1 Feb 2019

How AMP Triggers The Performance Of Web App Development


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Do you know what irks me most? When a website takes longer than usual time to load on mobile, and trust there had been many instances in the past, which had encouraged me to abandon the loading process in between, and switched for a better but faster option available.

I am assured, it is the situation which all of us can relate to, and must have gone through it at some point in time while searching for a relevant website.

Just visualize a situation, when you decide to open a webpage on your mobile, you wait for five seconds, then ten and then this wait turns into frustration, and with a bad taste in your mouth.

Do you know why this happens?

The answer is simple; no one can entertain a website which takes a century to upload, in the era of severe automation, we all look for something to provide the best result at the faster pace.

In the absence, of finding it, we all prefer to move to the next page or shut it down because in this fast world no one has the time to stare at loading screens and it is a bit annoying too.

Although there can be multiple reasons for this delayed loading, such as:

The internet speed is low which is just bad luck and bad service, and nothing can be done here by business services perspective

Your accessed site is just based on the desktop version; henceforth it consumes a HUGE time to load all the data.

Not many of us know that, desktop versions of any site take more data to load due to the big screen of the desktop which corresponds to the high-amount of frames to be covered and also most of the information displayed in the desktop versions are not even required which uses more data and time to load such as the timely pop-ups, side animations etc.

Here, much more can be done for the other reason.

The solution is AMP- Accelerated Mobile Pages.


What Is AMP?

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages is the project which was started by Google to enhance the mobile web experience by boosting the speed of web pages loading.

Accelerated mobile pages can be simply explained as an open-source coding for the publishers, where the main aim relies on loading the pages faster on mobile since mobile data transfer speed fluctuates frequently.

What Are The Benefits?

Google collaborated with other publishing sites such as Washington post, Twitter, etc thereby enhancing the experience of the user by slashing away the time to load screens.

This has benefitted all the service-based companies to voice their services and eliminate the chances of user-neglect due to slow connection or heavy WebPages.

A site with the content, displays, and uploads faster due to Accelerated Mobile Pages and allows the users to read their daily news or articles without any page loading delays.

Apart from this, it has also benefited e-commerce websites such as Amazon and eBay, as it has made shopping very easy and convenient. Popular searches such as PS-4 and X-Box1 and their other variants s showed a great response.

What More It Has In Its Basket?

Unlike the usual WebPages Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP is a bit different as it strips down most of the unnecessary complexity of the user’s experience and the user is left with an easy point to point webpage.

It lets the images to load later, and make the necessary content to get loaded as a priority, so a user does not get a blank page or an idle screen to look on.

These measures make it faster than the other usual web links which still work on their desktop version.

Just to illustrate further, when users open a web link in the default browser of the phone,  they get a  fast streaming browser like Chrome or Firefox and let the Accelerated Mobile Pages web links to load the pages faster than other links even though there is no booster used to load the specific pages.

Also, one other way is streamlining data. That is nothing but removing all the unnecessary pop-up ads and increasing the web links speed.

Is AMP Difficult To Integrate?

Absolutely not!

AMP is created using basic HTML5 design, henceforth if you already have a website, you can just simply use the same HTML version to upgrade to AMP. With the integration of some necessary twitches and specification, make your mobile version of the webpage ready to be used.

You will also notice that images are not changed to AMP.img, which encourage the mobile site to upload the pictures only of the required resolution – resulting in faster loading of images also saving data charges.

What Is The Future Of AMP?

Albeit, this very technology has shown a great result and has stronger potential and could revolutionize the way we use the mobile web but still, its future is very uncertain. As AMPs literally slashes off the ads and other extra web links through which the publishers generate revenue with the help of the content. Hence, if the publishers cut some loss and make major/important articles in the same project then the mobile web browsing can be revolutionized.

Many publishing websites and e-commerce websites are working on it and have shown great results. It has not only made mobile web faster but it also saves data, time and battery life of your mobile phones.

This makes your mobile experience better. So, the next time when you see content-based web links such as the Washington Post, Pinterest, Twitter without a loading screen to waste your time, you got to thank Google for taking this initiative. Google now has 2Billion+ web pages and over 900K domains, making mobile web faster, easier and compatible.

So now if you are willing to have AMP integrated within your mobile website, you must reach a leading web app development company and help your website to flourish further with exciting features available for your targeted audience.

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