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11 Aug 2016

App Development Process With Techugo

“But I still want to know, how my app would be in the app store, how would you develop my app, can I see my app online.” This was the last call I attended for the day at 1:15 am from the same client, with a different set of questions and I am sure all these questions must have bugged your brain also, when you think of developing an app for your business. Being inquisitive is considered a great aspect in our domain and especially in our company – Techugo. We as a team, find it simply great, that clients do ask questions to understand the app development process more clearly. We all know that apps are everywhere, since, they have become the easiest and interesting option to know more about the product. Today before pinning into your business catalogue, customers ask first for the mobile app of your product.

To develop an awesome mobile application is not an easy task, both developers and business holders need to understand the various aspects of mobile app development. Picking up the suitable mobile app platform is hard to choose, even for the business owners and at times developers go clueless too, about the exact requirements of their customers. The app is the face of your business, and if it flunks, your business would never nourish. Let’s research further before you step into the process of your app development, there are various steps involved to develop a smart app for your smartphone application.

This piece of writing would work as your app development bible, hopefully!!! There are numerous things and data you need to collect and put your best foot forward. Here is the MUST list , you need to work upon before proceeding with the app development procedure:

1.Know your audience, means what is the need of your targeted users

2.Real-time case studies from your customer base to know what they look forward in your product, for this your marketing team would come handy for you

3.Have some basic idea of your outlook and inner page design for your application

4.Don’t set a budget beforehand, but check the various options with different developers

5.Take some time out for your app in advance, If you think just by handling the app to your developers would suffice the need, then you are wrong, because your involvement is highly requested.

Step 1 – Your First Tech-Call

To get a perfect app development company for your project is finding the right mobile app development company to take on your project, is not an easy task. Go for the company’s all reviews and feedbacks on various listing websites and have an initial phone call or consultation with a designer, developer or development team.At Techugo, our team would give you a clear picture of your concept and how it can be materialized, during this call you would get the idea of what you’re looking for and understand our point of view, skills, bandwidth for your project.

Step 2 – Wire-framing

After signing the contract, our team of experienced developers would initiate the process of wireframing.This stage is the most important of all, so pay more attention to it, because this will lay the foundation of your app design, and how each of the page will link with each other. You can sit with our team and discuss where you want the action to be taken.

Step 3 – Design

The first and the foremost feature in an app, which draws attention of the users, is the design and the accessibility of the mobile app. Once the wireframing is finalized, our design team would be on their toes to make the design for your application, they will send you the mock-up of app design in high-resolution .psd files. At this stage you can work on your app’s logo, color, styling, font to make the app’s visual design more attractive.

Step 4 – Development 

Every company has to divide the development process into different parts, like in Techugo- a top mobile app development company, this is done through breaking the stage cycle into milestones. You as a client need to know the each and every step of your process, at Techugo you get the full access to see all stages of your app development process through project management tool Basecamp.

Step 5 – Beta Testing

On the completion of app final version, we would perform the beta testing for the app. It helps to test the developed app under various conditions to avoid the possibility of major bugs on app release.

Step 6 – Go Live & Launch

We are all set, to launch your app finally, although the process of publishing your app to the app store can sometimes take a couple of weeks. On iOS, Apple manually reviews each app submission and may ask you to make changes before publishing it. To garner more exposure you can arrange a good marketing strategy to help you get exposure, although our team of marketing expert to guide you a little more about the app marketing.

Step 7 – Post-Launch

After launching your app, you can make the desired changes as per the demand and requirements of users. Mobile Application Performance Management system help you to track the performance of your application and make the required changes. We at Techugo, are available 24/7 for our customers to provide the valuable services.

You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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