25 Nov 2020
Updated on December 26th, 2022

Android vs iOS- Understanding The Technical Superiority Of The Best Platform

Android vs iOS

Within a decade, mobile app development has been able to mark its territory in the business world. It has triggered a wave of digitalization, that multiple processes are incorporating to provide better services to the global user base. Because of the ongoing Pandemic, even the traditional brick and mortar businesses are realizing the value of being present on a digital platform.

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Since the world is moving towards mobile app creation, it is becoming more and more crucial for everyone to learn the basic related technicalities. On that note, we would be focusing our today’s blog on the ever-growing war between the two most popular app development platforms- Android and iOS.

We would be analyzing the superiority of each platform under different conditions. It will not only help you to understand the basic app development concepts, but it would also help you to make a decision for your own business. So let’s begin!

Comparing Android & iOS Under Different Parameters

1. Development Time

Because of Android’s complexity, the creation process takes more time than that of an iOS. On average, its development is 30 to 40% slower.

2. Development Cost

Since Android takes more time, it can be a bit expensive for a brand. But for its creation, Android Studio can be easily installed on a standard computer, which could eliminate the additional hardware cost.

Xcode is used by the iOS developers for app creation, and it operates only on Mac. A company would require to invest their monetary resources in a Mac, and iPhone, or iPad. This will also be added to the overall cost of development.

3. Development complexity

As far as development complexity is concerned, Android is much more complex as compared to iOS. The reason behind this is the fact that iOS has a fewer number of devices.

Fragmentation is a major issue with Android. Since there are several devices with different screen sizes, developers need to keep a check on-

  • Screen sizes
  • Aspect ratios
  • Operating systems

4. Programming languages

The popular choice for the Native development process of an Android is Kotlin and Java. For iOS app’s creation it is Swift or Objective C. If a brand wants to create apps for both platforms, then it is recommended to hire experts in these languages.

5. The level of security

When it comes to the security factor, the ball definitely falls into iOS’s court. Since it keeps a close check on the complete ecosystem, the level of security here is much stronger than that of Android.

Software, hardware, and even firmware, the brand checks each and every application thoroughly, before publishing it in the App Store. This process clearly protects users from the danger of downloading malicious applications.

To put the cherry on the top, iOS devices have commendable legacy support. This means that older iPhones regularly get security updates, which allows the user to operate on the latest software with security fixes.

6. Publishing process

We have already learned that the creation of an iOS app is quicker, but this does not mean that it has a simple publishing process. In fact, before an application can be published on the App Store, it has to go through Apple’s extremely strict and lengthy approval process.

On the other hand, Android apps can be published very easily on the Google Play Store with just a one-time fee of $25.

In A Nutshell

We now know that both these popular platforms have their own perks. So when it comes to making the final choice, a brand needs to prioritize its users’ needs. They need to make a decision depending upon their target market and future goals. For example, if the aim is to reach a wider audience with a customized application, one must go with Android, but for better revenue and a less complex development process, iOS is the best option.

One needs to check out all the related parameters that are required to create a successful application. If you are looking forward to launching your own application in the market, make sure you have a strong understanding of the related technicalities.

For a detailed analysis, you can connect with our professionals. We would be delighted to guide your idea towards a successful path. But until then, stay tuned for more tech updates.

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