15 Jul 2020

App Development Cost : Explaining How To Evaluate Your Budget To Build An App?


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App Development Cost

A mobile app sums up different factors that are not limited to coding only, but there is a huge glut of different factors that come into the picture.

However, for a business owner, something that is most concerning is to keep the app cost in their budget, and still get an app solution which is incredible enough.

Is it possible?

Well, much before you want to keep the budget within the limit, first and foremost you need to EVALUATE your budget.

Don’t grow panic, there is no rocket science behind it, but this evaluation can be done with few easy steps. To help you eased down the journey, we have brought this post for you, so you can comprehend the essentials that impact your development pricing.

Let’s get on the boat and sail ahead with this post further and learn the cheat codes to evaluate your app budget…

The backbone of app development is based on three major factors:

  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development
  • Quality assurance

Resources involved in the development

  • Business analyst
  • UX designer
  • UI designer
  • iOS/ Android developers
  • Backend developers
  • QA analysts
  • Project manager
  • Technical lead
  • Content writer

Now the million-dollar question comes that what all it takes to decide the cost of your app. But much before you need to understand that what all factors need to be in consideration to build your own app. Such factors are:

  • Identify what purpose is behind the app
  • A suitable platform for your specific audience type
  • Decide app’s features
  • Estimate profit and set goals

Hmm, now you must be waiting to understand that which all aspects influence the app development cost, so without creating any further ado, let’s identify the app development cost by its stages.

Stage #1-Business analysis

The analysis of your app concept starts when your project kick-starts its journey and is very much part of the development process. In this stage, different aspects have to be considered such as: Requirement collection, competitors’ analysis, tech analysis, concept analysis, and project value specification,

As stated above, this phase is very much relevant, as every specification decided here, determines the further costing and the efforts of resources as well.

Stage #2- Project Management

Yes, this is another aspect that influences the development cost. The role of the project manager is much beyond creating a communication bridge between the client and the development team. And they have to deal with bigger challenges that come along with the, like: Tracking project budget, ensuring team to deliver their assigned tasks on-time, handle other development challenges in-between, and keep updating clients for the latest updates.

Stage #3- UI/UX Design

The success parameter of any app is also due to its design. And the experience of a skilled designer counts here utmost. This process has different stages to work with, such as: Similar app concept analysis, studying user-behavior, creating app prototype, crafting app wireframing, and final app design based on the milestone.

Stage #4- Development

Yeah, this is the main ingredient of this recipe, and it hugely influences the development cost. There are different factors that come under this umbrella, where the platform, technology type, functionalities, backend, and frontend developers’ inclusion and complexity to the app give the final cost.

Stage #5 QA Testing

To be précised, you must know that QA is not something which goes towards the end of the product development, rather it is something which keeps ion moving along with the specific milestones. These QA testers have a simple aim to find out the bugs and issues in the app, so end-users can get the glitch-free experience. There is an integration of manual and automated testing processes to maintain the right flow.

Are there any additional expenses as well?

Yeah, you heard it correct there are other expenses as well, which are associated with the development. And there is much more that runs behind the show and consists of the backend, support, maintenance and much more.

We have brought a quick synopsis of those additional factors that further need to be a part of your budget.

App release…isn’t it free?

Nope, it isn’t!

Your app is going to use a space on the selected stores’ server, and you have to pay some amount for it. Although for Apple and Android charges are different.

Apple store charges $99 annually

Google Play Store charges a one-time fee of $25

App maintenance will cost you!

Do you think once the app is deployed, your job is done?

No this is not the end, but this only completes one part of the app development process. And once it goes live and made available to the users, then another phase starts, which is crucial and is a must-have service. The 67% of apps in the market lose their worth, due to the absence of app maintenance. Hence, if you want your app to survive and stay in the hearts of the users, then maintaining your app after launch, is a much-needed aspect.

App maintenance consists of bug fixing, performance and code optimization, OS latest version, third-party service functioning, and working on users’ feedback to improve app functionality from every possible corner.

This very phase comes with pricing and depending on your selected app development company, the charges can vary.

AWS Servers, APIs, Libraries…don’t miss them!

How can you forget the server that stores your app data? Yes, that same server also cot you money! And what you must remember while selecting the server is that its cost depends on the number of users it can handle. You can ask your chosen app development partner to guide you with the best option available in the market to help you manage the customer base.

Further, the integration of any type of third-party tools wold also cost you some money. But if your app developer is experienced enough then you would get the right and efficient tools, which won’t cost you too much, and even would provide the best functionality to your app.

Does app cost differ due to app type?

Well, you must understand that app development varies for each type, whether it is eCommerce, Social Media app, video streaming app, or any other under the sun.

Do you know why???

It is majorly due to the FEATURES & FUNCTIONALITIES each of them possesses. Hence, when you decide to build any type of app, then you must remember its ingredients will spike the cost to any extent.

Our takeaway

As mentioned above, the development cost is a vast subject to discuss, and a few aspects and factors cannot do justice to it. To get an accurate cost that comes with pre-defined numerical digits, you must get in touch with our business analysis team, and get the right analysis for your project. The cost can go from $5,000 to $100,000 and much beyond it as well.

We are here to help you get a no-obligation quote for your app concept, so it doesn’t go beyond your expected budget in mind.

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