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12 Dec 2018

Animations Trigger The App UI To Next Level

The animations App UI have always been a center of excellence for the users and have played an important role in seeking the attention of people.

We all concur with this fact, that initially, when something is launched, it has to go through a lot of debates, some prefer it and some just want it to be deleted from the history of the world, but eventually the changes are made for something better.

Having said that, animation too faced a lot of criticism when It came into being, as when the animations started in websites, people used to consider it as an advertisement and used to close the website, which led to loss on websites, but soon these issues were solved and since then animations has been an integral part of our life.

So, moving further let’s understand that what more animation actually holds in its turf, to amuse the users further, let’s unleash more with this post…

How Animation Impacts On Users?

A fact suggests, that anything which has some motion always makes the people interested in the comparison to the simple graphics and this has become the utmost important reason why mobile app developer gets indulged with animations.

  • Enlivens The User Interface

Even when you don’t find a user doing a task on an app. There are still a lot of things going on an app, it might be possible that users might be downloading something. You will not want your customer to get bore in that time and close the app, that’s why animation is done. So that user’s don’t get bored while seeing the empty screen.

  • Transform Waiting Time Into An Interesting Cycle

We all detest waiting, whether it’s a queue or waiting our favorite app to load. In either case, it becomes a reason for the annoyance among the users. Thus, make the waiting time more interesting for the customers is not an option but a necessity.

Talking practically, you cannot do anything regarding the waiting time. But what you can do is input some animations in that waiting time so, that if users had to wait, they do it happily and not annoyingly. 

  • Share Notification In Chic Manner

When someone says to notify someone, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is that you need to seek the attention of the user. You will agree to it that if that notification is sent in an interactive way. It will grasp the number of eyes. Thus, integrate animations when you want to send any kind of animations to your customers. 

  • Navigation Turns More Interesting

When the users are moving from one page to another or when they are scrolling up and down. In what way the users will get to know that they are shifting from one page to another. That happens due to animation.

Thus, make sure you integrate the mobile app with sophisticated animations. Which attracts the eyes but does not overpower the message you want to give your user, through the mobile app.

However, there are different ways to carry out navigation with animation. You can set a hierarchy to describe the connection between elements.

With this you allow your users, to understand. It in the more better way and also it would look more appealing to the eyes. 

  • Share Feedback In The Form of Visuals

When users receive the feedback in the form of visuals it becomes quite interesting for them to watch. And they can relate to more to your services and quality.

Believe me, this would entice the users to download your app and build curiosity to know more about your business and services.

How To Integrate The Animations In The Mobile App?

No it is not at all about the technical approach, rather it is that where animation can complement your app, so in order to implement the effective UI design, which keeps the user engage with your business mobile app, you must consider some of the strategies.

As a developer you must ensure that your built design should stand out in the market. And it gives users more pleasant experience through your app. So they can use your app as a source of beating the boredom.

So, moving further let us see some interesting places where you can integrate animations into your business mobile app.

  • Launch Screen

Integrating animations on launch screen will be quite effective. It will make it attractive and if the browsing time takes a lot of time than users will be indulged in your app in some way. Thus, it will make the loading time look less. Some animator gets more creative and they tie up the launch screen design with the theme of the app.

  • Login Screen

Today generally all the app asks users to log in or sign up to their app. So, herein the background you can put some great animations, which will enhance the beauty of the app.

  • Onboarding Screen

App developers understand the benefits of the onboarding process. The onboarding process helps the user to take a tour of the app. Thus, helping them understand how your app works is very important. If the user doesn’t understand how your app works it might lead to the abandonment of your mobile app.

  • Activity Indicators

Everyone knows that customers don’t have patience and if they have to wait for something they become very aggressive. Which leads them to delete your app or give negative feedback. So to avoid that you can take help of animations and indulge the browsing sign with some interesting animation with an attractive caption. So, that user’s stay active with your mobile app.

With this hope that you must have understood the worth of animations and how these small gestures made into your app interface can change the game of user experience, now you must not waste any further moment and must reach the leading android application development company  to help your app  scale further without a blink.




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