19 May 2020
Updated on December 27th, 2022

App onboarding- a platform to make your app successful


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app onboarding

Mobile app onboarding is a vital stage of the app’s journey and an inevitable part of a successful app marketing strategy. It is the first point of contact, a user makes with your app, hence it needs to carve out a great first impression. 

A weak onboarding process brings a 17% first-time user abandonment rate.

Hence it needs to be carved with proven strategies, so it can win the hearts of your users.

A quick tour of App Onboarding

Calling app onboarding an opportunity to show users the value of your app, is not wrong. With the help of this process, you can demonstrate the main value proposition to your users. If followed with the right strategies, you can establish a long-lasting bond between your app and its users.

Within this process, there is a series of screens shown to the users, the very first time they open your app. And these screens further guide them through the app’s interface and functions. 

What makes an engaging Onboarding experience?

Every app comes with its own set of functionalities and features, crafted for a specific set of users. However, every user has different expectations from your app, but there is one thing common and that is the convenience they are looking from your app. There are certain best practices for onboarding that should be adopted to help increase your app user retention rate. Let’s grab a look at this post further…

Follow the formula of KISS; Keep it short & simple

On downloading your app, users expect to directly land onto the major functionality of the app. But in reality, they receive continuous slides of unnecessary information. It goes without saying, but not a single user is willing to swipe through these slides to access the main functionality of the app. 

You need to prioritize the app’s main features and benefits, and if you want to post a tutorial for them, then you can keep it as a small video with interesting animation that would spike up users’ interest.

Pro-tip- Don’t play with a long length of text, rather opt for the use of graphics and app screenshots. Also, ensure to keep your users informed about the progress they are making throughout the onboarding process. 

The core value of your app must be the focal point

Every user wants to understand HOW this particular functionality is going to transform their usage, and WHY they must use it. No matter, how much you have invested in your app, but until and unless your users get to know the main reason behind using those features, won’t entice them.

Pro-tip- Ensure to inform your users about the value and benefits they are likely to receive from your app and its features.

No saga of the sign-up process is relished by users

You want your users to follow a sign-up process to ensure the safety of your portal, and it helps in gaining users’ data as well. But a complicated and pages-long sign-up process is the key to app uninstall. Trust me, no user has the time in the world to spend on the excessive sign-up information, keep it as relevant and succinct as possible. 

Pro-tip- Give your users an option to sign-up through their social media log in, this will save their time and make the process convenient.

Keep information as minimal as possible

As mentioned before, an app is all about CONVENIENCE, and if your app in anyways gives a halt to this process, it is nothing but a piece of trash for your users. Indeed, to gain access to your app, users are likely to go through different steps of providing information. But here asking TOO much will crumble down the user-experience, and instead of liking your portal, chances are they would uninstall your app.

Research suggests, 82% of users require clear reasons behind an app’s permission requests. Therefore, you need to explain the reason to get the required information. 

Pro-tip- keep the information as minimal as possible, extra information consumes time and annoys your users.

Utilize one screen per function

Users detest complexity and don’t get excited after seeing multiple functionalities on one screen only. You need to follow the general rule of thumb for a seamless onboarding; that suggests stick to one single screen that demonstrates just one key functionality.

Pro-tip- Design your app in a way, so users are navigated through different functionalities from one screen to another, but without feeling confused. This will help them to absorb the information provided effortlessly.

Wrap Up

The mobile app development process is not a one-episode, but a journey, that needs to be taken care of at every step. Making your app fall in place with onboarding techniques, will only make your users grow fond of its usability. With this hope you will achieve the desired snowball effect for your app’s success plan, we bid adieu to you all.

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