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15 Dec 2016


“Understanding is much deeper than knowledge”, I read this quote some time ago and realized that how beautifully it incorporates within the building strategy of any business, where customers have to be served as per their taste than our knowledge. 

To explain it further, lemme grab an instance from my experience and explain it further, I being a COO, daily receive various queries from the business owners across the globe. To assist them in developing mobile apps for their respective business, some of them have never adopted the mobile app solution for their business domain. However, there is a big chunk of those clients who have the mobile apps but don’t have appealing recurring traffic. All this while I have got queries from my prospects on how to make an app, how much would it cost or whether they should use native or cross-platform tool to develop, however to my surprise no one ever asked, how can they engage users to their mobile app, or about an app engagement metrics.

Worth of app engagement

To attain the heights of business is the dream of every business owner, and to accomplish, they try everything and go above and beyond the call of duty, but at times the taken step is correct, but the way of integration is not, which leads to a loss in business and many times a complete shutdown of the business. 

To save the horror of business-shut, it is always advised to make a pace with the ongoing trends in the market but suiting your customer’s requirements appropriately. But it is not as convenient as it sounds; people fail to procure the customers quite rapidly, due to one wrong step.

Engaged customer means repeat business and much more involvement of potential customers to garner more revenue. 

Albeit, there is no fixed customer engagement formula, rather it can only be defined with several metrics, which all combined make a secret sauce of success for your product. The ingredients of the success sauce are mentioned below to drive ultimate user engagement:

The first impression ALWAYS matters

How many times you re-visited a shop or a restaurant, whose ambiance did not appeal to you for the first time. 

I am sure your answer would come as ‘Never’, well the same applies to the mobile apps if you don’t get the worthy first impression, and then your mobile app would end in ruin and despair. Follow these tricks to make your app impression an everlasting image on your user’s head:

  • Offer a walk-through or guided tour to introduce the app, it will demonstrate to your users what all your app has in store for your benefits
  • Make the mobile app as simple as possible with an intuitive design, it might require huge research and but the time spent here would help you to lead in the business
  • Provide the overlay app screens to let the users understand the app’s features and interface
  • Your app needs a clear and informative landing page that informs users of the app’s top features
  • Include the push-notifications to add value to your app and enhancement of user experience, the set of push-notifications should focus on personalized and targeted customer base, failing to which users may opt for uninstall of your mobile app

Your users are not tech-giants

Many app developers create a mobile with the most intriguing app onboarding process, but what they forget that users are not tech-geeks, who would solve the puzzle of login and account creation to enjoy the app features. 

You have to remember that your login process is needed to be easier and hassle-free. You can try these options:

  • Don’t stick to one option to log-in, rather utilize the various login options like social, email
  • Make the processing time saving not the time consuming and reduce steps for signup

Research about your Users

Many times, when we receive the superfluous SMS /calls from an outbound marketing team, think what we do, we choose for DND. 

Unfortunately, there is no DND for the app, but uninstall is the only option left for the users, to avoid irrelevant and useless information through push-notifications. 

General push notifications sent to the users daily, irk them most, so you need to be careful while sending notifications to your users. You must try these options:

  • Research about your users and create personalized and customized notifications
  • Keep a track on the analytics reports to, understand user engagement and identify high-value users
  • Provide targeted, customized, notifications to your users based on their in-app behaviors, context, time, preferences and demographics
  • Offer the flexibility of opting-in and out at any point in time

Stay accessible always

Your customers want to access you as per their convince, not as yours. You need to offer them round-the clock accessibility, however affording physical staff to address this need, can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is a better choice to use AI-enabled chatbots, that are your virtual assistants, and are engaging enough to drive your customers towards sales funnel.

Don’t hit users to BUY

Allow your users to explore the mobile app at the fullest first and don’t directly jump on to the BUY option for the users. 

Mobile game and beauty apps integrate the same technique with their users, first, they let them enjoy the free features, once the users have learned the value, and then they offer the paid features to enjoy the further levels or features.

  • Let users understand the value of your app before they can buy
  • You can utilize the analytics, user behavior, and listen to user feedback, to offer what your users want
  • Ensure every update you are making in the mobile app is valuable to your users
  • All combined would tempt your users to use the paid features of the app

Offer app rewards

Everybody loves to be rewarded and to drive the app engagement and retention aggressively, offer app rewards. It would not just be a center of excellence for first-time users, but it will also increase the app download and would boost brand loyalty and increases user retention. Offer the rewards, such as:

  • Provide mobile-specific rewards, coupons, special promotions
  • For the old users, who have not returned to the app latest, engage them by offering incentives or creating a reward-based or loyalty program.

Let customers get REAL value

Engagement through marketing is not an easy task, but it means leading your customers through various channels and bring them onto your app. These mid-channels need to offer genuinely useful content to your customers. So you need to offer customers value in exchange for their attention. Practice what deem best as per your users’ need, but ensure it must BRING VALUE to them.

In a nutshell…

Last but not the least, app engagement or retention does not come from the Harry Potter movies with a magic wand formula, rather it is based on a set of metrics & strategies, but you only need to be prudent enough to pick and analyze what works best for your app. 

The above-mentioned tips are some of those essentials to convert your users to loyal, long-term customers and it will, also, help increase the average lifetime value of your brand and ultimately for your mobile app, leading to more revenue for your business.

How Techugo can help you bring customer engagement strategy?

At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal, and dream in the most informative and engaging way. 

Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. 

You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight into your app requirement.

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