24 May 2019
Updated on June 7th, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Technology – Major Components


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Artificial Intelligence

oday, Artificial intelligence is in vogue among both businesses and people. Earlier its utilization was confined to robotics but now it is being used in almost every sector to accomplish various purposes. Businesses and innovators have understood its importance, and they are striving to utilize the potential of this technology for creating groundbreaking applications that can improve the way of human interaction with machines. Altogether, to improve the way of human living with the help of intelligent applications.

Actually, this technology is allowing the creation of intelligent machines and applications that can emulate the human and take smart decisions. Altogether, they can do various tasks without human intervention. Indeed, this technology is an amazing concept that will change the world around.
Surely, you would be thinking what is so exceptional about this technology? Let’s take a glimpse of artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

This technology is a branch of computer science, which allows the creation of intelligent machines. It is all about simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. Earlier this was only about computers but now it is being utilized in various machinery. The processes of AI include learning on available information, reasoning- utilization of predefined set of rules to reach on conclusion, and self-correction. Specifically,  expert systems, machine vision and speech recognition are some specific applications of AI.

Researches associated with this technology are immensely specialized and technical. They are being made to address core issue that is programming computer for achieving certain traits such as:

* Knowledge
* Learning
* Reasoning
* Perception
* Problem solving
* Planning
* Ability to manipulate and move objects

This technology is categorized in two- Weak or Strong. Weak AI is also referred as narrow AI, it includes an AI system that is trained and designed for a specific task. The most suitable example of these systems are virtual personal assistance, such as Google’s voice assistant. Strong AI is a system that generalizes the cognitive abilities of human. These systems are able to figure out the solution for any unfamiliar task without human intervention. It is also referred as general intelligence.

How is artificial intelligence applied?

Well! AI’s popularity hovers around robots and self-driving cars, and in this veil, its actual application is not yet discovered by general people: processing of large amount of data, gathered and generated on daily basis.

The actual implementation of AI includes insight gathering and task automation, which happens at a greater scale.  AI systems perform parsing over the immense data created by humans and perform intelligent searches. This process also includes interpretation of images and texts to generalize complex data, further performs learning on the gathered information.

I am sure, now you would have understood what exactly is artificial intelligence, it makes sense to talk about its components.

Components of Artificial Intelligence

AI is a vast technology that includes a number of sub-concepts, which are individually strong and popular. The common buzzwords are ‘deep learning’, ‘machine learning’, ‘natural language processing’ and ‘predictive analytics’. These are the cutting-edge technologies that integrate a unique ability into applications & systems so that they can comprehend the meaning of human language, learn on data and experience and can make predictions.

These technologies are revolutionizing and can transform the way of human interaction with data, machines. Along with this, it can make decisions. Let’s understand these groundbreaking components of Artificial Intelligence.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing is all about making inferences from context. It is an essential component of artificial intelligence, which aims to imitate and improve human interaction with machine. It allows the recreation of human thought process in a computer model, by comprehending human language or any image view.

Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence collaboratively can endow machine a human-like behavior and ability to process information.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is all about learning from experience. This is a component of artificial intelligence that offers systems and applications the ability to learn and enhance from experience without any explicit programming. ML includes the creation of algorithms that can analyze data and can make predictions.

This technology is being used in various applications like YouTube and Netflix to analyze the behavior of users, and suggests videos content to them. Besides, it is also being utilized in taxi and ride-sharing applications to suggest the best route to drivers. Moreover, it can be applied in various other industries such as healthcare, pharma and more to assist in disease diagnosis, drug creation, and mor

Deep Learning

This component allows the development of self-educating machines. Basically, it is the subset of machine learning that utilizes the neural networks that perform the learning process on data. Neural networks act like neural network of human brain.

In this trilogy of technologies, multiple layers of artificial neural network determine a single output by processing the multiple inputs, and machine learning  learn from the data by carrying out multiple tasks over the positive and negative reinforcement on the gathered data. This process requires constant processing and improvements.

Speech recognition is another form of deep learning that allows the development of voice assistant in phone and make them capable of understanding users’ verbal queries.

Neural Network

Neural networks are utilized to make association among data. They are similar to the neural system of human brain where neurons create a network in brain, similarly in computer systems stacks and perceptrons create an artificial neural network.

These networks learn by processing training on data, which includes analysis of data many time to find association. Once they find any association, they give meaning to the existing undefined data.

Natural Language processing

This is another crucial component of artificial intelligence. In this processing system, NLP algorithms interpret, recognize, create human like language and speech. It aims to cater seamless interaction between machine and user.

Computer vision

This technique includes interpretation of image content using deep learning and pattern identification. This component is a subfield of artificial intelligence and allows system to process visual content and deliver the information.

The interconnection of these components allow the creation of intelligent systems and machine. These are power nodes of artificial intelligence that make artificial intelligence an incredible technology. Innovators and businesses are striving to leverage the remarkable potential of AI technology to provide users with intelligent applications and systems, which can aid people in variety of ways.

Altogether, the utilization of this technology is picking pace in the mobile app development industry, and developers are striving to implement this technology to serve users with personalized app experience. In order to catar unique applications to our clients, our developers are engaged in finding out ways to inculcate the same.We are an iOS and Android app development company, and render technical support to businesses to help them in thriving in the rapidly changing market. To secure an AI-based mobile app, get our assistance.

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