2 Dec 2022
Updated on December 26th, 2022

AI in Connected Vehicles: The Massive Revolution in Automotive Industry!


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AI in Connected Vehicles

Another year, another revolution!

Well, guess what? It’s not surprising anymore the manner we are witnessing trend after trend that is likely to drive our future. 

Indeed, the internet has transitioned the manner we communicate and carry out our daily jobs in this fast-paced lifestyle. Don’t you think the world is now much more ‘CONNECTED’  than it was before?

While we all are connected to the internet in one or the other way, then why not our vehicles? 

Who said it’s a fantasy anymore? The new tech is called connected car technology, which has now set the new standards in the automotive industry. 

So, what will the future of connected car technology look like? 

Can it help navigate dense traffic conditions? 

We are too excited to share everything we know about connected cars or vehicles. So, hop on to unveil some exhilarating revelations today! 

Introduction to Connected Cars

In simplest terms ever, a connected car is one that can be connected to the internet via a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Not only this, but the connected car data can be shared with devices within and outside the car. 

But what precisely the tech does? 

Notably, automobile companies have put two kinds of mechanisms in action in the context of connected cars: Embedded and Tethered systems. 

An embedded conveyance is one deployed with a chipset and an antenna. On the other hand, a tethered system is one incorporated with hardware that can be connected to the driver’s phone. 

Any connected vehicles with these systems enable sending/receiving data, downloading updates, connecting with other devices via Internet of Things, and offering Wifi connection to the commuters. 

Attributes of Connected Cars

Connected cars come equipped with a number of smart features that enhances the overall driving experience and establishes a safety net with its boosted security. Some of these jaw-dropping features are listed below: 

Attributes of Connected Cars

1. App to Car Connectivity

Car manufacturers are now emphasizing the development of a dedicated mobile app that can build a connection with the car via a wireless network. Such an app is used to operate the functions of a car remotely, including engine start/stop, opening the rooftop, locking/unlocking the doors, and whatnot!

2. AI for Easing Rush Hour Congestion

AI in automotive industry has a tremendous benefit to offer. What is it? 

Notably, AI in connected cars can highly reduce traffic congestion by eliminating instabilities in a traffic flow that occurs due to human driving behavior. 

Are there any other ways to reduce traffic congestion? You read about the same below in this article!

What is artificial intelligence, you ask? 

AI can extract insights from a huge database and use it to make future predictions. Moreover, Artificial intelligence trends are accelerating the mechanisms of most industries and empowering the evolution of computing. 

3. Geo-Fencing for Protection

One of the best security features is geo-fencing, which fabricates a geographical boundary and alerts the owners if the vehicle is going beyond the limited area. The feature is easily accessible within the app built for connected cars, and can be used if there’s a risk of young drivers driving the same. 

4. V-2-V Communication

Vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity enables connected vehicles to share information regarding road conditions, traffic congestion, etc., with other vehicles. Sure, the future of mobility is here! 

5. Remote Parking

Did you ever think you could park your vehicle remotely? Connected cars will now provide you the opportunity to do so! Users can use the smartphone app and instruct their vehicle to get parked in the desired spot. The feature will be most suitable for people not confident with their parking skills or during vehicle congestion.

6. Entertainment

A connected vehicle also allows passengers to connect with entertainment apps/services to listen to music, access internet radio, or stream videos. 

7. Security

Connected cars are not just about connectivity with entertainment or other vehicles. It also comes equipped with advanced security features, like location sharing, emergency SOS calls, safety assistance, and more. 

Now that you’re familiar with the attributes of connected cars, the next big question asked by many is the role of Artificial Intelligence technology in making autonomous cars safer. 

Are you intrigued too? Then, continue reading! 

The Integration of AI with Connected Cars is Resolving Traffic Congestion Issues: Here’s How!

A research program called CIRCLES has now presented a theory that artificial intelligence incorporated with connected cars can eliminate traffic congestion. They state that specially designed algorithms of autonomous vehicles can bring down ‘phantom jams’ that occur due to human driving behaviors. 

But how did CIRCLES come to a conclusion? 

Notably, the idea was generated from an experiment conducted a decade ago in Japan. Drivers in 20 cars were asked to drive around a circular track at a constant speed. A few minutes into driving, and a few cars gathered and stopped while others were racing but slowed down. 

We all have noticed a similar condition on the highway when a car taps the brake, and suddenly, all other vehicles behind have to jam on their brakes as well, which may cause congestion. 

Researchers found that even if 5% of cars on the road were acting together by communicating wirelessly, it would lessen the traffic congestion problems

What’s more?

Many new vehicles come amalgamated with AI adaptive cruise control feature that allows the driver set the conveyance to cruise at a certain speed, and the car automatically speeds up or slows down according to the car in the front. 

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To Sum Up! 

Undoubtedly, the scope for AI in multiple industries is terrific, and automotive tops the charts! So, what is your idea of building a dedicated app that works exceptionally with the connected cars system?

Need further assistance with your app idea? The best mobile app development company has got you!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get, Set, Go!

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