12 Apr 2019
Updated on December 27th, 2022

Artificial Intelligence Is Laying Foundation For New Kind Of Airports

Artificial Intelligence

Surely, you might have heard about the changes artificial intelligence can bring in the numbers of industries. Though, the latest buzz available in the market is enhancements AI can bring in Airport workflow.

The immense advancement of the AI has opened the door to a new kind of airport. Actually, the creation of Sophisticated digital ‘brains’ can transform various processes in the airport. This brain has the power to do raw processing and analyzing thousands of data sources. It performs these tasks with the help of machine learning & complex algorithms and it makes a correlation between the dissimilar set of information. The airports haven’t unravelled the complete robustness of such technology. However, it is certain that this type of technology will transform the overall definition of the current airport.

In this post, we will learn how artificial intelligence can redefine the airports and improve the workflow, across the airport. Though before that, you need to understand how this technology is thriving.

Artificial Intelligence

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence has the capability to perform tasks that require human intelligence. A variety of AI-based applications are available in the market today that doesn’t require human intelligence, such as spam filters, navigation systems, video suggestions, voice assistants and more.

Actually, this technology is in an evolution stage and achieving commercial relevance rapidly. The related concepts such as Deep Learning, machine learning, smart algorithms are exponentially growing, and enabling industries to make intelligent machines and reducing human intervention and dependency.

Basically, AI has three major application domains: Cognitive engagement, cognitive Insights, Cognitive Automation. Where cognitive automation focuses on machine learning, cognitive tools, and Robotics Process Automation, which allow the development of domain-specific expertise and automation of tasks.  Along with that, AI cognitive agent is about employing cognitive technology to engage with people. And!! Cognitive insight focuses on observing and extracting the relation among various data streams and generating relevant results.

To create a digital “brain”, all of these there aspects have been considered and implemented. And! it will be interesting to see the changes they will bring in airports.

Artificial Intelligence in Airports

From years, Aviation industry has implemented a wide range of tool and technologies to improve the passenger experience. Though, the solutions AI is guaranteeing can change the overall passenger experience. Look at the below offering of artificial intelligence for airports.

    1. A comprehensive view of  passenger flow

Airports generally gather an enormous amount of data of passenger. If a passenger moves through multiple terminals, his/her data gets collected on each terminal. Experts have addressed a major problem in this regard, which is “failure in leveraging this data” that happens due to various constraints such as communication issues between distinct areas of the airport.

With the help of AI based system, it is possible to collect this data on a single source and perform analysis as a single process.

Yes! AI-based tools have this potential, not they just can collect data on a single source but can also perform analysis on that data and can find the solution.

Recently, such a system named “Q-Alert” has been utilized at a relatively small crowd.  Airports are engaged in finding the credibility of such systems and deploying the complete system.

This system (Q- Alert) performs a holistic process and finds the correlation between the different sets of data. Besides, it can also correlate the things that generally have no connection. The facility of performing correlation among a large amount of data makes it a reliable product.

AI provides such systems the ability to make long term and short term predictions about the needs and demands of airport passenger. Along with that, the ability to collect the larger amount of data such as flight schedules, sold tickets, numbers of cars parked, counting of passenger and more, enable the system to predict the passenger flow in the Airport premises.

Moreover, AI-based system can offer airport with a minute to minute update and can predict passenger flows in more than a month advance.

    2. Security at Airports

With this technology, we can do many things that we couldn’t think years ago. From training of computers, recognition of objects, human and signals, everything is possible through this technology. Evidently, the security it can fuse in the airport systems is utterly imposing. With the combination of camera, millimetre-wave technology, and facial recognition, Al enables scanning of people passing through the portable security gates.

Besides, automatic analysis of data for threats such as firearms and explosives can also be performed, and altogether these systems can also ignore non-dangerous items such as buckles of belts, keys that passengers carry.

Moreover, another increasingly emerging airport security concept is ” Biometric”. Nearly 77% of airports in US are planning to install  AI based biometric ID management at the airport in the upcoming years.

3. AI  For Airport Shopping

During the long layovers, a lot of people suffer in finding the location of shops over the airports. AI-based applications will offer ease in various ways to passengers. From searching of data to shop at airports, these applications will help users in a variety of ways.

Such AI enabled apps, allow people to shop the products at the airport and pick the product directly from the stores located at airports. Altogether, these apps are integrated with augmented reality and  GPS, which allow passengers to check the product in augmented view and find the store at the different location of the airport.

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence is game-changing technology. At one hand it will make airports high-grade, while at another it will improve passenger experience. We at Techugo, are striving to utilize the potential of this technology to create an intelligent mobile application.

Being a reliable mobile application development company in USA, we comprehend the rising demand of users and deliver unique & user-friendly app solution to a variety of industries. To secure an AI-enabled mobile app for your business, get in touch with our experts. They have more than 10 years of experience in the field and can help in understanding how AI and improve customer experience.

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