4 Jun 2019
Updated on November 22nd, 2022

Apple’s WWDC 2019 Highlights: Dark Mode In iOS 13 And More


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WWDC 2019

WWDC 2019 keynote has kicked off, and during the event, Apple has introduced various features, updates, and applications. Apple developers’ conference keynote is undoubtedly the most exciting event of the year, as the company has announced various breathtaking features in Mac OS, iOS 13, iPad OS, Apple Watch and more.

Though, the most awaited announcement of the year that everyone was expecting from the company has unveiled. Yes! I am talking about iOS 13.

Before the event, there is a huge hype around iOS 13. People were hoping for its arrival and were expecting various new features in this new operating system. Altogether, before WWDC keynote, there were numerous rumors about Dark Mode, but the question was, will iOS 13 release accompany Dark Mode or Not?

But! As the event rolled on further, the Dark Mode came out of the veil and it is beyond the expectation.

Check out the features in iOS13

iOS 13 is a huge revamp of iOS and encrusts long list of features. Take a look at how the introduction of iOS 13 and its features took place during the event.

In initial, Apple continued with its optimized features introduced in iOS 12, that signify a faster and more efficient operating system i.e iOS 13.  In this new update, it has determined improved app update time, reduced app launch time, altogether the reduced app download size, which has been cut down up to 50 percent. It also includes a 30% faster Face ID for unlock.

A Gorgeous Dark Appearance – Dark Mode

The most awaited feature for iOS operating system- Dark Mode has debuted by the company. This is a system-wide look out option that transforms the view of screen in dark visual mode. This mode changes the complete look of the operating system into dark.

The option comes with two modes: Dark Mode and Dark Mode on at sunset. Altogether, all the native Apple apps have Dark Mode support and third-party applications can also utilize Dark Mode APIs to integrate this exciting mode.

Don’t you want to know how does it work?

Well! Once you turn on Dark Mode, it changes the entire look of operating system, everything including wallpaper and home screen appear darken. If I say about wallpaper, iOS 13 comprises several new wallpapers that turn the color from light to dark, in accordance with the activated mode.

All the apps’ screen have darker theme from setting Photos to Apple Music. Messages and Phone are available with a more eye-pleasing darker interface, that can be seen once it is activated. The company has put great efforts into this and integrated various remarkable functionalities such as Maps with nighttime Dark Mode. Altogether, it is available in mails and Apple News.

The App Store, Health Apps, and Reminder apps also have Dark Mode interfaces, just like Home screen and wallet. Other apps infused with it are: Notes, Shortcuts, and Contacts.

Another, most admired feature is availability of Dark Mode in Safari, which makes the website look more attractive.

Photos and Camera in iOS 13

Apple has overhauled the photos app and integrated a new feature that curates the overall photo library, and features a selected highlight from your day, month or year life. Everything in this space is intelligently organized and makes browsing easy and relive pictures.


Actually, the photo editing tool has also revamped to make image editing more easier. Altogether, this tool makes video editing easier and let you rotate, crop and apply filters to videos.

The Camera Application has also refreshed as you can do Portrail Lighting adjustments. It means you can move the focus of light closer and farther away as per your need. Altogether, a new High-Key Mono lighting effect is also infused for creating monochromatic looks.

Other Amazing iOS 13 Features Right From The WWDC

* This operating system has infused with a streamlined, less obtrusive volume HUD and now you can download the apps of any length over an LTE connection.

* Another ground-breaking feature is “Find MY” App that is available in macOS, iPadOS, and iOS. With its help, you can track your devices even when you are offline by using Bluetooth and other nearby iOS devices. Altogether, it combines Find My Friend feature.

* The company is also fusing a new Sign In with Apple privacy feature, that offers a more data safe and convenient way to sign into apps and websites. The company will be authenticating users’ accounts through Touch ID or Face ID and developers will be working on a unique random ID instead of real info.

* Limiting the location Data: Don’t you want to control the location access of your mobile phone? Well! now it is possible with iOS 13. as there are controls that allow you to limit your location sharing with app. It enables you to protect your privacy. Through these controls, you can restrict the apps to access your location one time only, after that they can’t fetch your location automatically.

Siri is available with a brand new voice which sounds more natural. Altogether, you will find a new Automation feature in Siri Shortcuts, which suggests personalized shortcuts that you might want to create.

Siri can instantly read out your messages right when they arrive so that you can respond easily. It also supports Live Radio and comprises a personal assistant that can access the stations from radio.com, TuneIn and iHeartRadio.

  iOS 13 Compatibility

The operating system is compatible with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPod touch (7th-generation) and All iPad Pros.

Apart from these, many other applications and features have unraveled by Apple during the event. The series of launch includes ‘tvOS’, ‘Apps for Apple Watch’ ‘App Store for Apple Watch‘ ‘Face ID’ and more. For more Apple’s WWDC 2019 event highlights and announcements, stay tuned.

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