7 May 2019
Updated on July 22nd, 2019

What Are The Biggest Announcements By Facebook In F8 Developers Conference 2019?


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Like every year, Facebook has organized its developers’ conference which has kicked off on 30 April. Altogether, the company has finished its opening keynote determining the remarkable theme: ” The Future is Private”. The main focus of the conference was this theme, besides, it has announced various updates in Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger, along with a new dating feature that can be an amazing mean of interaction between you and your friends. Altogether, it has shared some aspects of Oculus Quest and Rift S, which are virtual reality headsets.

Surely, after knowing this, you would be eager to know more about mentioned things. Let’s take a comprehensive look.

What will be new in Facebook and FB Messenger?

From the very beginning, FB has grown successful in attracting people, and enhancements are critical aspects of its endeavor.  Though, the updates under development with FB will be groundbreaking. A number of updates announced in the F8 conference are stated below.

1.  Now FB Messenger will be able to establish direct communication with Whatsapp and Instagram users. It means within the FB messenger, you can access the whatsapp and instagram, either through messaging or video call.

2. Another great functionality that can enthrall users is “downplaying the news feed”. In an update known as “FB5”, groups and events will be in limelight of facebook, as you will be able to create prominent personalized feeds and group tab from the groups you have joined. The option of group interaction will be shown while you will be using other features of facebook.

3. It is also declared that the company is striving to make all communication end-to-end encrypted on the messenger, which would be a by default feature. However, it is still not clear when this change will be implemented thoroughly.

4. A feature named as “Meet New Friends” has also announced. This is an opt-in tool that allows users to connect with other people of shared communities, such as the city they are residing, or more.

5. Altogether, facebook will have a new event tab that will allow users to see what’s taking place around them and suggest activities to do.

6. Last but not the least in this list is more faster and lighter FB messenger, that will enhance user experience.

Facebook is ready to enthrall users with virtual-reality experience

From days, facebook is working on virtual-reality devices, and it has become successful in its endeavor. By 21st may, its virtual reality headsets- Oculus Quest and Rift S will be in market for sale. These devices have a variety of specifications that make them different from others. The specifications are given below.

1. Quest is fully wireless and independent device, which make it a fit for those who are willing to trade power for freedom of movement.

2. Rift S is dependent on PC, though, its higher resolution display and high-quality field for view, make it better than original Rift.

Amazing updates in Facebook Portal

During the event, some ground-breaking updates in facebook have been also announced. These updated will steal your heart. Wanna know? Have a look.

You will be able to watch movies on amazon prime video and make whatsapp call, while using Facebook portal, as the Portal will support both. Altogether, video chat device of facebook will allow whatsapp calling.

Moreover, FB’s portal and Portal+ will be accessible outside the US, and expansion will begin from Canada and will fall in European region.

The portal will have a standalone StoryTime app with multiplayer augmented reality games and instant games. Surely, this will create a frenzy among facebook users.

In the last of this year, you will be able to watch amazon prime videos and movies. Besides, the Portal will also have Facebook Live.

Instagram with an enhanced camera and shopping tags

The biggest announcement at F8 conference is redesigned camera in Instagram. This also includes Create Mode, this new mode will allow users to create a post from scratch, and there will be no need to upload an existing video or pictures.  This is an appealing add on for Instagram lovers.

Another new feature ready to boost up the app experience is “shopping tags”. It will allow influencer, celebrity or artist to tag article of clothes they are wearing. By this, their followers can purchase the items on the spot, within Instagram.

Altogether, Instagram is working on a system that will hide the likes on the feeds of the person. It will enable people to focus on the shared content (photos and videos), instead of numbers of likes they get. This feature is on the developing stage, and possibly, soon it will roll out as an inbuilt feature in Instagram.

Facebook Messenger For Desktop

Facebook is ready to launch FB messenger for desktop. Its plan to turn into messaging is now having a desktop software component. Soon, the company would bring Messenger to Mac and Windows.

Such applications will be useful for people who majorly spend a lot of time on their desktop while working, and messaging is the core function in their work.

These are the biggest announcements by Facebook in F8 conference. Indeed, these enhancements will redefine social media experience. Facebook’s endeavor for implementing various attracting features will reshape the user experience. It will not just improve the user experience, but will also boost the users’ expectation from the social media platforms. It will be exciting to see how users will respond to these new establishments in social media platforms.

Social media is the most demanded thing among people, and companies like Facebook are fulfilling this demand with different groundbreaking concept. Developments in this space will be interesting to see. Moreover, industry giants are not running in this race,  mobile application development companies also integrating various unique features into social media applications to serve users with great application solutions. They are using modern technologies like AR/VR, IoT, AI, and Blockain to deliver wonderful mobile applications. With Facebook, these advancements will also impact the social media space.

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