23 Jul 2019

Apple’s iOS 13 Privacy And Security Features That You Might’ve Missed


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iOS 13

There is not much time left in the launch of Apple’s brand new iOS 13 software. It is the thirteenth significant iteration of the company’s most popular iPhone software. It will be out soon, accompanied by the latest iPhones and a new iPad version, also known as iPadOS.

But there is a huge chance that you might have missed some of its security and privacy features. So let us take iOS 13 on a spin. Keep reading further in order to know what are the current alterations or additions in it, and let us study its functionalities, keeping the latest security and privacy feature in mind.

Take a look at all the important details that are must for you to know.

Users Can Permit Their Location To An Application Only A Single Time

The company’s software iOS 13, lets its users to provide applications access to their location only once. This is done in order to transfer all the control over of the entire information and the data, back to its users.

This feature was not present in the previous versions, that means, an application in the older models had the power to collect real-time location, while it was being used by someone else. But now with the help of this latest software, it is simple to grant application access to the location, as per the requirement. This feature is a boon for all the privacy-minded folks.

Users Can Decline The Request Of The Applications That Want Bluetooth Access 

Applications that want to access the Bluetooth will ask for permission before doing it. Even though there are some of the apps that actually need Bluetooth, in order to connect to the gadgets, for example, watches, fitness bands or beacons, these permissions can still be misused to get the details of the users’ whereabouts.

These beacons are so popular that can be found in every store and shopping mall. They have the technique to fetch the device’s unique Bluetooth identifier and then track all the physical location between places. This builds up a blueprint of all the information about the users, for example, where they go or what they do.

How bluetooth access helps any application?

They mostly use that data for displaying targeted advertisements. So by using the iOS 13 feature, it is possible to restrict the Bluetooth connections from apps that don’t need it. It strengthens the privacy of the system.

Apps Will Not Be Able To Intrude The Contacts’ Notes   

Contacts are one of the fields in which Apple is trying to enhance the security. We all know that applications need to ask for permission before accessing the contacts. But with this, they were able to get hold of the notes that the user wrote on each contact. This may include, PIN number, account number or alarm code, etc.

With the help of iOS 13 software, they won’t be able to fetch the notes along with any contact’s information.

Users Will Be Able To See Reminders About The Apps That Are Tracking Their Location

Do you overthink about the applications that are able to track your location? Well, you don’t need to stress over it anymore.

With the help of iOS 13 software, users will be getting reminders, at regular intervals, about all the applications that are tracking their location in the background. The software will provide the users with detailed information about how many times an app has tracked the location, in a recent period of time. It will also provide a small map of all the locations points.

With the help of the screen, it is possible for the users to put a limit over the tracking or allow it for the same.

Sign-In Feature Lets Everyone To Use A Fake Relay Email Address

One of Apple’s features, that permits the users to sign in to any application or any service with a single tap. Users don’t have to feed in their private information, but for that, they need to use the ‘Sign In With Apple’ option or select a private relay email. It hides their real email address, and because of this the app only sees the Apple-generated email.

Apple does not collect the user data while providing the sign-in option, that is making it more privacy-minded solution. It works on all the devices including websites and Android devices.

Safari Gets Better Anti-tracking Feature 

Apple is making multiple dedicated advancements in order to improve its native web browser. The company is making continuous efforts, by securing browser fingerprinting and cross-site tracking. iOS 13 has cross-site tracking technology, which will protect it from the very beginning. Such features enhance the privacy and security level.

Users Can Avoid The Unknown Caller

With its help, users can send the unknown callers straight to the voice mail. So any number that is not added in your contact list will be considered as an unknown call.

Removal Of Location Metadata From The Photos

When a user captures a picture with its iPhone, it also stores the precise location of the image in the photo file as metadata. But doing this increases the chances of revealing private or sensitive information. For example, sharing the pictures of offices and homes can risk the security, if the data is not stripped.

But now with the help of few clicks and new iOS 13 software, it is easy to remove data, before sharing the pictures.

Last But Not The Least…

Find My App: It Gets A New Name And Offline Tracking 

The latest iphone application development ‘Find My’, which is used for locating lost devices or close friends. And! is now available with a setting that allows offline tracking. If someone lost their phone or laptop, they don’t need to depend on the last wi-fi connection. The new update is going to broadcast the device location with the help of Bluetooth. And that Bluetooth is safely uploaded with the help of nearby Apple devices.

The location data is coded in order to prevent anyone, but the device owner from tracking the lost device.

Now all the world needs to do is sit back, relax and wait for the launch of mind-blowing iOS 13 software.


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