13 Apr 2021
Updated on December 28th, 2022

Are You Ready to Experience the Top Crazy Future Tech Trends?


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Tech Trends


We’ve got to ask you that, especially when technology is changing the world at an unbelievable speed. Undoubtedly, it is a fortune to be living in an era where technology and science have taken a toll over the traditional methods of doing work. 

Every day, a new innovation is developed that is likely to contribute to the way we currently live and give an advanced lifestyle. 


Think of the times when it all started. The creation of the modern computer occurred decades back, which filled up the entire room. It was years after when the size of the computer reduced, and today it’s possible to carry tech in your pocket anywhere you go. 

Are you excited to learn more about the new technology and trends that are going to impact your future? If yes, here are the top crazy future tech trends that you’re likely to witness. 


  • Augmented and Virtual Reality 


Undoubtedly, AR and VR are some of the most hyped trends today, and it is likely to get more fame in 2021 for being futuristic. Both the techs are infused with glasses or headsets to project a vision to the users. 

AR is an encounter that essentially presents the visuals into the present reality. In simple words, the user will see the visual at an actual spot, the same as it really exists.

On the other hand, VR creates a simulated environment with the help of computer tech. In short, users find themselves inside an experience and are able to interact with the 3D world. Sounds intriguing, right? 

Initially, the two technology trends gained popularity in the gaming industry. However, now the trends are expanding to other sectors, including education, healthcare, and more. 

  • Transhumanism 


One of the not-so-great things about AR and VR tech is the heavy headsets that the user has to wear for the experience. 

Imagine, what if the future gives you a chance to abandon these headsets and still experience the trend?

Imagine, what if you could forward emails to your colleagues simply by thinking about it?

Transhumanism is still in its early years before it finally catches up with the speed of other emerging future trends. If you’re not familiar with the term, it is the technological implant in organic bodies, also popularly known as ‘biohacking.’ 

It won’t be wrong to say that the future might hold a technology where we make use of nanochips by implanting subdermally. 

  • CRISPR Gene Editing 

CRISPR Gene Editing

Gene editing with the help of a new CRISPR technique is a much cheaper process and aims at fighting back any negative genetic predisposition. It can modify human bodies in ways that aren’t natural and can work on physical traits and EXTENDING HUMAN LIFE. 

The first human testing happened in China at the end of the year 2016, and there’s a lot more to explore before the tech finally comes to action. 

  • Artificial Intelligence or AI

Artificial Intelligence

Today, we are surrounded by smart cars, smart appliances, smart every single thing! Undoubtedly, everything is connected to the internet, sharing data, automating activities, and whatnot! This is what Artificial Intelligence is. 

Sure, almost every activity is automatized today; however, the industries are still working on big projects like self-driving cars. A few years from now, we might just relax and travel while cars drive themselves. 

  • Space Tourism  

Space Tourism

Today, it is easy to fly to any other country without much trouble, but what if you could fly to space as easily as other countries and watch the Earth from there? 

Sure, it sounds unrealistic now, but this might be the future. 

Not just yours, but it is blowing everyone’s minds. 

To give an example, companies like SpaceX are working day and night to turn the imagination into reality one day. 

To Sum Up

The above-mentioned technology trends were just to name a few. However, the future holds a lot more potential and is likely to come up with technologies you might have never imagined. 

It’s not just you who is currently thinking about being able to experience the new trends, but everyone giving it even the slightest thought. Well, technologies like space tourism, transhumanism, etc., are still in the processing stage, but if you want to experience AI, AR & VR, and more, what’s better than connecting with the developers? 


Well, there’s no right time than now to take your marketing game to the next level by developing a mobile application for your business. By now, you must be convinced how technology can change the future dynamics; thus, here’s your shot. 

Do you want to know about more technologies to integrate into your mobile app for an exceptional user experience? Experts have got you covered! 


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