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14 Apr 2017


A regular day at work leaves you with .0% energy to pick the grocery and get you to wear your popular chef hat and host your guests with gusto. When I say guests, on a very peculiar line of possibilities, they come as invited, else our house is their destination where they can land unannounced with a pool of expectations sprouted in their heart forever. I might sound little prickly but deal with such situations quite frequently, where I have to cook, serve and be an exceptionally efficient host to avoid any bad image. Many readers right now would be jumping over the decision that, why not get the online restaurant app and book your favorite meal at a finger tap, YES, you all are right, but the first reason is that not every restaurant mobile app, and the second reason is those restaurants have the mobile app, they don’t market their apps in a way to reach their customer base effectively…the riddle is solved finally.

Today I have taken a decision to pen down the required mobile marketing strategies for restaurant business from the user’s perspective. So the first lesson here goes something like this, if you don’t have a mobile app yet for your restaurant, then don’t wait for the eleventh hour to strike at you. Go and get a MOBILE APP for your restaurant without wasting any further moment here and if you already in the process of getting a mobile app or a proud owner of a mobile app for your restaurant business then follow my mentioned suggestions, to hit the success path with your app.

Get A Mobile App

As I stated above, the very first suggestion is to get a Mobile App for your restaurant business to boost it further. It’s not a luxury, but a necessity in today’s time to target and attract that potential user base, also links them with the social media channels to boost the visibility of your business in no time.

Don’t lose the touch

Many business owners live with a misconception of winning the half battle of marketing by getting a mobile app for their product, but actually, a mobile app is just a platform to carve out the lateral marketing strategies through it. As a restaurant mobile app owner, don’t depend solely on the mobile app to shout loudly for your business, but you need to utilize the app source to interact with your customers. Mobile customers feel special and valuable, when you send them SMS reminders about the restaurant discounts, new deals, occasional menus and any exciting meal offer for the day…ensure that within every message you include restaurant address, contact details, location map in an exciting way, not the old-fashioned way, so seek help from a content writer and let the innovative SMS to be flown directly to your customer’s inbox. The tip here goes, that your SMS should be succinct and crisp.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Every day you don’t want to get up receiving the SMS for the deals, you feel agitated and comes a day when you walk out of the inbox without even seeing the content of the SMS, so learn how to engage your customers…how? Lemme explain, in the recent time, it has been observed that users love to be tested with their IQ levels, so engage them interestingly with surveys, polls, quizzes and make them feel special with the personalized treatment given to them. You can add the spark by partnering with other companies to offer them gift vouchers, or shopping deals.

Deal on Their Location

If your restaurant has more than one outlet, then location-based offers, really work and attract customers, such as when a customer walks into your outlet location, then you can offer a particular deal only at that location. This strategy would help you attract more customers to your different location outlets, and ascend the revenue arrow grow further.

A Mobile Website

Apart from a mobile app, it is always better to opt for the mobile Website for your restaurant, since it gives an impact to your users that your services are worth for and are not lacking in quality. The tip here states that the mobile website should not be complex, but must offer an easy interface, so the customer can access it without any hassle on a mobile, ensure that the mobile website holds the compatibility to be accessed easily on any mobile device, to allure a bigger chunk of mobile users, needless to say, the mobile website needs to be with zero bugs.

Finally the points mentioned above, would give you a deeper insight of mobile marketing strategies for the restaurant business, but these strategies would only be applicable, once you get an app for your restaurant business, and if you have not got it yet, then you must give it a thought and plan before it gets terribly disastrous for your restaurant business. Technology has already made its valid and fruitful entry in every business vertical and has shifted every business on our Smartphone screen, making it more compact and easy-to-access as per our convenient time and place. The mobile apps for restaurant business help the restaurant owners to make an impressive online presence to attract a larger group of customers in a very short span of time and come out of this illusion, that mobile apps are only dedicated to the established brands, whether you have small or medium scale business, a mobile app helps you get a brand recognition.

Mobile app technology yields more productive result and streamline the sales chain efficiency, the only thing you require is to hire a mobile app development company to provide an image to your concept with the skills and proficiency imbibed effortlessly in the mobile app development process. If you are confused how to go about it and don’t have much technical expertise, then you may read this blog: WHAT TO ASK YOUR APP DEVELOPER and get a clear idea of what to ask your app developers, or you can get in touch with Techugo- a top mobile app development company, where you can ask all these questions and we assure you to get an assured reply for your each query.

You can get in touch with us to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement and we will work together to a successful implementation of your restaurant mobile app.

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