26 May 2020
Updated on December 27th, 2022

Artificial Intelligence Trends That Will Change The Decade

Artificial Intelligence

The year 2020 has been a source of major upheaval due to pandemic in our life, but at the same time AI technology is growing out of bounds. And as this new decade is bringing a new change in the way we access services, technology is all set to augment our experience.

Curious to know more?

Read this post further as we have brought top Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends that will rule the world. Let’s go pro with tech –updates through this post.

Process Intelligence will get a facelift

There are different individual technology systems such as ERP, CRM, CMS, EHR, which are dedicated to offering sheer working process to the enterprises. However, with the integration of AI within these systems, will boost their performance at a higher level. The very mechanism of Process Intelligence technologies would offer an accurate, understandable, and real-time view of all processes. And these aspects can be accessed at multiple functionalities, departments, personnel, functions across different locations.

AI factories will rise

Have you ever thought of AI factories, where every process and working methodology is powered by Artificial Intelligence?

Then pull your socks to witness the revolution in 2020, where factories will embrace the AI models and data and will help organizations to enhance their offerings and customer services at a new level.

The workplace will have Digital Workers 

Robots and cognitive bots are attractive and sound so engaging. So get ready to witness 50% of digital workers such as software robots and cognitive bots at the workplace across the globe by 2022.

To reduce human error, and provide similar user-experience, enterprises are welcoming digital robots to rule their floors. This not just enables the users to get better and improved customer service, but also allow employees across geographies to collaborate easily.

Enterprises would cherish Artificial Intelligence 

As we all know that AI has brought a very different aspect for the businesses to manga their task and improve the productivity meter. At the same time we cannot ignore how beautifully Artificial Intelligence has enhanced user experience across geographies. To embrace the full-fledged benefit pool out of AI, enterprises will implement the internal marketplaces of robots and other easy-to-use automation tools to enhance their work productivity at a different level.

Indeed this step will help enterprises to make their audience glued to their portal and dodge away from the competition ball farthest possible.

Automated AI Development

We all know that Artificial intelligence can reshape and redefine the way we work and live to a larger extent. At the workplace the growing trend of AI technology is already the help of AI-enabled tools it becomes easier for the users to create better outputs while ensuring safety and productivity at every step of working.

In this run, the automation of working capacity with AI technology will ease down the woes of their bigger problems that could be done with a simple strategy. And help in bringing the solution in the cognitive mode for the Gen X-ers.

Digital Intelligence will evolve

You must brace yourself to welcome Digital IQ in this decade. This will help organizations to help their business processes and find t the areas of improvement from different working perspectives. Also, it would be easier for enterprises to optimize automation initiatives and trigger process management and robotic process automation.

Businesses will get monitored and by AI 

Every business requires different sets of tools to monitor its performance. And this can easily be achieved with the help of cognitive automation. With the help of AI-enabled Process and Content Intelligence technologies it will become easier for the workers to improve their skills, and get their tasks done, as there will be a sufficient number of aspects to deal with natural language, reasoning, and judgment, establishing context, providing data-driven insights. And it goes without saying, but this will enable workers to invest their time in some other productive jobs, and let AI play its part at different levels.

Deep Learning Technology will scale higher

Deep learning is the key driver of the development threshold of AI technology. This further allows AI to improve its applications’ quality and efficiency. It is expected that beyond 2020, deep learning will be implemented across multi-industries, and this will help them to trigger transformation at different levels of working capacities.

Get ready to witness growth with Quantum Computing 

By the year 2020, quantum computing will be in the full-blown mode and will drive a new era of quantum hegemony.

It is expected that in terms of quantum hardware, the very performance of programmable medium-sized cluttered quantum devices will be replaced by improved versions. In such devices, there will be an ability to run error correction. Also, the Quantum algorithms along with the specific practical value would help them to run. The series of quantum software, high-quality quantum computing platforms, and software would evolve out of their shell and will be implemented deeply integrated with AI and cloud computing technologies.

AI-powered Data will rule the world

Companies have the biggest concern of collecting and recording their data in an efficient manner. This process consumes a bigger time for them. Here, the excessive amount of data has to be controlled and stored to increase growth. However, with improved analytical capabilities, it becomes easier for the business to acquire real value from intelligent automation. This process is conducted by machines, which mimic human intelligence and reduce time, cost, and evade any possible way for errors.

Food for thought

No wonder, application of artificial intelligence is going to create a stir in the market and will stay here for longer. However, with time it is expected that there will be better technologies that would cope up with existing tech solutions. Hence to know more about the upcoming technologies and how they are going to affect our lives, keep watching this space.

We will ensure to bring the latest tech updates and news to your fingertips.

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