5 Oct 2018

Android 3.2 With App Bundle Support Is Released


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Android 3.2

In past, there had been a number of risks and security threats in cahoots with the technology, but the constant demand of the technology led us to get an alliance with app technology which not just is agile but result oriented as well, fitting our needs efficiently.

Undeniably this very situation and the force led to the pride of the technology under threat, and sadly there was no safety net for the users to fall back to.

This very challenge was accepted and worked upon gladly by the Google team, and they decided to create a whirl of exciting changes in the upcoming Android 3.2 studio, which is all available for downloading now.

Are you wondering what Android studio has in store for you?

Surprisingly, this time Android has made an entry with the most exciting features, which would open an arena of convenience for the developers when it comes to dealing with the Android app bundle.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features worth looking out for in Android 3.2…let’s read ahead

  • Material Design Update

The Android 3.2 lets the developers access the updated Material Design widgets like;  Bottom NavBar, cards, and buttons, along with the support for the Material Components theme and library. This would also help the developers to easily migrate from the old library to new AndroidX packages with the refactoring tools.

  • Slices Support

Android 3.2 supports the App Slices, which is an interactive snippet of the app to reflect the content of the app without opening it. Developers would be able to surface the app content in Google search as the Google Assistant.

  • New App Bundle

The Android App Bundle has a sole aim to reduce the download size of the applications by offering the smaller APKs. It is a new way to allow the quickest downloads to take place.

The Dynamic Distribution method in the Google Play would bifurcate the several APKs for devices of different configurations, this would make the users download only receive device-specific files, instead of the entire lot.

  • Energy Profiler

The battery life of Android phones have always been criticized and to get one-time solution Google has introduced the all new energy profiler, offering the accurate stats to developers, consequently helping the developers to understand the impact of apps on battery life and transform them into more energy-efficient.

This would also work efficiently with the advanced technologies including the Android Jetpack, Android Slices, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Emulator Snapshots

With Android Studio 3.2, developers would get the feasible option to store the state of the emulator in a snapshot at a much faster speed. Also, this lets the developers test their apps with presets give better app performance.

  • Sample Data

This very feature would let the developers utilize the placeholder data, helping as a result in designing the app and letting the developers visualize the layout design which relies on the runtime data.

If developers would be willing to attain more views, then the built-in sample data has to be added.

  • Screen Recorder And Virtual Scene Camera For The Emulator

I believe it is one of the most exciting features offered by the Android 3.2, wherein the screen recorder function would let the developers capture a video of their screen, as well as audio output.

In the meantime, the virtual scene camera would allow the developers to ‘see’ different scenarios for an augmented reality app, based on ARCore platform. Needless to say, but this very feature would emulate how the AR functions would work in real life.

  • CMakeList Editing Support

This feature would be a blessing for the developers, who are utilizing the C or C++ programming languages to create the apps.

The CMakeList build script command would let the developers to access to work upon the code completion and syntax highlighting.

  • The New Assistant

With this new assistant panel, developers would be updated automatically once the update is completed and it would also offer the relevant information about the changes occurred in the IDE.

  • IntelliJ Platform Update

Now Google has introduced the IntelliJ 2018.1.6 platform, helping the developers to enhance the debugging process and letting them analyze the data flow, including inline external annotations, partial Git commits to name a few.

  • R8 Optimizer

In the latest Android Studio 3.2, the R8 is considered as a substitute for ProGuard, which would optimize and shrink the Java language bytecode.

But this very feature is still on the trial, so let’s wait till the official announcement makes its way.

  • Desugaring

In the event of using new Java features which are not supported by the previous Android phone models, this very distance is bridged by the Desugaring.

This feature would let the developers integrate the latest and the advanced Java features on the older Android devices effortlessly.

  • Microsoft Hyper-V Support

Now Google has provided the additional facility to the Windows 10 users by running the Android Emulator faster with Hyper-V support.

  • AMD Processor Support

As we know that Android Emulator was restricted to emulate the app while running on Windows, but now it very much supports the Windows 10 AMD processors, helping the developers to expedite the performance.

  • ADB Connection Assistant

The fixing of issues related to Android ADB device connections is much easier with Studio 3.2. It helps the developers to come across the issues and connect them further with the development machine.

This very assistant can be used either through the Run dialog or navigate the tools to reach Connection Assistant.

  • System Trace

Don’t you want to know, whether your developed app is interacting efficiently with the system resources or not?

Now as an Android developer you can analyze with the CPU Profiler, and get access of the details about accurate timings and the duration of the thread is mentioned.

Also, the developers can search out the glitch CPU is facing and lets there be an addition of custom trace events for the analysis.

  • Profiler Sessions

The Android developers can now save the Profiler data automatically named as sessions, letting the developers visit again and check it later when Android Studio is open. This also would import and export the CPU recordings to be analyzed further.

  • Automatic CPU Recording

3.2 lets the developers record the CPU with the help of Debug API, within this new mechanism, the moment app gets deployed, the CPU initiates the recording automatically. Also, this does not stop here, but the CPU recording shall commence instantly when the app start-up by using the Start Recording.

Now developers can record CPU activities while testing the app to convert it into processor-efficient.

  • JNI Reference Tracking

Those developers who utilize the C or C++ codes for the app development process, this very feature sounds highly convenient, as it helps them to keep a track on the memory allocations of the JNI code available within Memory Profiler.

How To Download?

It is very much available for the download and can be directly downloaded from  developer.android.com/studio

To wrap- it can be concluded that Android Studio 3.2 is a full-stack package of development features, allowing the developers to deliver the efficient applications with much stability.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the Android apps laden with the latest technologies, then you must not fall behind and must get in touch with a leading android application development company  to help your business accelerate the growth.

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