9 Aug 2018

App Success Competitors Are Your Best Teachers


Ankit Singh

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App Success

Can we add another feature? Will an update help us? What else can be done? Suggest something beneficial for our app from your expertise?

This is just the glimpse of questions get hurled on me beautifully every day and I being a marketing head answers these questions through my experience and exposure.

Surprisingly, these questions have a sole reason for their existence that is the success of the mobile app.

Hence I take a pride in wearing these queries around my belt to improve the performance of the app through the different ways of marketing.

When I look around I find that the there are a huge number of marketing strategies scrolling beautifully in and around the mobile application development, but there is one aspect which overpowers every other marketing strategy and leaves the bank covered by the right dose of productivity on your app.

I know you must be wondering which factor I am referring to.

Well, my entire focus is driven to one aspect and that is Competitors.

What??? Competitors??? Why on the earth competitors would get you their app success formula???

Hang on and relax, because really competitors are not that humble to share their secrets and reveal their strategies to you, but yet I suggest to each of my client who comes up with the best marketing approach to be followed for the application, to be a student to your competitors.

Still not sure what am I referring to???

To answer you on this query, I insist you read this post further to understand the concept behind my recommendation…


The very idea of competition analysis is true because the old-guard aura crafted by the competitors let you take a glance at two aspects; what to do and what not to do primarily.

By studying our competitors you can get the ideas to implement new features or functionalities in your mobile app, so eventually you can determine what to keep and what to throw from your app to sell your mobile app.

However, you need to carry those analytical skills to decide the right amount of information from your rivals.

Just read further to understand how to help it happen… 

Take A Look At Their App Reviews

The app reviews!!!

I don’t need to mention the worth of reviews; this is the key to drive the user engaging further on your app.

Understand whether users are yelling or screaming with happiness on app reviews, and what is making them do so.

Each of the reviews is valuable to you, hence you must not avoid its worth at any given cost.

Take every review into consideration and relate it with the app said features or performance.

This would help you to win the hearts of the audience with these techniques and ultimately you would gain an edge over your competitors. 

Get Inspired

The inspiration is a very tricky aspect, it can tempt you to copy instead of merely bitten by the inspiration bug, so you need to be extra careful and pay attention to what you are picking.

You need to look deeper into the rival’s app model, which portion can be enhanced further to fit into your app’s requirement.

As I mentioned that it is tricky so don’t fall blindly aping every bit of application, this would only create a replica, to be discarded by the users further, since no user has ample of time to waste their time on two look-alike mobile apps. 

Create Your Own Value

I know it is the hardest part of the job, but this is another fact which you have to adapt from your competitors.

The value created by them for their niche is going to stay forever, and if it comes from a brand then it is irreplaceable.

You don’t have to replace them, but have to carve a niche for your own specific domain by learning what they have done but has brought no praise form the users, or has gained them ultimate recognition.

You need to sit along with your app builder to understand that what can be the substitute for such feature, stay awake since this is going to be a brainstorming session for your applications’ successful future. 

Be A Trendsetter

During your analysis phase, you can come up with an interesting model to build the interest level of your potential customers.

But to attain this strategy, you need to be a trendsetter, not the trend follower.

A successful app is the myth-breaker of the concept that there is not a single new concept.

So stop being in the list of deal-breakers and win the game, with offering something different, unique and creative to your users.

Keep researching your competition and your users and match the outcome with your imaginary concept, this ultimately leads you to a situation where you can develop something new and yet get trendy in the eyes of your audience. 

Hire The Professionals

Getting the analysis done on your own, bears the risk of losing the potential of this analytical phase, thus I suggest you to hire the professional app marketers from a leading top mobile app development company in USA to help you assist the best tools to analyze and monitor the competitive analysis.

The team of experts would come up with their own set of experience, to dig out the best result for your application and as a consequence, you would receive a mobile app which would only transform into a vision for the audience.

Last but not the least, the application world has turned into a podium, where different concepts come every hour and participate in the bidding-war, hence you need to be upgraded with the latest technology and the creative notion to not to skip the beat of this game.

If you keep evolving, then it would be an impossible task for the upcoming apps to copy your concept, so don’t sit back on your app and sleep on it, rather you must offer something more attractive and engaging to your users to help them stay engaged and remain loyal to your services ever and after…

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