19 Apr 2019
Updated on July 19th, 2019

Artificial Design Intelligence Is Redefining User Experience


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Artificial Design Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the buzzword around the world. It is running like a storm and transforming almost each and every industry. All the forums and articles are mentioning it. However, the use of artificial intelligence in web designing is a great point of interest. It is true that AI has been applied within various industries and it has enhanced several functions.

Today, many companies have developed AI integrated designing tools to create attractive websites. The handful of web designing platforms with AI are Wix, Bookmark, Adobe Sensai, Firedrop, The Grid. All these platforms are working on the principles of Artificial Design Intelligence. You might be thinking what is artificial design intelligence. Well! the question is obvious. Let’s know what is ADI.

What is Artificial Design Intelligence?

The term Artificial Design Intelligence is unfamiliar and chaotic, when I heard about it a sudden interest ran through me. Basically, ADI is the mechanism that identifies and implements web design trends with the help of machine learning. Simply, it is a technology that can create websites on its own. It enables automatic design functionality to users, where users have to state their requirements only.

With the help of Artificial design intelligence, developers can make programs that can understand design principles by observing the working of existing web pages. It can be done by combining the universal average of web designs. It is true that this will decrease the need of design templates. The biggest advantage of ADI is that it enables the creation of attractive websites, completely independent of human expertise. With the help of AI, website builder platforms can be integrated with a virtual design assistant. It can help users when they need help and advice for styling and SEO.

What AI is Offering in Web Design?

There is no dearth of ease that AI can offer to Web design. Here are some points based on current AIs that are working in designing a website.

Help in doing tedious tasks and skipping on making a website from scratch.
Enable analysis of content and user preference to personalize websites.
Help web designers in projects.
Allow average people to manage their own website with any hindrance.

How Useful is AI In terms of Creativity?

Many people ask that can AI bring its own ‘form’ of creativity to the table? Actually, creativity in web pages can show AI’s real strength. Experts asserted that AI can track engagement of users with the websites, and can recognize and execute design opportunities that human can’t notice. Bookmark website builder works in two phases. The first of them is ” tracking and adjusting sections of website on the basis of highest user engagement” second is ” the capability for website owners to track visitors to contents on the website”.

Benefits of AI in Web Design

User Experience
The most important concept of web designing is user experience and has the immense capability to improve user engagement. With the help of AI, you can make customer concentric websites. The most popular example of AI integration in websites can be seen in Amazon. With the help of AI, the website shows a list of potential products that customers might need. This process is seamless and engaging.

Personalized Content

With the help of AI in your website, you can show your audience certain content tailored for them. With the help of AI and machine learning, several websites suggest their user new videos, and other relevant content on the basis of their past behaviour, such as youtube.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is one of the most popular design trends. Instead of desktop, most of the users are utilizing mobile and website often need optimization for mobile devices. With the advent of voice recognition, users are more inclined toward voice searches. You can implement voice search optimization on your website with the help of AI. Besides, with the help of AI voice bots, users on your website can find whatever they need. This trend is very exciting and shows the immense potential of emerging technology.

Now you would have understood that how AI is changing web designing. Developers at Techugo have mentioned that, with the help of AI in web design, people with little understanding of code can also get a fair website. Undoubtedly, AI has the ability to brought major changes that will surely benefit your business. You must get in touch with an innovative top mobile app development company to utilize this technology for your business.

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