28 Mar 2020
Updated on March 30th, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Is Breaking The Chain Of COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence

The concept you have watched more than 2 decades ago in Steven Spielberg’s flick is just very much possible with the Artificial Intelligence!

Yeah, the platform offered by AI not just fascinates but spikes the interests of the audience, and clearly state the power we all hold in our pocket.

However, the very invention of technology has transformed every bit of our life and has brought us a unique way to interact with the services around us.

Since the inception of AI, it has experienced major breakthroughs, that have already brought us relief and has made our life convenient and comfortable. Although it is very unique to know that now machines are able to process and analyze the human behavior to mimic and give better services.

Thanks to these AI developments; machines can now perform complex functions such as facial recognition.

AI- a moot point

Just like any other technology, AI too has faced the brunt of significant debate, as it was considered that AI holds risks for humanity. And it was believed by a larger chunk of global population, that AI would control our lives, and to employment sector it would be proven as detrimental.

However, with the constant benefits AI has brought to our lives, the moot pint has fallen blank. And indeed it is proven that AI- enabled apps are the blessing for humanity and will help us transform into better in near future.

Let’s find out more today about AI…

A quick look at AI?

Hmm, it sounds very intriguing to know there is a technology that has the capability to study human behavior.

When you look around you can see that AI has become a part of our life, ranging from SIRI to self-driving cars, AI is everywhere.

The sci-fi genre generally portrays AI as humanoid robots, but little we know, that it can be anything Google’s search algorithms to automated arms.

Don’t get scared, there is much more to be experienced with AI. Whether it is researching, recommendations, solving equations, this very technology at that stage to outperform human’s task.

We’ve covered some of the advantages you are ready to receive from AI.

Enhances automation

Ever thought of getting the intensive human labor sans human intervention?

Well, it is very much possible with AI!

Now you must be wondering how is this even possible, so you would be surprised to know that AI has intervened in different sectors, has allowed automation of different sectors.

The workload of humans has been reduced immensely with the Machine learning and deep learning, at a massive rate.

Brings services available 24/7

The best aspect of a machine working is, that it doesn’t get work exertion and runs smoothly.

This is how Artificial Intelligence mechanism has been designed so it can work longer without facing fatigue and experiencing monotony. This allows most of the businesses to stay inline and provide assistance to their consumers, without a fail.

Saves big bucks on assistance

It goes without saying but a maximum number of businesses today face the lag in the revenue funnel, since they lose the customers, during non-working hours.

Since not every business is capable to afford the resources and the cost coming with it, so AI is the best solution for them. It allows businesses to get the digital assistant for their offered services, and this assistance does not stop at any point of time.

You can calculate the amount of money gets saved with this. The AI-enabled chatbot just works like a human assistant and help the consumers to get their queries resolved.

Medical Assistance

At the forefront of the medical field, the integration of AI is incredibly strong. There are multiple apps that are running with AI assistance and lets the doctors make better and much-informed decisions.

With the help of such apps, healthcare practitioners, identify the problems and provide better treatment suggestions. This saves time, and also trigger the faster diagnose of patients than the traditional methods.

This is a quick look at the AI services and the benefits associated with it. But what it has got to do with the Pandemic?

A very good question!

Just keep scrolling further to know the answer…

As we all know that Coronavirus or COVID-19, is not a buzzword, but a fast-check reality, which is experienced by everyone throughout the world. Unfortunately, the terror of Pandemic is not stopping anywhere but is terrorizing on the global scale.

But amid this scare, there is a ray of hope to break the chain of Coronavirus. Multiple applications are garnering the attention of the digital world.

A report suggests that constant evolution in the technology field is leading to something better. This has allowed the health practitioners to find new uses for the algorithm. Whether it is lung imaging or tracking the most vulnerable patients at the risk of Covid-19.

And with this constant search, it is expected that sooner AI will augment effective measures to keep us healthier and safer.

Last, not the least, to help you find your sweet spot of business amid Coronavirus scare, at Techugo, we are standing tall and firm. Our team of experts is working round the clock with you, and putting the best foot forward to bring your business to the digital space.

Reach out to us, and help your business to survive this catastrophe, with a successful app solution!

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