Artificial Intelligence

20 May 2019

Artificial Intelligence Is Addressing Mental Health Conditions

Every day new researches are taking place in technology sector, variety of things are happening around the world, and indeed the advancements are prominent.  However, the tales of artificial intelligence are not just fascination but also breathtaking. I mean who could ever think that the speaking bot of 90’s sci-fi movies, would become a part of our life.

There was a time when communication of human with machinery used to seems fictional, but owing to NPL- a branch of AI, it is possible. Well! there are thousands of tales to tell about AI, though I would love to talk about the most admirable story.  ” AI aiding in mental health”.

Doesn’t it sound absurd and imaginary? But it is a reality today.

AI Aiding In Mental Health

Artificial intelligence is aiding in treating mental health patients. Before, peaking deeper into this concept, take a short glimpse of mental health condition around the world.

Today, a lot of people are suffering from mental health issues such a depression, multiple sclerosis, Schizophrenia and more. These are the conditions, whose detection is very difficult, as these are not like fractures and cuts on the skin that are either visible or diagnosable by machines. These are hidden inside the broad system of human brain, and finding faults in the protocols of brain system, is very hard for machines.

The signs are not crack in a nerve or fracture in skull, that can be detected by machine. Problems such as depression are severe in both man and woman and affect various aspects of body, especially in woman.  From years experts and innovators are striving to find ways to leverage artificial intelligence. In order to offer aid in various problems. And!! Indeed, they have grown successful in their endeavour. Presently, this technology is being, utilized in various sectors including finance & banking, retail, technology, education and more.

Surely, you would be wondering what is so wonderful about this technology?

Artificial Intelligence

Well! its name is synonym to its work, it clearly defines that it is all about creating human-like intelligence. But if you will look into its facts, it is the branch of computer science. Dedicated to creating human-like intelligence in computer systems. It is hard to say when this technology took birth. there is no doubt in saying that it accumulates unmatched potential, which makes it the center of attraction among both innovators and developers.

Actually, this technology is a huge chunk of dissimilar concepts. which includes sub-technologies. Basically, AI includes three domains: cognitive insights, cognitive automation, cognitive engagement. That aim to fulfill different purposes and offer different types of AI-based applications. Along with these, AI has various components. that are known as AI enabler technologies, that have different capabilities and allow developers to create unique concepts and applications.

These technologies are machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, probabilistic inference, semantic computing, and more. These technologies are aiding a variety of industries to solve various problems and offer better customer experience.

Similarly, the utilization of artificial intelligence is taking place in healthcare industry. Though, the way it is being used for mental health is groundbreaking. Take a look how it is offering mental health support.

Detecting Mental Health Status

The technology can aid in detecting depression and its stages by various ways, as machine learning can find the ‘Pre-occupation’ patterns by obtaining data from emails/social media posts and other data related to patient. This can be helpful in finding the onset of depression in people and its level of severity.

Along with voice-enabled applications, it shall be possible to monitor the choice of words of person, his tone and expressions hidden in his voice. This will allow AI to figure out the emotional state of the person and level of depression. Such types of models are being created and surely, they will be efficient to put in use for general persons.
Altogehther, AI can accumulate the data of voice and eye movement of patients and can diagnose the specific disorders more specifically.


AI can measure the brain’s ability to produce antidepressant substances and can aid in making course corrections. Moreover, AI is credible to make choice between mood stabilizers and antidepressant, and its choice can be more accurate than others. This technology has changed the subjective behavioral health in to the objective, with such systems.

Altogether, this technology can be a great tool for doctors and psychiatrists and can help in finding the major conditions of human.

Doctor Training

This technology can aid in training doctors and psychiatrists, as AI can mimic the patient suffering from any mental illness, and can make them aware of challenges are waiting through their ways.

Well! These all concepts are on their way to offer aid in mental conditions to both doctors and patients. Various AI-powered applications are being used by people to improve and check their mental condition. WoeBot, Tess and Wysa are the applications that are already aiding people in dealing with depression and other health conditions.

Development in this field don’t stop here, AI-based models are being made that can emulate the doctor. This notion has great advantages, as AI doctor can store a large amount of data and can find the subtle cues of illness.

Such applications can monitor the facial expression, voice tone and blinking of eyes, which tell a lot of things about the human state of mind.

This technology is being used to develop various incredible application. Indeed, its utilization will grow and it makes sense, as it has groundbreaking potential. Altogether, mobile app development companies are leveraging this technology for creating smart applications that can help people in various ways. There is no doubt in saying that AI-based healthcare applications would change patient interaction and experience with healthcare facilities. Besides, people with mental conditions will grow more open in sharing their issues.



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