16 Jun 2020

Apple Watch Will Witness Ecg App & Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification!

Apple Watch

The ever-expanding scope of iOS application development has brought a remarkable shift in the healthcare industry as well.  Now Apple is all set to check your irregular heart rhythm, and will allow you to carry out your ECG right from your wrist!

Can’t trust your ears???

Just keep moving with this post to understand how Apple is going to revolutionize the healthcare industry with an incredible feature and a mesmerizing app…

What is the ECG App?

The ECG app is taken into consideration to check and track the ECG reading of the users. There are new electrodes built into the back crystal and Digital Crown on Apple Watch Series 4. And these are combined with the ECG app, allowing customers to take an ECG similar to a single-lead reading.

To use this app, users need to launch the new ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4 and later and hold their finger on the Digital Crown. Once the users touch the Digital Crown, the circuit is completed and electrical signals across the heart are measured.

After 30 seconds, the heart rhythm is classified as either AFib, sinus rhythm, low or high heart rate, or inconclusive. Further, these recordings, are checked as per their associated classifications and any vital symptom is noted in the Health app on iPhone. The report received from this app can be shared with the physicians further in the form of a PDF.

What you should know about Irregular Rhythm Notification?

As the name suggests, this notification is going to make a significant change in tracking the irregular rhythm notification. This feature can be utilized using the optical heart sensor in Apple Watch Series 1 or later. With this very feature, it will be easier for the users to check their heart rhythm in the background for signs of irregular heart rhythm. This appears to be AFib and alerts the users with a notification in the event of any irregular rhythm detection on five rhythm checks over a minimum of 65 minutes.

This app can accurately classify an ECG recording into AFib and sinus rhythm also gets validated in a clinical trial of around 600 participants. This specific rhythm classification allows a gold standard 12-lead ECG by a cardiologist. Further, a study has proven, that the ECG app on Apple Watch demonstrated 98.3 percent sensitivity in classifying AFib and 99.6 percent specificity in classifying sinus rhythm in classifiable recordings.

This specific irregular rhythm notification feature was closely researched and studied in the Apple Heart Study, and almost 400,000 participants, were screened to conduct the largest screening study on atrial fibrillation.

Further with the help of this detailed research, it was taken out to support the approval of the irregular rhythm notification feature in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, if you are having a question in your mind, how to implement this specific feature. Then you must know to enable these new heart features, users need to go through an onscreen setup including details about who can use these features, what the features can and cannot do, followed with other specific instructions to help the users to make the full use of this notification feature if they are feeling any sort of symptoms, that require medical attention.

The approval stamp from Saudi authority

As these aspects are dealing with sensitive data and allow the users to take care of their health, there has to be a fully approved authority behind it. And Apple is not falling behind on this ground through any means. The ECG app and the irregular rhythm notification feature have received approval as Class IIa medical devices by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, through the Medical Device Marketing Authorization (MDMA) process.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer stated, “Apple Watch has helped so many people around the world and we are humbled that it has become such an important part of our customers’ lives, with the release of these heart features, Apple Watch takes the next step in empowering people with more information about their health.”

On the other hand, Sumbul Desai, MD, Apple’s vice president of health, mentioned, “We are confident in the ability of these features to help users have more informed conversations with their physicians, with the ECG app and irregular rhythm notification feature, customers will be able to better understand aspects of their heart health in a more meaningful way.”

What would be the benefits?

It goes without saying but there will be a massive number of benefits to be attained from this app and feature. These two will allow the users to make the ECG right from their wrist, without moving to the doc office. Also, amid pandemic, this feature will help in capturing heart rhythm without wasting any precious moment and share data with the physicians to get treatment or suggestion at the right time.

When users can use them?

You should know that the ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4 and notification feature will be available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the next software update with iOS 13.5 and watchOS 6.2.5.

In a nutshell

The ongoing stress factor leaves all of us drained with no energy to take care of our health and keep a check on the significant vitals. However, with this interesting Apple Watch feature and an app solution, indeed there will be better utilization of the health tracking functionalities that can elevate health and fitness to another level. If you are willing to get an app developed for Apple Watch, then you must reach out to leading company Techugo, as they have a team of the efficient iOS app developer in Saudi Arabia.

Give us a call today to help your health & fitness app get crafted with a team of selected developers.

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