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16 Oct 2018

How App Onboarding Increases The App Retention?

Your app takes longer to load, I liked the app concept, but you know what irked me most, that was the accessing feature of the app.

These are some of the most commonly heard reactions, which can be received on a mobile app, it is heart-breaking, when you get to know that your targeted audience is not happy with the onboarding experience for your app, and the feature where you took extra security, measure, is largely disliked by your audience due to its age-long process.

An app, which is the finest product of your services, and is expected to run as the most engaging marketing initiative for your mobile app , suddenly drops its very plan of attaining success, and the credit ball silently falls on the onboarding experience mechanism.

Have you ever gone through such a situation?

I think we all have gone through this situation, which simply dictates, that if we are not getting the favorable response from the app, then instead of waiting patiently, the app just received on action and that is uninstall.

It’s devastating, I know, but this is the fate decided for the apps which offer only the poor onboarding mechanism, and needless to say, but such apps, despite holding the potential, just get lost in the twister of the users’ rejection vibes.

I can imagine, if your app has gone through such horrific situations, I empathize with you, but sadly the empathy would not suffice the need here, rather there needs to be a strong-hold and proven formula to beat this glitch.

Are you wondering what can be the way to beat this concern?

You don’t need to be worried, because I am going to explain further about the right onboarding strategies with this post, just stay hooked…

Before understanding how the onboarding process can be the best deal for your app’s success, let’s figure out that what are the different types of onboarding.

There are 3 different types of the onboarding process, which utilize your app’s utility and optimized it further.

  • Benefits-oriented onboarding

This type of process, includes the value of the app, for instance, what is the main functionality of the app? What value does it offer to the users?

Many popular apps, pick this strategy as it helps them demonstrate THE benefits offered by the mobile app.

  • Function-oriented onboarding

Within this type, the app does not focus on the benefits; rather it speaks clearly about the app’s functionalities. You can tell your users; about the certain functionalities by highlighting them and showing that what actions can be made.

  • Progressive Onboarding

As the name suggests this type only indicates at educating the users through guided interactions. This is indeed an interactive process, letting the user attain the instructions as they actually use the app.

Now as you have got a hands-on knowledge about the different types of the onboarding process, let’s understand that what and how you can make the onboarding process as interactive and most engaging for the users.

Give Feasibility of Social Account Access

There are many users who are not much willing to share their information; it is nothing but their personal preference.

For such users, the app accessibility becomes an issue as they look for the apps, which don’t require such a tedious process.

In order to not to lose such users, the best thing you can do is by letting them pick the access through their social media profile.

Therefore your mobile app would be accessed with the social media link, and you can give them a suggestion to share their story or info on their social media channels.

One Screen- No Scroll

Certain apps have the onboarding fields, which goes onto scrolling or to the next page.

Are you FBI? This is what your users feel when they have to fill numerous information on the app, just to access your mobile app.

The mobile app onboarding must not give the massive number of details to be acquired from the users, rather it should be succinct and very much relevant to shorten the app access in no time.

Let There Be A Transmission of Feedback

Remember the sheerer your access would be, the more you would be liked by the users. In some of the mobile apps, the feedback is mysteriously avoided from the developers’ end; as they feel that users are well-trained t keep a track on certain features glitches on their own.

If your users have put the wrong password or caps is on or any other glitch is there, limiting g the users to access the app.

Then you must be prompt enough to share the feedback with your users, telling them, what is going wrong and how they can rectify to access the app freely.

Within onboarding, make sure to help your users to indicate errors or successes in the validation process. However, ensure to keep the feedback as clear as possible so the users would know what they’ve done wrong.

Consequently, generate successful and massive app revenue on your mobile app and help your business to beat the competition.

Last but not least, an app onboarding is only a concept, which must be filled within your app, and you can mold it as mentioned above to optimize the most out of it.

However, something which you have to keep a check on is the further features to be accessed after the user boarding; unless the features are engaging and interesting and result-oriented, your users would never ever love to stay hooked to it.

Thus, make sure that you are picking your mobile app development process only with a leading ios application development company , which has enough number of experience and expertise handling a variety of mobile apps.

Such company can help your business to carve a successful opening, so don’t fall for any novice to get a successful app product for your business needs, and get in touch with the industry leaders and experience the difference of app development.




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