8 Apr 2020

Access smooth collaboration with Facebook messenger desktop app


Ankit Singh

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Connecting businesses through the online portal is not a fad but a necessity, every business is going through in the current spectrum.

Ohh yes, the catastrophe caused by the Pandemic, is beyond expressions and somewhere down the line has halted the conventional business mechanism.

For a business to win over the obstacles of the current situation, something that can really help is the integration of collaboration tools.

And to win over this challenge, Facebook has launched its app for collaboration!

Yes, it seems surreal, but it is not, since this is very much true.

So hold your breath!

Facebook has launched the very first standalone Messenger app for desktop, available now on Windows and macOS.

Yeah, and there is much more to be experienced from this app, such as:

Also, as revealed by Facebook, audio and video calling via Messenger on a desktop browser has attained 100% growth in the past month.

And considering the surge in the demand, Facebook decided to launch the dedicated desktop app. With this desktop app, there is indeed a pool of benefits waiting out there, and that is not merely limited to audio & video calls.

So let’s take a quick tour of the Facebook messenger desktop app, that what more it has got, apart from the unlimited and free group video calls.

  • Group video calls– This feature lets the users to stay in touch with their loved ones, and can even connect with their team on a much larger screen, and with no limitation of time and participants.
  • Seamless connectivity– For a new user, there is no need of making the new ID, but it only requires users to have a Facebook ID. And users don’t require to provide the phone number, email, and any other detail to sign up to a new service.
  • Multitasking– It lets the users to perform multitasking without closing other windows to act, and this eases the work performance.
  • Notifications– Yes, you can get the notifications on the desktop, to stay updated, However, if required you can choose to snooze or mute them.
  • Chat syncing– As a user can easily switch between devices without affecting the Messenger history.
  • Every other feature, like GIFs, Dark Mode, and other engaging features, are the same as the Facebook messenger.

So this what about the features of the Facebook Messenger Desktop app, but there is another player in the market, that is Zoom. Are you also wondering how far Zoom is different or similar to the Facebook Messenger Desktop app?

Let’s get on a quick comparison between Facebook Messenger and Zoom

Since the launch of the standalone desktop app, which is going to be a perfect abode for the users to conduct group video calling, Facebook Messenger, now there is one constant question arising.

Is Zoom better than Facebook?

On the pricing level, yes Facebook has already given a quick beat to Zoom, because it is absolutely FREE, and mind it is for every feature available. However, Zoom has also a free plan, but it’s very limited.

There are many other places, where Zoom is falling short compared to Facebook, such as:

Zoom allows group calls to limited 100 participants, whereas Facebook Messenger allows unlimited participants.

You can only conduct group meetings on Zoom for limited to 40 minutes, but on Facebook Messenger group video calls there is no limit of time.

Zoom requires new sign-up to be done, but with Facebook, nothing has to be signed up, as people are already signed up on it.

What is our take?

Hmm, both the portals, have their own characteristics which are different from each other. However, still businesses may prefer to use Zoom, as it helps them to keep their professional lives separate from their personal lives. And with this practice, users can enjoy keeping a clear bifurcation on their personal and professional contacts.

What the future holds?

It is expected that both portals are going to create a stir in the market. However, the current figure states that Zoom’s daily active users have jumped from 10 million to over 200 million, in the past 3 months.

It would not bring any surprise to anyone if I would mention that, if Facebook Messenger would also garner the same attention as Zoom has received, then it would definitely spike the number and would cross the rate than Zoom.

However, this would only be proven right or wrong with the time only.

On the other hand, if you are looking forward to creating your own collaboration tool amid the virus threat, then you must not go anywhere.

And reach out to Techugo, as our team is working relentlessly around the clock, to help your business craft an online presence.

Reach us today and help your business to survive the obstacles of Pandemic.

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