26 Jul 2018
Updated on December 27th, 2022

App Localization Is Not Limited To Language Translation Only


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App Localization

The wider acceptance of the businesses is not the liberty you give to your venture, but it is the demand of the hour, in order to survive the blow of competition, which is too aggressive to be borne by business with weaker app marketing strategies.

To make this work, every business around the globe is adapting the app technology to help the business to climb the ladder of differences between the different continents with just a few taps made on the Smartphone.

Also, the barriers of the language are also removed further with the app localization feature, letting a…

Hey Hey WAIT

What Is Localization By The Way???

Well, localization is the feature of app technology letting your app and consequently your business to grow the vital presence in the global market, to increase sales, widen up the brand identity and consequently boosting your revenue.

Hope this explains a bit about localization to youJ

Now let’s get hop back to my main point and that says localization is not limited to translation merely. I agree with you the global marketing strategy is the major essence to sow the success seeds for your business on the land which gets barren by the cruel hands of competition every now and then.

And getting it translated into different site versions and locals is a big help in reaching the core of the hearts of the users, through an app, which speaks their language and not a foreign language, which is hard to be understood by the targeted audience.

But the app localization is not reduced to the only translation of your content to different languages in order to win the hearts of the users.

Do you know, if done with accuracy it can dilute a bigger chunk of the value from the app through the localization method only?

87% of non-native users refuse to buy products from an English speaking app

Indeed the app is the cornerstone of your business and a right method implied in a wrong manner can really break the chances of further success to be accessed on your app or can open the bleak cracks of little or vague success.

Hence to help you in practicing the effective localization feature, let’s read this post ahead, and understand that how it can be helpful further for other aspects as well…

  • It Helps You Capture Undivided Users’ Attention

I am fond of Farm Heroes Saga– a game which has been very popular in the past, and still is with many. The popularity is not what I am planning to focus through this point but the ads.

Yes, you heard me correct!!!

The in-app advertisements shown during the app, are quite engaging, with the visual content only, but most of the ads are not in English, but in some different language, which makes me feel non-relatable with the content and somehow my mind declares it to be least trustworthy.

In the vice-versa situation an app showing the content in English to a non-native speaker does not bring attention since it sounds so unfamiliar and despite having the potential, your business fails to garner the users’ attention.

Many believe out there that our globe is reducing gradually to one axis point, and there is no point of language becoming a barrier. But you cannot deny from the fact that apps are not for a distinct audience but age and profession are not the obstacle for the app accessibility.

Thus you need to break the shield of languages to capture the targeted audience. The app localization crosses the field of translation and takes a new turn with the new strategized values from the marketing in the way of a particular country or the region, to attain that UNDIVIDED attention from the users.

Pro tip– Study what works and what not in your targeted countries, because what works for one, may not work for another… So help your app to get the seamless adoption of each categorized audience base by focusing on their preference. For instance- an app campaign for your travel app, need to be modified further for the Middle-Eastern audience base.

  • It Helps You Lead The Competition

The reason I wrote lead not win, because the competition is never going to cease, and with every new phase, you need to evolve with the app to offer something unique to the users.

When it comes to beat the competition demon, it turns into a challenge especially in the foreign lands, because, there is a big void of learning about the users’ buying preferences and their specific demands.

Sadly, this gap would increase the chances of rejection and the take-over from the local competition with an ease.

Pro Tip– To get an EDGE over your competitors not just from the local but from the international brands as well, you must research, plan and localize your app to lead the race of the competition. 

  • It Helps You Enhance The User Experience

You would be surprised to know that localized content improves the app’s user experience. HOW???

Ok, let me explain…

When the local users, access your app and receive the range of benefits from your app, then they suddenly feel relaxed and comfortable around your app, since the app does not sound ALIEN to them anymore and this action leads to turning the users into loyal customers.

With the connection, the app makes with the local audience, gives it numerous chances to improve the certain features or the functionalities or even the UX to fit the demands of that particular country.

Pro Tip– Listen to your audience, and don’t stay SHUSH if something is popped out as a concern form the users’ ends. This would help you win the users efficiently. I don’t need to mention but this would ultimately brings the output which helps your app to grow HUGE & MASSIVE with one simple trick of app localization.

I hope these 3 important steps would help you bring out the advantages your app can incur from localization, which is not solely decreased to translation only.

But one last thing, if you really want your app localization to work efficiently as per your planned strategy then always take the assistance from a leading app development company in UK, to help your app to enhance the brand name and values of your business, while not compromising on the grounds of not sounding LOCAL.


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