18 Jul 2017
Updated on August 8th, 2017

How AI Tools Can Help Your Small Business To Grow


Ankit Singh

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Our lives scream out the technology with the full lung capacity and worthy to mention that the intensity of a tech-era has consumed our daily necessities insanely. We all relate to this fact and calling the technology an integral part of our lives, would not be wrong but do we really find it enough for our business needs? No, absolutely not, we always yearn for more and I think this eagerness and willingness to get a strong dose of technology to make our lives and businesses make more convenient has led to the emergence of many new technologies, like AI, which is absolutely a breakthrough in the existing loop of technologies and is gradually making entry into the workplace.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, and sounds so surreal when the chat bots can take care of our needs efficiently and it is surprising to know that we all use AI offerings the moment we click on online shopping or that addition of suggested friends from FB, these all time-saving features are a birth of the AI platform only and help to grow the businesses rapidly, but it is a little disheartening to know that many small businesses feel that AI cannot do justice to their small business platform, but this is not true, and following are some relevant details to help you find out that why AI tools are essential for different business verticals a part of small industries…let’s read further…

Improved Customer Service

We all know that every business depends on customer service, if your customers are happy, they open the door to many more to come and try your services, but if your customers are unhappy, then no matter how good your product or services are, your customers would never fall into a happy relationship with you. A good customer service means that you are readily available for your customers without a fail. With AI you can get the bots and messenger services for your business, which make your brand available to your customer 24/7/365, and help your services to improve and encourage the customer loyalty towards your brand. It will work as your customer’s personal assistant, where they can get notified, get reminders, and get assisted for their queries.

Improved Sales Cycle

Here I think unless I would give an instance, it would sound so technical and beyond the reach of common men, so here we go: whenever I visit the nearest mall, I usually look for the familiar faces in the sales team, because they know what I usually buy, and they guide me to the right counters  to buy my required stuff, this saves my time and improves my loyalty towards a particular brand, but when the same sales staff is absent, I find it troublesome to get my stuff, and have to run here and there on the different counters and bear the unnecessary stress, in the same way, there are many customers who visit the shops or particular brands for their specific needs, and with machine learning, you can easily analyze the customer purchasing behavior and can suggest the customer the similar products. Also, the AI tools would help you to predict the trend based on the previous data and increases the chances of repeat business and grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Improved Marketing

With the enormous upsurge in the business, it is very hard to survive in your business field without the accurate set of marketing strategies, but every other business is following the same trends of marketing, but you need to create a new trend  and not to follow the existing one, and this can easily be achieved with the integration of AI tools in your marketing strategy, you only need to couple the AI tools and get the accurate data of targeted customers at the right time, for example, it can be location, weather or occasion based, wherein you can send the customized and personalized messages to your targeted users on the basis of data collected through AI and create a unique business campaign for your buyers. It would cover all the marketing channels and would suggest and recommend based on what your followers have liked before and which time frame is best to post the update. This all would give a personalized experience to your users, making your business grow in size.

Improved Legal Formalities

All the businesses have to go through some legal formalities, every time they get involved with the legal formalities while dealing with a new contract, new collaboration or any member on the board. With AI you can comprehend the complex legal lingo mentioned in the contract and save yourself from any legal hassle before signing the contract.

Now when it comes to talk further about the AI, the scope is much wider than mentioned here, and can be extended to many other branches of your business effortlessly, be it finance, HR, BD or any other department of your organization,, you can simply pick the AI intelligence and get it integrated into your mobile app to get the maximum benefits. The another most obvious benefit it offers to your business is, that it gives you AN EDGE over your competitors and help you to stay updated.

You must not feel that AI tools and the mobile apps are only meant for large organizations, but even a small organization can take the equal number of benefits from it and can help you with gaining a better recognition in your business domain. Don’t wait any longer and get in touch with a top mobile app development company like Techugo, and help your business to grow. Techugo is a hub of best and experienced tech experts from the mobile app industry and we have already catered the successful app development services to many established brands and start-ups across the globe, to boost their productivity and sales through our developed mobile apps. You must get in touch with our team to discuss your app concept and its requirements; we are eagerly waiting to assist you with your app requirements.

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