23 Jun 2020

Apple WWDC 2020: Get A Whiff Of Upcoming Announcements


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Apple’s WWDC is indeed going to be different from its previous versions, due to pandemic impact. However, despite having the gloomy effects from COVID-19, Apple has decided to brave the crisis and this year’s complete conference will be in a new, digital-only format.

And to keep you stay updated and well-informed we have brought you a quick look at some of the expected announcements at WWDC 2020.

Pull your socks, as technology wagon is all set to rock ahead…

What Apple will be announcing this year?

Yes, you got me right, Apple is going to make a bigger announcement than its casual annual software updates. It is expected that Apple will announce a shift from Intel-based processors to custom-designed ARM chips for its Mac desktops and laptops.  So let’s get on a voyage to unleash the expected layers of innovation with this post further…

iOS 14

One of the biggest iOS updates is its 14 version. And this very iOS 14 is expected to be focused on performance and stability rather than adding new features.

There is rumor mill springing-up in the market, stating that Apple might be making the first substantial changes to the iOS home screen.

There is going to be a new list view which would offer an Android-esque view of all the apps on the iOS device with a variety of sorting options. Also, there will be the inclusion of Siri’s suggestions.

Further, it is rumored there will be new wallpaper settings that will loop in third-party apps for the first time.

And this does not stop here, as one of the biggest news states that Apple could finally be bringing proper home screen widgets to iOS. Also, it suggests that Apple is considering to allow third-party apps to be set as the iOS defaults in place of the Apple-made alternatives.

AR would be revamped, as the new augmented reality app, codenamed “Gobi,” is likely to offer some unknown functionality built around new, Apple-branded QR-style codes.

It is also expected iOS would launch a new “CarKey” feature that would allow users to use their iPhone or Apple Watch as an NFC car key to unlock the car. The further inclusion of new HomeKit features would change the game, and they will bring the ability to automate color temperature changes for lights throughout the day.

The rumored improvements are to be experienced in iCloud Keychain, it is likely to get 1Password-like features to remind users without a fail to change their passwords. Also, the new “Clips” API would let iOS app developers provide small snippets of content from their apps without having to install the full application by scanning a QR code.

WatchOS 7

There can be a sleep tracking feature, but it is not clear whether it will be a part of this WWDC announcement or the release of the new Apple Watch this fall. Also, the blood oxygen tracking might be coming to watchOS 7, although, just like sleep tracking, it’s not clear when it will be announced.

However, Apple is all set to add the option to share customized watchfaces, along with a new Infograph Pro watchface and better parental control options.

MacOS 10.16

It is very surprising to know that there is no such leak for the next version of macOS this year. The only aspect is Catalyst iMessage app, which would finally bring features like “sent with lasers” to the Mac app and similar iCloud Keychain improvements.


It is expected that the Fitness app might debut on the Apple TV this year. Ad there is likely to be a Kids mode, helping parents to monitor Screen Time. Also, HomePod might be easing up on default applications, like allowing third-party applications like Spotify to work on the smart speaker through Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

iPad OS 14

As stated by the rumor mill, Apple is likely to add a new PencilKit feature to automate the conversion of handwritten words into standard text.

Mac may switch to ARM

It has been reported that there will be a switch to its own custom-designed ARM-based chips. These ARM chips would provide improved performance for graphics and AI tasks. It is stated that new ARM-based Macs will have the potential to run macOS, not iOS.

Apple AirTags

The tile-like AirTags are moving around the globe, much before the official announcements. It is expected that these AirTags are expected to be circular discs relying on augmented reality interface to find missing items with high levels of precision.

Refreshing iMac

Yes, the much-awaited refreshing look of iMac might knock the door through WWDC 2020. It is rumored that it would cut down the bezels, expanding the display to 23 inches and provide a design closer to the Pro Display XDR that was announced last WWDC.

New Apple TV 4K

Apple TV will be getting a refreshing look, and it is expected that storage would grow from 32GB and 64GB to 64GB and 128GB with an improved processor.

What to expect?

Apple announcements have always been subject to change, and there can be much more beyond everything that is mentioned in this post. To unleash what Apple will bring to the table, just keep watching this space with Techugo, and witness the magical vibes of WWDC.

We bring you the latest updates and information to help you stay ahead of your competitors by integrating technological advancements.

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