31 Dec 2018
Updated on July 19th, 2019

App Development Myths To Be Avoided In 2019


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App Development

The last decade has witnessed an evident evolution in the Smartphone technology, and this very technology has given rise to the app development as well.

Indeed, mobile apps have captured the attention of a larger audience base and have always worked as the most powerful tool used to stay connected and access the services.

However, with the changing trends and scenarios, the utility of mobile phones has modified, allowing the users across the globe, to perform various types of functions, by making a few taps on the Smartphone.

When you look closely, you would realize that development of apps has given a new meaning to the usage of mobile phones and eventually, the introduction of mobile apps has reduced the complexities of life thus, making it simple and has brought revolutionary changes in the methods of completing various commercial and household tasks.

But with the advent of mobile apps, there are several misconceptions which are prevailing among the users. Thus it’s really important to have clarity on the concept of app development as it will give a better idea to the users, in the year 2019.

In this post, we have compiled a number of myths to be avoided in 2019, let’s take a look further…

App Development Is An Expensive Task

There is a very common misconception carried by the people that getting an app developed is quite expensive. But this is not at all true and it’s just a myth carried by the people.

Developing an app is not at all easy as it is not a contribution of an individual only. In fact, a complete team of developers, graphic designers, UX designers, testers and business analysts is there to put their wholehearted efforts to develop a creative and impressive app.

Still, the development cost is determined by the complexities and the no. of features you want to integrate into your app.

A Quality App Design Is Easy To Achieve

People do think that designing of apps is easy, but to build a perfect and quality app, there are several factors that are considered like what is new and trendy in the market, what kind of audience will use the app etc.

From the inception of the process till the end, developers need to work upon ideas, user interface design, functionality, graphics etc. to build a perfect app. Apart from this; experience and knowledge of the developer play a vital role in making an app unique.

The role of the developers does not end here only. They have to keep on working to make the apps better and provide an up-to-date version to the users. They have to maintain a pace with their app in order to match with the latest trends and updates.

An Application Is Compatible With All Kinds Of Operating System

When an app is developed it’s compatibility with an operating system is predetermined.  Apps are always designed considering the operating system and this decision is dependent on the needs of the business.

Whether an app is required for the Android or iOS or for both, it will be the decision of the vendor. Sometimes the size of the market and the financial status of the company can also influence this decision.

Apps Marketing Is Not Required

Releasing an app in the market is not an end of the process. If developers think that after uploading an app, people will automatically get to know about it, then this is absolutely incorrect. As products and services need marketing after their launch, similarly apps also need huge efforts to get in touch with the users.

Only after knowing about an app, a user will download it in his phone. Hence, mobile app marketing is must, to get the apps downloaded in the mobile phones, and smart watches. Sometimes only efforts will not be enough; an investment of money can also be required for its promotion.

App Conversion Into Other OS Is Very Economical

If an app is created for an Android and app owner wants it to be converted for iOS, it will neither be an easy task nor will its development cost be minimal. Preparing an app for another operating system means to write the application code again. The time and cost of an application will be dependent on the features and complexities of an app.

Best Graphic Leads To Best Ratings

This is one of the very common myths; if the graphics of an app are appealing, it is liable to get best ratings. The rating of an app depends on the performance and the user’s experience. An app should always justify the purpose for which it is made.

Apart from the good design, it should be easily understandable and accessible by the users. This kind of app service makes a user happy and satisfied thus, they prefer to give the best ratings to an app.

Releasing Of An App Is The End Process

People think that after developing an app, developers have nothing to do with the app. But this is not at all true. Every developer strives hard to keep an app up-to-date and efficient. They keep on infusing something new to keep an app in trend. Consequently, they come up with the new and latest versions of the app. This helps to keep the users intact and prevent them from losing the interest in your app.

However these myths are just a glimpse of the whole bunch of fallacies, yet I hope this post would be informative enough for you, which would reduce the chances for your app to fall for this blind-game.

Albeit, for a successful mobile app to come into existence, you need a latest and unique app to get connected directly with the customers, then get it designed with a well established and experienced Top mobile application development company in india.

As a leading and experienced app builder holds the exposure to handle the complex app challenges and build a seamless app solution for your business needs efficiently.


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