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25 Jun 2019

Adobe Lightroom Is Now Available In Apple Mac App Store

Don’t you fancy the idea of having amazing candids and hundreds of stunning pictures of you, adorned by different types of filters? To fulfill this wish of you Adobe has made Lightroom available on Apple Mac App Store.

Ohh! Don’t fret, altogether now you don’t bear the pain anymore. Just because you are a Mac user and think that its app store will not improve. Drop these thoughts, as Apple is constantly making efforts to improve it, and it has paid off.

Yes! you heard me correct Apple is improving Mac App Store therefore, Adobe is starting to utilize it for selling its one of the most appreciated software-Lightroom.

I am sure you would be aware of Lightroom- The cataloging and photo-editing software. This is most admired by everyone including photo enthusiasts and professionals, who fancy something exceptional and richer than the Apple and Google Photos.

It costs the same: $10 per month and accompanies 1TB online storage. Indeed, this is great as now mac users can use this extraordinary photo editing software.

The idea of leveraging Mac App store to sell Lightroom is really strategic that it is expected to generate more revenue for Adobe. Altogether, this is the right time as Apple is redesigning the store and improving it to attract more user.

This close collaboration of both of the companies can indeed draw people on MAS, as Lightroom is very famous among photo enthusiasts and professionals. Thereby, the companies are working together to bring Adobe apps to leverage MAS.


Actually, it is easier to download the software on iPhones and iPads, as there is no other way except App Store. Though, with Macs, it is a bit complicated as you can use Software maker to download the software directly. Therefore, Apple is endeavoring to bypass Mac App Store. So that developers can sidestep some security constraints, approval process of Apple and fee charges of Apple upto 30%.  It will help in drawing more users.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about MAS, as numbers of software are available on it. That would be known and familiar to iPhone users. It adds trusts that software can be trusted and provide benefit, while the matter is discovery, distribution, and payments for software. When in January, Microsoft unveiled Office 365 for Mac App Store, Apple took a long stride toward victory.

Indeed, for Apple, the collaboration of Adobe and Microsoft is profitable as it can offer Mac users with a better quality experience. Subsequently,  Adobe is offering a seven-day free Lightroom trial on Mac App Store. Thereafter, once the trial ends, the recurring monthly charges start to automatically charge to user’s iTunes account. After that, if users want to cancel. They have to do this prior to 24 hours of starting of the new billing cycle. The total download of the software is 603MB.


Adobe’s Lightroom Classic is the one application that is not accessible on Mac App Store. Oh! Don’t worry about that this is just a version of the software with a richer feature set. And, you can now download the newer Lightroom.

As per Adobe, Lightroom has better-suited architecture to operate on the Mac App Store.  They added sandboxing is the major cause behind it. And the difference between Lightroom and Lightroom classic is also instigating this, photo organization is different in both.

Incidentally, Sandboxing is basically software management and security practice. That keeps a check on the behaviour of app, especially bad behaving. And! it restricts the power of legitimate apps, which is quite awful.

But! you don’t need to worry as the newer Lightroom is also amazing with cloud storage for photos, for which everyone appreciates this software. Therefore, every photo you will take with your phone’s Lightroom. You can edit that on your Mac or iPad after that. Altogether, you can show them with Lightroom web app afterwards.

The software so evolving gradually, though there are a number of missing features, such as photo tagging feature with location data, more advanced and rich features for importing and exporting photos or feature for creating photo books.

Most importantly, the cloud connection can be a bit expensive, as you will have to reimburse for huge storage for larger photo catalogs. The software is available in all countries where Adobe is already selling it.

I must add, this is really helpful for photo enthusiasts. Altogether, An improved Mac App store is great opportunities for Mac and iOS app development companies to leverage the MAS and draw users on your application.

The Lightroom availability will improve the Apple Mac App Store Position.

So, I end up writing here, and to know more about it and latest development in the industry. STAY TUNED with Techugo.



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