9 Oct 2020
Updated on December 28th, 2022

A Step-By-Step Guide To Build An On-Demand Pediatrics App

On-Demand Pediatrics App

Since our world has faced the worst of the life-threatening situation in the form of COVID-19, where our used-to-be routine has taken a backseat, and today we all are adjusting to “the new normal”. No prize for guessing amid the pandemic, on-demand mobile apps have witnessed the strongest ever uptick in the usage. And here on-demand healthcare app for our little munchkins seems important now more than ever.

It is reported that remote healthcare services or Telehealth will cross the $13 billion by 2025.

There is no one but various stats that prove the worth of the on-demand healthcare app. And today, when Government officials are also urging patients not to visit the hospital, and try to get the consultation through online mode only.

Considering the numbers and the ever-evolving demand, indeed, on-demand healthcare app (pediatric app) is one of the most promising business opportunities, you must explore.

So let’s dive into this journey and understand what all it takes to make a successful pediatrics on-demand app.

Steps required to build an on-demand pediatrics app

Step #1

Study your competitors

Yes, this is one of the vital elements to build a mobile app, as it gives your app to find out what is trending and what is not in the market. I personally feel, your competitors are your best teachers, and they can teach you want to pick and what to not. You don’t need to pick what they offer as it is, as it will never bring any good to your app, but you need to understand what they offer, that is helping their users to stay glued to, and what is disturbing them. Henceforth, you need to avoid what is not helping their users and get inspired to create something unique and different from the exiting solution to captivate your users’ attention at large.

Step #2 

App wireframe

On a larger scale, an app wireframe can be called as a blueprint of your app. Here there is no need for colors or accurate features to be shown, but there has to be a navigation to show how the app will work. After this app wireframe, it helps developers, designers, and the client to take a much closer look at the functioning of the app and add or remove any other feature in the platform. 

Step #3

App development

Most of us think that app development is largely all about coding and technology that sums up to make an app. But this is the half of the fact, as there is much more that goes beyond the technical spectrum, and makes an app. Within this process, different teams from the front, backend, QA, and designers come forward to make a pediatric on-demand app.

Step #4

App launch

Once you are all set to make a difference in the app world, you need to study the guidelines offered by specific OSs to deploy the app. Yes, you got it right, every app market has a different need and you need to follow every guideline carefully, so your app does not get rejected. 

Step #5

After maintenance

If you think your job is done after the app deployment, then you need to understand the fact that publishing an app is just one chapter of this journey, and after this, another chapter starts. Here you need to maintain the app, as there can be bugs that need to be fixed, customers’ feedback yo need to pay attention to, or simply the app update, that needs to be done on the regular basis to grab the attention of the users.

A mobile app is all about convenience and comfort offered to the users, and when it comes to dealing with the child’s care, then there has to be a series of special features within the app. Indeed, it is not easy to build an app catering to the needs of the kids, as their demands are different. Therefore, we have brought you a range of essential features that are required to build an on-demand pediatric app.

Now, let’s dive into the features that are essential to building a scalable on-demand doctor’s app.

Features required to craft an on-demand pediatrics app

Patient’s Portal

This portal is dedicated to the patients, enabling them to schedule their appointments, reach out to the doctor, and carry out other required actions. 

Doctor search

Every parent wants to have the best possible healthcare for their kids, and they cannot compromise with the doctors. Your app must allow parents to search for specific doctors such as ENT, child psychiatrist, or any other category without any issue involved. Your app must have an easy search option where parents can search for the doctors through easy keywords. 

Appointment scheduler

For an on-demand pediatrics app, this feature is highly crucial, as it lets the users check the availability of the required doctor and book an appointment as per the convenience. Also, the remainder of the appointment helps the parents to set reminders for their appointments. So they can be available much before the time, letting other patients in the queue see the doctor at their scheduled time.

Prescription delivery

Although it is one of the advanced features, but adding it within your on-demand pediatric app will change the game. With this feature, users don’t need to go to a pharmacist to get the prescribed medicines, as they can simply get it delivered to right at their doorstep, which once again encourages the social distancing concept to curb the spread of the deadly virus. 

In-app chat

It is worth to mention that for the pediatrics app; the integration of in-app chat feature holds the maximum worth. It gives an option to the users to get in touch with the doctors and discuss the health condition and get the required treatment or dose without any hassle. 

Virtual appointment

Indeed, this feature is a great aspect, helping parents to set the virtual appointment, wherein doctors can examine and diagnose the symptoms and suggest the best treatment plan over the video chat.

 Doctor’s Portal

With this very portal, it becomes easy for doctors to manage their schedules and help patients. 

In-app Chat

This is a must-have feature, helping doctors to get in touch with the parents about the baby and chat with them in case of any emergency. They can prescribe the medicines, get some treatment plan, or simply share their health updates with the doctor, for the next action.

Video call

Amid the COIVD-19, this very feature has proven its worth to another level, wherein taking babies out of the home, brings the risk. Here, the video app feature brings ease, letting parents communicate with a doctor through video calls, and show them what’s troubling their baby, and get the right treatment.

Accept/ reject appointment

The doctor’s app must have the option to accept or reject the appointment, as there can be any unseen situation, where they might have to go in an emergency and that can disturb their proper schedule.

Admin Portal

As the name suggests, this portal is handled by Admin, where all different types of activities like managing patients, doctors, and appointments can be handled effortlessly. 

Check availability

With this very feature, it becomes easy for the admin to check the doctor’s availability and book an appointment for the patient. Further, if there is any sort of any cancellation or rescheduling, the admin can check for other available time slots and book an appointment for later. 

Manage doctors

To manage different doctors on the app platform is a demanding task, and this is where this feature comes into practice. Here, the admin gets the option to add or remove any doctor as per the requirements. Also, admin can view the relevant information such as doctor’s profiles, type of doctor, and other required details.

Patient database

With this very feature, the patient’s database can be stored in one place, which further can be utilized and admin can keep a track of patient information, medical history as well as appointments.

Tech Stack for on-demand pediatric app development

Utilizing the right technology helps your mobile app to reduce the development time, and cuts the unnecessary cost, and enhances the app performance to a greater extent. Let’s have a quick look at the right technologies that can help your app to grow out of bounds.

Frontend Development

  • Cross-Platform Development- React Native
  • iOS- Swift
  • Android- Java

Backend Development

  • Server- Apache
  • Framework- Laravel
  • Database- MySQL
  • Cloud Hosting- AWS
  • Notifications – Twilio/ Push.io
  • Payment- Braintree/ PayPal


It is stated that the market value of the telemedicine industry will cross $64 billion by 2025.

Are you ready to enter the Next-Gen solution?

Hmm, now when you have collected the required information, the next big question comes, what would be the cost to build an on-demand pediatric app?

The total cost of a mobile app depends on a variety of factors, and companies claiming to give you the estimated cost, much before knowing your app concept, are just trying their selling pitch.

So don’t fall for it, and simply share your concept to know the accurate numerical number.

Wondering where to start?

Don’t grow panic, with years of experience to support our claims, at Techugo we can help you ace pediatrics on-demand app development.

Just get in touch with us!



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