6 Jun 2019
Updated on June 10th, 2019

Artificial Intelligence – Terms That Will Leave You Astonished


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Artificial Intelligence

The hype around AI is increasing at a constant pace like a cobweb. Altogether, almost every industry and sector is striving to infuse freshness into their services and products through Artificial Intelligence. From finance to healthcare, this is bringing disruptive solutions by accelerating computing and machine learning practices.

In almost every headline or product release, you can find AI as an indelible concept. Besides, its terms are also growing very famous. For some people, these terms such as Artificial intelligence is nothing more than a mystery or esoteric aspects. General people look toward these concepts with chaos and find them threatening for human race.

Some people assume that AI is disruptive in nature and can bring unfavourable circumstances. But! such assumptions are baseless and hypothetical. Hence, it is totally dependent on the human interest on how to use this technology.

Recently,  a robot that can imitate human expression. Concept of creating video through a picture came before the public and left them awe-inspired.

Do you want to know how it is taking place? Have you heard about the terms that empower AI?


In this post, I will discuss some magnificent terms that are boosting the synthesis of AI systems.

Destructive Terms of Artificial Intelligence

There was a time when the notion of creating destructive computer brain. It can emulate human intelligence used to be part of sci-fi cartoon series. Today, such systems are under development, and some with partial human intelligence for a specific task such as language recognition are also available. Here are the terms, which are intrinsic part of Artificial intelligence and enabling the evolution of computing.

Machine learning

Didn’t you hear about machine learning?  Have you ever thought when you search for a specific email in your mailbox, which algorithm runs behind the scenes?

Surely no!!

Actually, creating a program to accomplish such a complex task is extremely difficult, and here comes the application of machine learning. The name suggests its process which signifies infusing learning ability into machine. Basically, it determines that a machine learns from data, incurs patterns and preparing of results.

More specifically, it is the process of scientific study that algorithms and statistical models. To perform particular task without human intervention. The overall process relies on patterns and inference and creates a mathematician model based on sample data.

It is data training and results in decision making and predictions. The algorithm that learns from data performs these tasks and there is no use of explicit programming.

Neural Networks

Who hasn’t heard about the neural network? This is the most interesting aspect of AI, that encrusts network nodes of computer system. Just like the human learning process, this system also learns and improve.

Incidentally, an artificial neural network determines the process of connected units or nodes that are known as artificial neurons. More importantly, the process models the neurons in a formation resembling biological brain and can transmit signals throughout artificial neurons.  In this neural nodes, calculation takes place and enable the computers to filter information through the data. Through this, software program learns to identify the patterns in data.

For example, in image recognition, systems recognize similar patterns in the plethora of images and give expected outcome.

Predictive Analytics

We can say that predictive analytics is the most persuaded stream of AI.

Well! its name is the synonymous for its work, as it is completely dedicated to make prediction by digging out the information from the data. It includes various techniques from machine learning, data mining, predictive modeling that perform analysis on current or historical facts and predict the future circumstances. The prediction includes risk analysis in particular conditions and guidance for decision making.

Natural Language processing

Aren’t you using voice assistants these days on your smartphones? Don’t you know how ‘Alexa’ and ‘Siri’ and making voice search possible for human?

These systems have the ability to understand human speech and give a response accordingly. Basically, these software solutions are based on Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition systems.

Could you ever think that a machine can respond to all your questions and can process respond in human-like language? Incidentally, it is possible through this branch of AI. Instruments like voice-controlled digital assistance (Eg. Alexa) are perfect example that show NLP capability. These systems are still under evolution as they are expected to understand more complex query.

Deep Learning

Do deep learning and machine learning sound similar? This is because they are interconnected. Deep learning is an advanced layer of ML that encompasses the learning of computer. Basically, it teaches computer what humans learn naturally.

Succinctly, a computer model gets trained to perform classification tasks that generally include text, images or sounds. This model can achieve a higher level of accuracy and holds the potential to exceed human-level performance. Fundamentally, the amalgamation of neural networks and ML results in deep learning. It is a highly potential technology that can utilize a huge amount of data.

This technology has the ability to recognize the snow leopards in the photos. Indeed, it is the biggest breakthrough for the technology. It is very powerful that’s why it is being used in driverless cars and enabling the car system. To distinguish the objects available on the road such as pedestrian, lamppost and more.

Computer vision 

Have you heard about computer vision? No?

Don’t worry, its name is enough to understand its application, as it signifies the ability of computer to see in its surrounding.  Similarly, computer vision hovers around infusing vision ability in the computers.

Have you ever used any facial recognition system on your phone? Or have you heard about any?  This technology has various equipment to in-built security.

Now from the above description, you would have understood how Artificial intelligence is destructive. Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence has unmatched capabilities that makes it a most powerful technology in the arena.


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