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4 Jan 2017


During my career span, I have noticed many developers making a hue & cry about app rejection at the Apple store and they consider it to be no reason for the rejection.

On the contrary, they fail to understand that, Apple does not reject any app just for a lark, rather there are some reasons for this footfall. Today I am going to share those reasons only which, if taken and considered well in-time then can save you from the app rejection at the Apple Store.

Your app process is completed, today is the launch day and what you are getting by evening, that your app is rejected by the Apple store, it is the most dreadful thing to hear from your app developers and quite disheartening as well, but a harsh fact too. 

To get the app maximum attention, is every developer’s and business owner’s dream, but when the app does not get approved by the Apple store, then something within you gets broken, I speak from my own set of experience, where I have seen all sorts of ups and downs from a developer’s perspective.

What is the strategy behind Apple deployment?

Perfection is the word that correlates well with the Apple working strategy; Apple is very particular about its rules & regulations and works perfectly to submit any mobile app. Apple’s highly selective review process ensures that all apps that appear in their store are perfect and well-balanced in terms of content, usability, and design. 

So the rejection is very much obvious for the mobile apps, which encourages the developers to improve their app and resubmit it, but unfortunately, the exact process of Apple’s review policy is not known to everyone, yet there are the most prominent reasons which can lead to app rejection on the apple store, read further to know it better and save the horror of rejection for your mobile app:

Don’t provide incomplete information

The incomplete set of information is the topmost reason for app rejection, while filling up the details, makes sure to fill in all the information required for review. Make sure that every app feature is mentioned fully coupled with a demo video if the installation or the configuration process is different from the usual mobile applications. When it comes to special configurations, include the specifics required and this step will help you to gain positive attention from the Apple review process.

Cut down every bug

As an app developer your job does not stop at the development, rather it incurs other processes as well to be followed up with the development process and the app bug fixing is one of those features. Apple instantly rejects any app which contains bugs or crashes at regular intervals. You need to be very particular with the testing system, to test the bugs beforehand and then submit the app.

Skip plagiarism

Apple is famous for encouraging unique app concepts and different from others. So it is always advisable to avoid duplicity, if you create something similar to something else, the Apple review process has a sharp view to check out such similarities and would reject your app on this basis only. You should provide unique features to your app and then submit them for review.

Impeccable user-interface

Unfortunately, not a single app comes with a manual guide to use it, hence your app needs to be logical, convenient, and polished, so your users can understand how to use the app effortlessly. The best practice to save your app from being rejected is to understand the interface guidelines offered by Apple, before developing a mobile app and your app can be selected without any hurdle.

Crisp and relevant content

The content plays a vital role in the Apple review process, as a developer makes sure that your developed app has followed all the terms and conditions stated in the Apple trademarks and copyrights guidelines and Apple trademark list. Also, your app content should not bring a yawn to your users, which means it needs to be engaging enough to motivate your users to keep using your app.

Advertisements placement must be correct

While testing your apps to make sure that every ad featured within your app is displayed properly, and to leave no room for error, test it on several devices. Also, integrate the IDFA (Advertising Identifier) within your app, to serve advertisements along with ad functionality.

Choose your words wisely

Apple wants a more organized, systematic and clean product in Apple stores, so anything mentioned with “beta,” “demo,” or “test” will mark a point that your app is incomplete and is not finalized, as a result, Apple rejects your app, considering these words. So make sure not to use these or any such words which show your app is still in the development stage and has been put for review by mistake.

Don’t provide wrong information

If you have mentioned some features within the app, but your app does not contain, then Apple considers it to be highly misleading and as a consequence your app gets rejected at the very first moment it is placed for review. So make sure that your app should deliver all the features and functionalities mentioned.

Why you must reach out to Techugo?

It is a very common query that comes up that why Techugo is the best choice for your technology solution, then you must know that an app does not become a successful product just by its concept but there are multiple steps that need to be considered, and this is where the experience and the skills of your hired app development company comes into practice. At Techugo, we take pride in developing the perfect iOS mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our iOS mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of iOS mobile app solutions for your business needs. 

We not just design and develop, but ensure to successfully deploy your app on the App Store, so you don’t get the hiccups of necessary Apple rejection.

We are here to help you throughout your app development journey, give us a call today for a no-obligation quote.



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