5 Jan 2021

Android App Development Trends That Will Rock In 2021!


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Android App Development

The world of mobile app technology is going to face revolutionary changes in 2021. Indeed, the last year was full of unforeseen changes and shifts, where every business struggles to adapt to new customer behavior, and here app technology proved to be our best ally.

Now, when we have entered the New Year, so to stay competitive and productive, once again app technology trends will leverage an efficient platform for us to grow and flourish out of bounds. Here, in this post, we have compiled a list of Android app development trends, that are set to mark a difference in the way businesses work.

Let’s dive in together to take a look at the latest Android app development trends that will transform businesses in 2021.

Android Instant apps

Android Instant apps

Yes, we do agree that instant apps are not a new concept, but are gaining popularity. These apps have special functionality that let users try apps or games without installing them on their device. With these apps, users are no longer required to download the app and they can utilize the web instantly without installing them.

These apps are going to be the best ways to assist the needs of eCommerce brands, as they don’t take extra space on the users’ smartphones and remove the clutter of interruptions. In 2021, surely these apps will carve out an efficient recognition for different businesses.

Voice recognition

The voice search has gained immense popularity in the last year, and it is expected that in the years to comes 30% of browsing will take place through this very tech trend. It has indeed transformed the face of retail, customer service, and telemarketing. This very technology has been utilized to facilitate a connection between the user and the device for specific services and also is used to predict the future. The current and the following years will certainly take note of VUI, and this trend will not be overlooked by mobile app providers.



Ahh, the chatbots, those virtual assistants, that have already taken the world by storm, will certainly make a HUGE move in 2021 as well. Calling them our personal assistant, which stores, data, schedules meetings, sets reminders, monitors our health, through the advent of app technology, is not wrong. You can use these bots for your business benefits and ensure to enable quick ways to provide incredible customer service. 

Flutter framework

Google is the mastermind behind Flutter technology, and it helps in creating the Andoid and iOS apps with a native interface. The number of advantages associated with the Flutter framework will encourage it to continue being the favorite of Android developers. And no prize for guessing but this will ensure that developers will prefer to integrate Flutter actively into their Android app development process.

Beacon technology

Beacon technology grabbed the attention of businesses by offering a promising future to marketing and revenue generation strategy. With this very tech, in 2021, businesses shall utilize it, by integrating it into Android apps. And run the show of different industries such as restaurants, retail, grocery, and others to take the benefits out of it. 

IoT-Internet of Things

IoT-Internet of Things

Now smartphones are no more a device to take and make calls or get entertained, but their functionality has gone much beyond. In this race, IoT is truly capturing our minds and has made our lives super convenient. This year Android development will witness a spike in the usage of IoT apps while handling our household and industrial needs efficiently.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology

The very decentralized nature of Blockchain technology has helped it to expand its benefits to other businesses and industries. The removal of intermediaries and secured data transfer across the borders have led businesses to invest in this very tech-trend. And this trend will continue to gain the attention of different businesses and will engage the audience relentlessly.

AR and VR

AR and VR

AR and VR have made a significant impact in the mobile app development world, and today a large number of businesses are utilizing their functionalities. The year 2021, will not stop witnessing the creative side of both of these two tech trends. And it is expected that these two technologies are surpassing the imagination and will not be limited to one space, but many.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology


The very concept of the wearable is not new, but with the COVID-19, there has been a constant surge in wearable technology. Now people are more inclined towards wearing smartwatches, sensors, and other devices, that help in monitoring their health and fitness. In this year, it is very likely that Android SDK will have improved functionality and design for the wearable to offer an exceptional experience to the users.

AI and ML

Well, AI technology was listed among the top trends of 2020, as its increasing assistance helped in facing the brunt of the pandemic. And it is no wonder that in the year 2021 we will continue gaining the remarkable influence of AI on mobile app development.

The Bottom Line

Technology is not going to settle for anything less than perfect, and this will certainly call for new innovations, new ideas, and new trends to make a remarkable shift in technology.

The mentioned Android app development trends will carve out an experience for the developers and businesses to experience the best.

If you are willing to carve out a unique and seamless experience for your end-users, then getting in touch with a team of expert Android app developers at Techugo, is your best bet.

Give us a call and we will help you reach your goal.


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