28 Mar 2018
Updated on December 27th, 2022

In-App Marketing Campaigns You Cannot Ignore


Ankit Singh

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App Marketing Campaign

Usually, the app technology is considered to be an OTT since the factors involved in the app development and after development process is not much entertained or informed by the users across the globe. But if you look deeper you would find that eventually, the app development process involves a series of interesting segments which should not be given a miss.

Out of those interesting factors, one of the most interesting segments is the in-app marketing campaigns…the term in-app marketing itself boosts the enough number of curiosity and excitement together within us, and we tend to feel that what exactly it holds.

In-app marketing basically work as the attention-drawing game for the users, which keeps on drawing the users’ attention and keep the users to stay engaged with the app, but it is not as that as it sounds, because there are many aspects which in collaboration make the in-app marketing campaigns a successful episode for the mobile app, and failing to understand the need of the users, make you build a loose in-app marketing campaign.

You need to know that solely the in-app marketing campaigns are not sufficient to help the mobile app to become successful, but aspects like mobile app design, features, UI and UX and many other factors are responsible to make the in-app marketing a successful product for your app’s successes.

Although the most commonly raised question explains that how to design the successful in-app marketing campaigns, so they can get help the mobile app…to provide a robust solution to these questions, we have brought this blog today to help you design the successful in-app marketing campaigns…so why to waste the time ahead…let’s just read ahead…


Many app marketers consider the push-notifications as the not-so-relevant factor, and often they miss the chance to take the full advantage out of the push notification, but if they look and observe closely, they would realize that the push notifications are the leading user retention tool.

When it comes to design the in-app marketing campaign the very first in that list to be added, you need to understand a push-message if well researched and modified as per the users’ requirement is sent in a moderation limit to the users filled with the personalized approach can change the business of attracting the new users.

Social Media Buttons Integration

The very second on my list is the Social Media Button Integration…it is a very common fact which every marketer agrees upon, and it suggests even clear that social media is the best way to reach out to the more number of users with the right and engaging content.

When you decide to market your app, then you must not ignore the integration of social media buttons within the app, to help your users to share the relevant content with their friends and family members, with just one click on other Smartphone and help your mobile app to get promoted.

Engagement Milestone

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded and the answer comes…we all…it is a fact and we cannot deny form it since as an app marketer you need to make sure that your users are rewarded with some bonus points, once the users clear some level or make a purchase.

These small steps might sound irrelevant to you, but from the users’ perspective, these points hold the maximum worth and they admire it if as an app owner you celebrate their action. This also helps the users repeat the actions and stay hooked to your app for more surprises to be unleashed.

App Ratings

Yes, we buy first from our eyes…this adage completely fits the bill here, which suggests and explains the human nature, wherein we love to analyze and judge the app’s quality by reading the reviews and checking the 5 stars ratings.

Although certain ratings will float organically if your app is worth to be enjoyed and offer the usability to the users but to garner more 5-star rating you need to craft a more personalized app experience for the users so they can come up and love to utilize your mobile app frequently.

Here you need to take a note one aspect, that is the bad review, which if you want can convert into a positive review, which users can relate to, only after following one strategy, which suggests that you need to respond to the review, whether good or bad to help your audience and the prospect user base to have firm belief that they can trust you and when in need their issues are not avoided but heard and responded as well

Selecting A Right Choice For App Development Process

Albeit, I always consider this point to be the first and the foremost, but I would like you to take note of this point specifically so I have decided to address it towards the end…

The role of a mobile app developer in the success of your app is beyond your imagination even. If you truly want your mobile app to get succeed and become a hot-pick of the season, then you need to pick a right mobile app development partner for your development needs, so your app can survive the odds of competition and can fall perfectly as per the users’ expectations.

I know it is hard to pick one perfect app company for your business needs, my try my mantra and pick a company for its past work, online reputation, no of industries served and technical exposure, but never ever pick a company for the sake of the cost.

It might be quite alluring to pick a least costing app company, but trust me the inefficiency of these companies to handle your app’s technical challenges would reduce you to sob down, so better pick a company for the technical exposure and the experience and help your business to grow further…

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