8 Jul 2019

Apple Is Adding Facetime Eye Contact In iOS 13


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After the worldwide developers conference, Apple has introduced various applications and operating system for Mac and iPad OS. And! you know that upgrades are constant and never-ending.

During the developers’ conference iOS 13 was a major pull of attraction, as everybody wants to explore the new features into the smartphones. Therefore, Apple has released various remarkable features into this. To offer users with more engaging features,  Apple has integrated a “Face Time Attention Correction” feature into the brand new iOS 13 Developer Beta.

The company is bringing this feature to make FaceTime Calls feel more interactive, so that people can actually feel the face to face talking.  This feature can make a big difference and can make video callings more engaging. This features has spotted in the third beta of iOS 13 software update that went live this week. Apparently, this feature gives the feel that you are looking into the camera straight even when you are just staring over the screen during the FaceTime call.

Undoubtedly this is the huge enhancement because when we used to make FaceTime call, most of the time we stare over the screen instead of the camera.  Though, the focal point of this is to see the person we are speaking with, instead of looking over the small lens tucked at the top of the device.

This feature of Apple will surely create a zeal among people, as people will like to explore this new feature. Though, it seems that this new feature will be available only on iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. This means it can only work with the latest camera line available for the Apple hardware.

The new image signal processor integrated by Apple in A12 process can be a reason behind this roadblock. As this system powers the iPhone XS Max and XS. This system is enhanced and offers various improvements over previous generation phones in accordance with portrait lighting and HDR effects.

Altogether, it can happen that any new line of features into the iOS beta releases may expand to other devices. It may sweep away from the actual public launch of iOS 13. Though, we can hope that this will remain in place. Because this feature is going to make a really big difference. Altogether, it will offer a sense of “presence” during FaceTime calls. Which accumulates to its real value with Apple Chat Feature overall.

This will improve the FaceTime call quality and offer a great experience.

More importantly, such features will change the overall user interaction with calls and will impact the iOS application development. For more latest updates, Stay Tuned With Techugo.

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