deploying highly efficient technologies that give a modified shape to the existing business process and an edge over competitors.

Here are the highly efficient technologies we integrate into your digital solutions:  

Our Top Technologies

  • Android App Development

We build terrific solutions for all Android devices that will soak the limelight against the competition and unlock various opportunities for your business growth and expansion. With our motive to offer an impeccable user experience, our Android app development company builds highly intuitive solutions. 

  • iOS App Development

A revolutionary digital path that will secure your position in the marketplace is achieved through successful iOS app development. The unmistakable benefits of the iOS platform are not hidden from all of us, which makes it a competitive platform over others and the preferred choice of various entrepreneurs. 

  • Blockchain Development

We will help you mold your Blockchain app idea the way you want with the magic of user-centric and spellbinding design. With our tech resources and expertise in various blockchain networks like Avalanche, Cronos, Ethereum, Binance, Optimism, etc., you can record a major win and set a new benchmark of excellence. 

  • UI/UX Design

Artificial design is not our taste; we provide life experiences to users to accelerate your business growth. With our full-fledged designing services, including wireframes, prototypes, design development, testing, etc., you can ensure powerful user retention and consistent ROI. Let’s make it a great hit together with the successful app design. 

  • React Native 

To let your users connect with your brand through different devices, i.e., Android, iOS, or Web, ensure integrating the incredible qualities of React Native. Our team will strategize and develop everything from scratch for you to witness top-of-the-class performance and unstoppable business success. Leverage our experience in creating digital transformation for various enterprises and unleash expansion and growth like never before.

  • Flutter

Another framework you optimize for robust cross-platform app development is Flutter. With our creative heads working passionately to trigger positive results for your business, you will validate your app idea, reach various progressive milestones, and discover the opportunities that leave your competitors in awe.

  • Wearables

Eliminating the challenges of screen size, resolutions, pixels, and UI/UX, our wearable app development company, Techugo, can help you drive meaningful solutions that not only act terrifically but also increase efficiency and move the user experience to the pinnacle of technology. Utilizing our expertise, there will be no turning back in creating gigantic masterpieces. 

  • AR/VR Development

To let your business map down an intuitive and exciting user journey throughout the gaming, entertainment, and eCommerce app, these promising technologies appear as the only convenient option. Allow your users to put their digital creations in front and enter into the same while considering the association of our AR/VR app development company.

  • Artificial Intelligence

We let you secure your digital rank in the market with dynamic artificial intelligence app development. Get your hands on the expertise of some high-graded app developers of Techugo and let your end consumers be immersed in their transformative digital experiences. With our cutting-edge solutions, there will be no hurdles in turning your business into a big enterprise. 

  • IoT

Unleash the road to digital success and amplify your vision like never before while working with the creative heads of Techugo, who ensure everything to fulfill your unique business requirements. We offer tremendous business opportunities for you to move and excel ahead while crafting the structure of your next-gen IoT mobile app. Get in touch with our IoT app development company to learn more. 

From Code to Creation: Here is What We at Techugo Build

The dynamicity we provide helps us create some newly edged solutions for our clients to let them witness some impressive progressive milestones and success ahead. Want to learn what tech-driven solutions we have built for entrepreneurs in Dubai?

Move ahead!

We use our power in some top-notch formations

  • CanCan

While integrating AI technology, Techugo, a top mobile app development company in Dubai, has built a highly dynamic and robust shopping app, CanCan, through which users can design and buy their own AI-customized Kandora- a traditional male robe worn in the Middle East. 

  • Milkbun

Our tech company worked with one of the most popular food journals, Gastronomica, to build a restaurant app for users so that they can order their favorite food seamlessly, intuitively, and flawlessly.

  • PMU

Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University and Techugo collaborated to get one step ahead of their competitors and ensure a top-of-the-class digital revolution with a PMU app that bridges the gap between teachers, students, alumni, and admins.

  • Lifology

Our high-graded app developers built a Guinness World Record Winning app, Lifology, that gave a new definition to the elearning industry and preserved the relationship between parents and their children. 

That’s not it!

But there are various other terrific apps that we have developed for our clients and helped them deliver some positive impacts to their businesses. You can get a complete insight into all those projects that include Browzly, Byju’s, JoshCam, Truefan, Gyan Fresh, Sterkla, KPL, Airtel, Book My Forex, Theacare, InDhan by moving to our portfolio section

Why You Must Join Hands with Techugo?

Techugo has not just its office in Saudi Arabia; you will find our mobile app development company in India, USA, Canada, etc. Being a CMMI Level 3 company, we let you leverage the benefits of turning your business digitally. Here is everything that we promise as your companion. 

  • Consulting
  • UI/UX Development
  • App Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • App Migration 

To cater to any business needs you have, we will help you in every way. You just need to schedule a meeting with our experts, and we will start your digital journey thereupon. 

Make a Great Move with Techugo!

As every business landscape is making significant moves with implementing some dynamic technologies, it’s your time to ensure the same while considering the support of Techugo, a top-notch mobile app development company in USA.

The assistance of our high-graded developers will not only help you secure better user behavior, retention, and funnel flow but also maximize your ROI and profits. So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with our experts at Techugo and move every mountain that stops you from climbing above the success milestone. 

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