Pixel 3 Event

25 Oct 2018

What All Was Announced During The Pixel 3 Event?

Google is the flag-bearer of the next generation technology and there had been multiple times this has been proven further.

On 9th October, Google decided to steal the show by announcing some of the most engaging announcements. As expected the event was full of highly-advanced gadgets fulfilling the demands of technocrats across the globe.

However, the fire spreading through the rumor mills had given us enough of hints about the Google announcements, but the final goblet of fire was introduced during the Pixel event, which settled the rumor particles to set forever.

This fall, Google has taken all of us with surprises, with its technical innovations which turned the heads and became the headline of the show. So what to wait for? Let’s dig out together the number of technical impressions Google Pixel event has carved out.

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As discussed before, Google has always been in news for bringing the technology at the surface of innovation coupled further with the convenience, henceforth to continue the legacy, the Google Pixel 3 event, took place in New York City with the incredible set of tech-announcements, mentioned below:

  • Pixel 3 And Pixel 3 XL; Next-Gen Smartphones 2-Pixel 3 And Pixel 3 Xl Next-Gen Smartphones

However there had been many speculations already circulated in the market about the Pixel smartphones, but with this event, Google announced the launch of Pixel 3.

This smartphone would be available in two variants, wherein the Pixel 3 XL, has the larger screen would be of 6.3 inches with a bigger battery and the smaller phone Pixel 3 would be of 5.5 inches only.

Pixel 3 will have the battery of 2195 mAH and the XL will have the 3430mAH. But the camera features in both the variants is similar and has the dual-lens megapixel selfie feature, which consists of 184% more width.

The rear-facing camera is of 12.2 MP and has the 4 GB memory with water-resistance and 40% larger loudspeakers.

Now another exciting aspect of these smartphones is that these both phones can be charged with wireless charging facility.

The design of the Smartphones is the signature feature of Google design and makes them resistant to fingerprints and it would include the Android 9.0 Pie Operating System.

The smartphones are well-integrated with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.

Top Shot is the feature, which allows the users to capture the frames before and after taking the shots. A wrong shot is no more a worry for you, as Google will help to pick the best frame.

The cost of the Pixel 3 will be $799 and Pixel 3 XL will be available at a cost of $899 for the 64 GB model.

The color available is Just Black, Clearly White, and Not Pink.

Availability of Google Pixel 3 would be from 18th October in the US, whereas in the UK it will start the selling from 1st November.

  • Google Pixel Slate 3-Google Pixel Slate

It is more of an advanced version of the Pixelbook Chromebook and runs on the Chrome OS. It is a combination of a tablet and a laptop.

Its design is exceptionally beautiful, as it comes with a detachable keyboard and so far the technical capabilities of the. It features front-facing and a rear-facing camera coupled with the portrait mode and advanced camera technology, a fingerprint scanner, and a new keyboard cover with a kickstand.

This device is sleek and has an eye-pleasing design, supporting the pixel density of about 293 ppi. Also, the sound system is extremely engaging and with much-improved quality.

The cost is $599 and to get the Pixel Slate Keyboard, the additional $199 and for Google Pixel Pen, extra $99 have to be paid.

It is expected that Google Pixel State and the Pixel Slate Keyboard will be available before the year may end.

  • Google Home Hub 4-Google Home Hub

It is one of the smartest displays announced by Google, to be a part of the Google Home Family. It is the smart speakers that can be controlled with the voice only.

Isn’t it exciting enough?

Yes, it is, and something which raises the standards further is the 7-inch long touchscreen display. And its easy-t-be-connected accessibility to other devices as well. The excitement is taken further by the ability to display the Google photos and YouTube on screen. So whenever a user gets stuck with anything, Hub would portray the photos and videos as well, to make it much convenient for the users.

TO ensure the security feature, the Hub does not contain the camera. The cost of this device is $149 in the US, while in the UK it is available only at £ 139. Although there is a tempting offer for the users. Wherein if they decide to buy Hub before the 2018 ends. Then customers would get the YouTube Premium videos at free cost.

  • Pixel Stand 5-Pixel Stand

Don’t you want to give a dash of elegance to your phone?

Considering this, Google has launched the Pixel Stand that will help your phone to propped up in Portrait or landscape mode. The stand dock is powered with USB-C, which supports the fast charging of any Qi-compatible device, including the Pixel phones.

The auto-switch feature keeps the dock at DND mode during the night.

The cost of this stand is $79 in the USA, whereas in the UK the cost would be £69. You can avail it by 1st November.

  • New Chromecast 6-New Chromecast

However this very device didn’t receive any formal introduction during the Pixel event. But it became the very much part of the introduced devices. The features have not changed much from its past version, but there is the subtle app design alteration.

It may cost the customers $35 with the support for 1080p streaming. On the other hand, the Ultra version would cost $69 with support for HDR streaming and dealing with 4k.

The striking features and the interesting devices are the best combinations to be encountered with the Pixel event announcements. And undeniably the level of technology standards is risen up to be matched further with the interesting technology. So just pull up your socks to capture the most realistic and the next-generation technology through the means of innovation.

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