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21 Feb 2019

How AI Can Revive Mobile App’s Market?

Technology, Technology, and Technology!

We all are surrounded by the expanded bubble of technology, which is getting wider and wider with every passing minute.

The growing space of apps, has somehow spread a discomfort around that sooner app development would turn into stagnant, and there would be no taker for this technology.

Does this thought also disturb you?

Well, it is a very obvious fact that no one can use the same technology and always look for something new and innovative to come around to help it scale perfectly.

The world of rapidly advancing technology, usage, and involvement with apps has increased to a very high level. This massive increase in the usage of apps is further going to increase tremendously in the upcoming years as well due to the simultaneously growing popularity of the apps.

Hence, many of the app developing companies are depending on the current trends in the mobile app market. Thousands of new apps are added to the respective stores daily because of which the competition is becoming tougher.

Henceforth, considering the amount of competition and demand in the mobile app market, it is very crucial and essential as well, to find out the best methodologies to support the apps.

In this run, the adaptation of trending technologies and trends always help in abundance.

Do you find it hard to incorporate?

TBH, it is very complicated to achieve the business goal and revenue model with a simple app, you need to add something extra and innovative to handle this approach.

In this regard, one technology which is winning the hearts of the user and is helping different businesses to increase their user-base is Artificial intelligence (AI).

Yes, Artificial Intelligence holds the maximum worth and can help your business app to turn into a canter of attraction for the users.

What Is AI?

A very valid question, which every layman wants to get the answer for!

Indeed the available information on Google is confusing enough to leave you confused and bewildered, but in the simpler words, AI can be described as the simulation of human intelligence in machines.

We all know that the most liked personal assistant for smartphones is Apple’s Siri which is so highly intelligent and efficient. From the time of launch of Siri, it has gained huge prominence worldwide. It has brought a major significant boost in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and contextual learning as it has the ability to understand what the users are searching and speaking.

Now let’s see the latest sub-technologies of AI technology…

Natural Language Generation

This newest AI technology concept can convert data into text through the computers, which further communicates the ideas and information with accuracy. It is generally used in customer service, to generate the reports and market summaries.

Speech Recognition

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and many other voice recognition devices and the features are powered with AI technology, letting the users utilize the convenience and the comfort at peak

Virtual Agents

As the name suggests this AI technology is simply a computer agent or a program which is capable of interacting with humans. Chatbots are the best example of such technology. This is generally used in customer service and support.

Machine Learning Platforms

With this very technology, computers can easily learn and become more intelligent. However, the main goal of this technology is to develop methods that would allow computers to learn more efficiently and quickly. This is primarily used for classification and prediction.

AI-Optimized Hardware

The AI technology has the ability to transform the hardware very friendlier through the latest graphics and the central processing units and then devices which are specially designed to execute the AI-oriented processes.

Decision Management

It allows intelligent devices to get the power of introducing rules and logic to the AI systems. Thus, it can be used for the initial setup/training, ongoing maintenance, and tuning.

Deep Learning Platforms

This AI technology is a very unique form of machine learning which consists of artificial neural circuits which resemble the human brain and can do tasks such as data processing and pattern creation for effective decision making.


It allows the machines to seamlessly identify, quantify and study human behavior and the body’s physical structure and form. Thus, this allows more interaction between humans and machines such as touch, speech, and image.

Robotic Processes Automation

The Robotic processes automation utilizes the script and well-defined methods to automate and mimic human tasks to support various corporate and individual processes.

Cyber Defence

This is one of the most important AI technologies. It is a network defence mechanism which aims to focus on detecting, preventing and providing responses to the threat of attacks on the information or the infrastructure.

Thus, with all these AI technologies you can proceed to develop the perfect mobile app market for your specific business needs and protect your business app to turn into a stale idea. Here you only need the help of a leading mobile application development company in USA to help your business accelerate on the success parameters without a fail.



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