25 Apr 2016
Updated on August 8th, 2017


I got up and started a fresh to my office, I reached my office, and accomplished my daily task and then again headed towards my home or to any where else ,this is my routine for 5 days only , but even on the entire 365 days cycle, I always stopped at various situations and asked myself a question, a question which jolted me badly from each side and the question is; where we Indians are heading towards in our life, we have too much to offer, but in vain, since the news-pods are always filled with tech news but Indian name is missing somehow, though they are the spine of the process. Whenever I heard of Steve jobs, Bill gates and any new piece of technology, I always yearned to see some Indian’s name to be on the top, rocking the charts, but my desire never got fulfilled due to some or other reason.

Today I entered office with a gusto, but nothing exciting was due, since I was already decided with my set of duties to be performed today, I switched my Apple desktop and clicked my screen and something flaunted in front of my eyes “A team led by an Indian-origin researcher has developed a smartphone app that projects a magnified smartphone screen to provide better visibility to low-vision users”, just 2 hours yes you heard me right only 2 hours ago this news became the headline and I felt tears flowing from my eyes. More than the news, the name- Shrinivas Pundlik shining everywhere in the news content, caught my attention. Just to believe further I held my breath and clicked on read more option…and here we go, the team led by Shrinivas Pundlik, from Schepens Eye Research Institute of Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School has designed and developed a smartphone app that projects a magnified smartphone screen to provide better visibility to low-vision users.

Now through this technology,it would be conceivable to think of a smart glass working independently without requiring a paired mobile device in near future. The concept of head-controlled screen navigation can be useful in such glasses even for people who are not visually impaired. A common question arisen in my brain, then I read further and it revealed more to me; when people with low visual acuity zoom in on their smartphones, they see only a small portion of the screen, and it’s difficult for them to navigate around , they are not sure of whether the current position is in the center of the screen or in the corner of the screen, here this application roles start, this application transfers the image of smartphone screens to Google Glass and allows users to control the portion of the screen they see by moving their heads to scan, which gives them a very good sense of orientation.

I feel bestowed with an immense pleasure and words can’t express my happiness, since I have learnt about this new app, Albeit I know there are more numbers of success doors to be explored by Indians but , this small yet prominent discovery has made me feel proud of my lineage.. and made me realized, we INDIANS are invincible..


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